Fun With Race-Denier Idiots

Repost from the old site. It’s completely clear that no matter how wrong racism itself is (and the position of this blog is that racism is both immoral and sinful in the Christian sense), modern anti-racism (de facto race denial) of the PC, Cultural Marxist variety has gone completely out of control. Allow me to share with you some examples of some of the trouble I have gotten into with the anti-racist lunacy that stalks our land. We’re going to avoid one case completely because some of the idiots involved in this case keep coming back to the blog trying to engage in character assassination of me. I have some hangouts where I like to go to, buy coffee, read a paper, whatever. One is up in the mountains. The town is all White for the most part and extremely conservative, but lunatic anti-racism has penetrated to the core nevertheless. I had some posts on my blog called “Spot the Language”. It’s a little game where I posted a snippet of a widely-spoken foreign language, gave a bunch of oblique, strange and obscure clues about the country dealing with history, religion, culture, the language itself, sociology, psychology, history, famous people, cuisine, geography, native plants, animals and ecosystems, etc. I quit showing them to people because either no one can understand it, or no one gives a shit about it, or they don’t want to read it because they hate me, or some combination, I’m not sure which. Mostly it seems like nobody can make heads or tails of it, and most people I gave it to act really disturbed and upset by it for some weird reason. I think they can’t understand it, so they think it’s evil and dangerous. Well, I made the mistake of showing it to this guy at this place in the mountains. He’s White in an all-White town, but he loves Hispanics and illegal aliens, probably because he never had to live with lots of them. He’s a pretty typical White person in this part of California. There was another post interspersed with the language stuff dealing with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and he got all caught up in that. He kept flipping the pages, looking through the stuff and getting more and more confused, baffled, agitated and freaked out. He started saying, “What is this? Jews? Arabs?” He was saying that over and over. He acted like I was showing him child porn. That’s the way most people react to my writing, which is why I never show anyone my stuff anymore. I answered, jokingly, “Jews? Arabs? Oh, those are just excitable Semites.” He didn’t get it, of course. A lot of the time, no one ever gets my jokes. “What’s a Semite?” He’s baffled. He acts like it must be something evil, or a disease. “Oh, it’s a branch of the Caucasian Race.” I smile. Now he’s really upset. The guy goes nuts. “What? What?! What’s that?! What’s Caucasian? What’s the Caucasian RACE?! What’s that? What do you mean RACE?!” “Caucasian is a race. It’s one of the three main races. The Caucasian race. The White race.” I’m still smiling because this whole incident is starting to get amusing. Now he’s visibly agitated. “White race!? What?! What’s the White race!? What’s that!? Do you believe in that stuff!?” He’s angry now. I decide to speak up in favor of my blighted and abused people: “Well, I think White people have a right to be proud. I think White people should be proud. Everyone else is. Only Whites are supposed to hate themselves. I don’t think we should hate ourselves or deny our existence. We are not bad people.” “You believe in that?!” Now he looks like he’s going to hit me. I look up and there’s two White girls working in the shop, frozen, staring, mouths open. I try to backtrack my way out of the conversation and get the handout back. A few days later, I come in and apologize for making him mad. The high school girl behind the counter says, “Well, in the future if you could avoid discussing that. You know. Discussing people’s races.” I will note that everyone involved in this idiotic event is a White person. Another time I was in another hangout. I was talking to a woman there who used to work in a coffee shop in town that I used to hang out at all the time. We were talking about the people who had taken it over, a mother and her daughter. I was describing them. “They’re Spaniards,” I said noncommittally. She gave me this look like, “I’m shutting this conversation down.” I guess it’s not ok to discuss the heritage of White folks anymore? Wait a minute. I like Spaniards. I was in a dentist’s office and unfortunately the conversation somehow wormed around to our heritage. I’m French, British and German. The hygienist was Hispanic from back before California was a state, back in the days of the Californios. We have a lot of those around these parts and it’s always interesting to meet them. The dentist, well, I forget, but I think he didn’t want to discuss it. “Let’s not talk about anymore of this racist stuff,” the hygienist said, like we were talking about grubby worms or something. The dentist agreed. One time a guy gave me his business card. I looked at it said, “Oh, you’re Italian,” with a big smile. It’s the name of a famous family of winemakers. The guy acted like I had challenged him to a fight. Why? I’m not supposed to say that anymore? Actually, I love Italians. Tell you what. I’ll trade you 10,000 illegal Mexicans from my city for 10,000 glorious, civilized, hard-working, law-abiding, patriotic Italian-Americans. Deal? Seemed like when I was younger, Whites always talked about their heritage. It was, “I’m Italian,” “I’m Irish,” “I’m half Greek and half Mexican.” Everyone was always proud of their heritage. I guess that’s all banned now. It’s racist. On and on it goes. There’s a Russian neo-Nazi video on this site. It’s clearly labeled that it’s up there for anti-fascist and anti-racist purposes. The local Hispanics have all seen it. According to them, having this video on my site means I’m a Nazi. I’ve explained to them over and over why it’s up there, but it’s like they don’t get it. At another hangout, there was a Black guy and an Hispanic guy who I used to sit with, drink coffee and talk. The Black guy never did tell me his name in all the time I knew him. That was one of his weird things: he wouldn’t tell you his name. Anyway, when I first met the guy, we were talking about the Jena 6 case. I was writing it up on the blog. I said I thought the whole thing was a fake White-racism hoax a la Tawana Brawley, that race had little or nothing to do with the case, that the Jena 6 were a bunch of thugs, and that Mychal Bell had dislocated his girlfriend’s eye socket. Well, this was evidence that I was a racist. The guy had long Black dreadlocks and loved to go on and on about the Evil White Man. There are Blacks like this everywhere here, and American Indians, and Hispanics too. They just open right up on us and start ranting away about all the evil shit we did or still do or whatever. I always just sit there and listen to them and nod my head and more or less agree that I’m evil. Funny thing is, if a White person ever unloads on any American Indian, Black or Hispanic about all the evil stuff they did or still do, that’s like Capital Offense Racism of the First Degree. So we Whites just have to sit there and grovel masochistically and admit how evil we were, and probably still are. Of course non-Whites never admit to any such thing. I lived in a White town for 16 years and hardly got ripped off at all. I move to an Hispanic city and there have been little ripoffs all the time. Little “loans” that of course never get paid back. Young Hispanics invite their way into your home, you turn your back on them, and they steal from you. That’s happened five times now. The “loans” go out to the Hispanics and Blacks, and they never come back. So I complain to Dreadlocks. “I wonder if they are ripping me off because I’m White,” I offer dubiously, since I’ve run out of theories. The guy jumps out of his seat, “Racist! Racist! Racist!” He’s almost yelling. His Hispanic Tonto is on on it too. I can’t use the words “Black” and “White”. Dreadlocks corrects me. That’s racist. I have to use the words “African” and “European” instead. And never forget that the Europeans are the most evil race that ever set foot on this planet. I was in a specialist’s office, on the phone with a friend. I’m into race and ethnicity, I eat it for breakfast. I was telling her about how I was in my town, in a doctor’s office, looking at a man and his daughter. Were they Mestizos? Were they Mediterranean of Middle Eastern Whites? You can never tell in this town, they all blur together. Finally, the little girl was walking out the door and she had a t-shirt that said “Greece”. The Med Whites in this town are really ethnocentric. They’re always walking around with shirts saying “Italy” or “Portugal”. It’s kind of neat, ethnocentric ethnic Whites, the way our country used to be. “Greeks are White,” I note to my friend on the phone. My mulatto specialist starts waving his hand like a traffic cop. There’s such thing as Whites. There’s no such thing as a White race. There’s no such thing as race. Plus, Whites all got a little Black in em anyway. Especially those swarthy Meds. Hispanics are the craziest of all about this stuff. Most Hispanics don’t seem to understand that they are part White and part Indian. I don’t know what they think they are. They are especially pissed off by the notion that they may have a drop of White in them, and most don’t have the slightest idea of what a mestizo is. White’s the enemy, after all, right? It’s like the opposite of Latin America, where the mestizo crabs are all climbing to the top of the White barrel, pulling each other down as they near the top. Some Hispanics have told me that people think that they are Asian due to their eyes. I point out that that was because, being part-Mexican, they were part-Indian, and Indians came from Asia. They never seem to understand, and then they get upset and act like they’re shutting down the conversation. It’s like I’m speaking Greek. I’m not saying Hispanics are stupid, because my opinion, having been around a lot of them, is that they are way smarter than you might think in terms of sheer brain speed, but it’s like there is not much in their brains most of time other than the latest rap songs and the usual quotidian stuff.

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0 thoughts on “Fun With Race-Denier Idiots”

  1. wow. I once really offended a Korean guy (who insisted on being refered to as “Oriental”, and not Asian) when I casually said that Indians/Native Americans originally came from Asia. He got pretty mad. Of course, it should be noted that he also denied evolution, and was a right-wing Christian who casually joked about killing blacks and calling them niggers.

    1. Bunch of crap. Anyway, 17,000 YBP, Europeans looked something like Arabs. They didn’t look like Europeans. This is insane WN theory that there is no evidence for it.
      The earliest skulls in the Americas (12,500) are Australoid. These people were displaced by more Mongoloid types who came later on. There are no skulls from the Solutrean period, hence the theory is unproven. I mean, maybe anything. Maybe this, maybe that. Maybe you’re from Venus and I’m from Neptune and this is all a Matrix reality. Theories with no evidence must be rejected for the time being.
      Anyway, few to no Caucasian genes in Native Americans, so there goes the theory.

      1. It’s crap. Not only that, but apparently now it is proven to not be true by genetic data. The Solutreans could not have made it across the Atlantic on their primitive boats and Amerindians have no Caucasian genes.

    1. Robert should do a piece on the Solutrean theory.
      They claim with archalogical digs to have found spearheads in America used by white Europeans long before Christopher Columbus discovered America.

  2. “Anyway , few to no Caucasian genes in Native Americans, so there goes the theory .” No, you misunderstood. The Asiatic hordes then followed White people, and committed genocide against them. The “native americans” now are the direct desendants of racists Asians who raped, pillaged, and slaughtered the real White Native Americans. See here. Or at least, thats what the WN’s say.

    1. No! You need to stop listening to those idiots. If you’re a WN, chances are you’re a fucking moron. That goes for most all of them, except a few. Stormfront has more idiocy per square inch of screen than most places on the Net. American Renaissance is similar.
      The WN’s are insane about Kennewick Man. He belongs to a race that no longer exists! They’re extinct. However, he is not a Caucasian. He looks most like a Polynesian – Moriori Islander. Next he looks like an Ainu. He is probably an Australoid Amerindian transitioning to a Mongoloid Amerindian. That makes sense because Polynesians are part Australoid and part Mongoloid. When you mix Australoid and Mongoloid, sometimes you get this person who can appear Caucasian = Ainus, for example.

  3. Oh, OK. No, Im not a WN, Im an anti. What about Black Nationalists? Do you like them? They are basically the reverse of WN, they want to carve out an independant black nation-state on US soil. How about MecHa? Do you like Mexican Nationalists? They want to carve a “Hispanic” nation out of the Southwest.

    1. Those idiots are even more insane than WN’s.
      The Black nationalists are the most insane and idiotic of all the ethnic nationalist assholes.
      Ethnic nationalists are stupid assholes just about everywhere on Earth. There is something about ethnic nationalism that seems to bring out the stupid in people.
      The Atzlanistsas sort of make more sense, because they don’t say a lot of crazy shit. Except their BS theory that Aztecs came from Utah and therefore these assholes have a right to the US SW! Apparently it’s not true, and anyway, everyone came from somewhere. Give the Americas back to the Siberians.

  4. @Robert Lindsay- Im not a proponet of this, but according to it the theory is that Solutreans went across the Bering strait, not across the Atlantic. The genetics of Amerindians today shouldnt be Caucasian, because theyre not. The Solutrean Hypothesis states that after White people settled in the Americas, Asians then came and slaughtered them. Then these Asians became “native americans”.

    1. Nope, the Solutrean Theory says they sailed across the fuckin Atlantic 17,000 YBP! Fuck that. Anyway, Amerindian genes go back 30,000 years in the Americas, so if the Whites did show up, the Amerindians were already here.
      These are some of the stupidest human beings on the face of the Earth, AJ. Be careful listening to these shitheads.

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