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Pretty nasty and misogynistic stuff, but I guess, as a 50-yr-old hardcore (straight) bachelor – sorry, I have to say that because a lot of closeted gay guys used to call themselves “confirmed bachelors” – I ought to be cheering this site on in a way. There are definitely some truths here, if you winnow out the misogyny.
I never had anything against married men, but I always resisted marriage. After age 40, I was turning down one woman after another, as they kept frenetically trying to marry me.
Since 2005, I have decided I would like to get married, but I really don’t give a damn if I ever do or not. I feel the same way about kids. This is actually a major breakthrough. At age 47, I broke down and not only admitted to horrible and dreaded possibility of marriage, but welcomed it with open arms and cheers of joy!
This article, Fuckers and Suckers, is pretty good. It’s written from the POV of a sucker. I guess I must have been a fucker as a young man. Maybe that’s why all those women and girls resented me so much. Even my Mom implied I was being a bastard! Horrors!
Or maybe I was a sucker? I remember this one woman, Denice, age 18, who I used to date. She openly said that I was boring, right to my face. Thanks bitch. Hell with her; she never totally put out anyway – it was all halfway stuff.
I don’t know what I am now. By age 50, the fuckers/suckers thing has sort of faded away. Both parties are married with kids, the women are all going for the money, and most of them can’t use their looks (sex) to buy the rich guys anymore, so the game is sort of up.
I’m not saying that all women use sex, their looks and their bodies to get money from men, but it’s pretty common under capitalism. I’m not blaming women. If women paid us guys good money to screw em, we’d probably hold out too (or would we)?
I’ve heard all the lame female defenses for why “non-prostitutes” should charge money for sex.
1. Men have a much stronger sex drive.
Response: So therefore you have to be a whore?
2. “Non-whores” selling their bodies for top dollar are different from actual, real whores because real whores screw all kinds of guys, and the “non-whores” just screw (and screw over) one guy.
Response: Forget it. Your pussy, your beauty and your body is either for sale to the highest bidder or it’s not. If it isn’t, pat yourself on the back. If it is, you’re a whore. Maybe you’re a lot less skanky that the crackhead on the street over there, but hey, there are all kinds of whores in this world.
Maybe this shit made sense when women depended on a man’s income to raise their children – then it has evolutionary value to grab a high-value guy who can provide you with sustenance. At this point, they pretty much make just as much money as we do when they aren’t taking time off to have kids, so that argument goes out the window.
I’ve had girlfriends who made more money than I did, but I still had to pay for everything. I dated this one Black woman who was the greediest bitch I’ve ever met. She more or less charged for visits. In general, I was not even allowed to come over and visit unless I was going to part with some cash.
If I wanted to visit in the morning, I was buying brunch. Afternoon visit, I’m buying lunch. Night visit, I’m buying dinner. After a while I was tempted to just say, forget the food, here’s $20, let’s fuck. That’s not all that much different from buying a hooker, although in this case, I probably would have been better off at the massage parlor or at the call girl’s fancy apartment in Hollywood.
This woman was cynical. I got the impression that she hated men and she got this from her Black mother and her Black female relatives. The attitude was that all men are no-good dogs, so just use your pussy and your looks to milk them for every dime you can get out of them.
She loved to hear stories about call girls, and her eyes lit up when she heard how much money they made. So, not only was she a “non-whore” whore, she secretly wanted to be a real-whore whore to boot and double her luck, I guess.
This bitch wouldn’t even pay the tip at the fancy restaurant. The way I saw it was all her money was for her and all my money was for her. This is progressive and egalitarian and feminist equal rights and all in exactly what way now? How about, it’s none of the above? It’s just a way for women to rip off men, and I’m calling ’em on it.
At this point, I’m pretty much resigned to it, and I figure women cost money, especially the really good-looking ones. Especially if they don’t have much money themselves, I don’t feel bad about throwing money in her direction. I do resent spending money on a woman who has plenty herself though. Screw that.
How come we never hear feminists talking about this? Where does a liberated woman get off making the guy pay for everything? Screw that. I don’t think women are even oppressed anymore in the US. Most of my male friends think men are way more oppressed in the US now than women are.
I’d like to make a Commie point here: Capitalism turns women into a bunch of whores. Wonderful! Great system!
There are some pretty cool links on there. Websites, blogs and articles: Don’t Marry, Dump Your Wife Now, No Marriage, Uzem and Luzem , American Women Suck and Confession of a Feminazi.
Confession of a Feminazi was particularly chilling.
I’m going to reserve judgment on this stuff for now and give you a chance to look it over and make up your own mind.
One complaint: I sure wish this guy would learn how to spell or write a proper grammatical sentence. It really bothers me when American native-English speakers can’t even seem to do that.

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  1. Confession of a Feminazi was particularly chilling.
    The link appears broken, but I found the piece using a search engine.
    I don’t believe it. It reads like those stupid pieces you see in right-wing Christian literature by people who claim they were in satanic cults, but don’t have any factual information about satanic cults other than what you see in right-wing Christian literature.
    This piece reads just like what I would expect a man whose wife divorced him to write.

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