No Hate Crimes?

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On the more mainstream and moderate White nationalist sites such as American Renaissance, the general tone of the pieces and in the comments is that there really is no such thing as White racism in the US anymore.
There are only a pitiful few incidents here and there, and it’s all a big joke.
Hanging nooses is just a silly gag. Blacks and Hispanics need to quit being so hypersensitive about everything, and just let it go. Racism, when it refers to Whites, is always in quotes, implying it does not even exist, while other races are constantly accused of racism against Whites that is actually real. So it is as if the only real racism problem in the US is against White people.
The usual response is to say that these people are just a bunch of lying racists.
I will, however, say that there is a bit of truth to these accusations. Racism by Whites is dramatically exaggerated in the US, and every little comment or scribble is inspected for the horrible crime. Hispanics and Blacks in particular are far too wont to yell racism over every little thing, in many cases over mostly or completely innocent comments.
Entire subjects that do not necessarily have anything to do with racism are walled off and forbidden from discussion. On the other hand, non-Whites get to bash away at Whites for all of their racial crimes, past, present and future, while Whites are supposed to sit there and take it, groveling, like guilty supplicants. There is a presumption that non-Whites are incapable of racism and that Whites are automatically filled with it.
This is all nonsense, but it’s a product of the Left in the US and the West that started this crazy conversation about 40 years ago. They’ve been quite successful selling this silliness to the public.
On the other hand, there surely is racism in the US. I don’t think much of the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), but they do have an interesting list of racist incidents in the US for the first three months of 2008. It seems pretty incredible the amount of this stuff that is going on, or is it?
One thing for sure – you rarely hear about it in your own town. Considering what a multicultural society we are, it is amazing that there is not much more of this going on in every reasonable-sized city just about every day. Right? Or am I wrong?
You will note that simple name-calling is apparently not listed, and is not a crime. Some of the stuff on that list seem a bit of a reach. In the course of a fight, or altercation, racial slurs are uttered. Now we have a hate crime.

Auburn, California (Legal Developments)
Published on 03-06-2008
“Lance Clements, 37, was arrested on hate crime related charges after he allegedly made racial slurs against a black student and a Hispanic student during an altercation.” 

This strikes me as an excess. There was an altercation. A fight? A verbal fight, or a physical one? In the course of the altercation, some slurs got uttered. This is a crime? I’d like to know some more facts about this case.
Unfortunately, in a free society people get to call each other names, and in the course of fights, people will just call each other any slur that comes to their minds that seems to apply to the person they are fighting.
For instance, in the past ten years, I did call a Black man a nigger once. On the other hand, I’m going to say I’m not a racist.
He ran a recycling place and I used to take my bottles up there. He got mad at me when I did not separate my browns from my greens from my clears. I forget what happened, but a shouting match ensued. This is not normal behavior for me – I’m a quiet guy and I don’t get into it much with people. In the course of this argument, I called him a nigger. Not once, but a few times.
Not because I’m a raving racist; I’ll say I’m not, and you’re welcome to disagree. More because at that moment I hated him, he was Black, and fishing in my bag of tricks for insults, it seemed appropriate. If he was fat or ugly, I would have insulted him on those bases.
I’ve since talked to a Black woman I know, and she was quite upset that I did that. I’m going to think about whether I want to do that again.
I wonder how often this sort of thing goes on? In the course of fights and shouting matches, angry people will say stuff they would not ordinarily say. Not out of racism or bigotry, but because in a fight, you use any ammo you’ve got.
Most of the other stuff on that list is pretty clear-cut and straightforward. I was shocked by the amount of anti-Semitism in the US. I don’t like the ADL, and I think they go nuts about anti-Semitism, but you can see quite a few cases on that list of anti-Semitic graffiti on Jewish institutions, vandalism of Jewish graveyards, actual assaults on and threats against Jews, etc.
I was appalled by that, and surprised. For the first time in a while, I will throw a shout out to the Jewish groups who are publicizing this, while deploring their efforts to code as anti-Semitic a wide variety of comments and writings that are generally not. The ADL types go overboard, but there’s clearly an anti-Semitism problem. Things are complicated.
On the White Nationalist boards, there is a lot of talk about how most assaults by Blacks against Whites are accompanied by racial slurs. Typically, the police deny that a hate crime occurred. The White Nationalists have an interesting point, and if White assaults combined with slurs get hate crime attachments, it’s about time to start slamming a lot of Blacks with the same stuff.
I guess the assumption is that the Black criminal victimized the person just to be a criminal, and that racism was secondary, and therefore the attack was not primarily bias-motivated, instead it was primarily dirty criminal-motivated. Perhaps that is so, but fair is fair, and there appears to be a double-standard here.
There were 104 incidents over a 93 day period in the first three months of 2008. That’s a little over one a day, and most all of these incidents are pretty serious.
A 2005 report by the US government found that there were 191,000 hate crimes in that year. That’s 600 a day! That’s 24 an hour. One every two or three minutes. Does that seem credible?
I wonder what standard they were using to judge what is a hate crime? The same as in the SPLC list? If so, there’s still a big problem here in the US. But if they are using everything down to my little argument above, the report is pretty meaningless. Someone might want to get ahold of that report and see what’s really in it.
White nationalists say that in a multicultural society, these sort of incidents are to be expected and are in fact normal. Why? Because a certain amount of racial hostility is to be expected in such a society. Are they right? If not, why not?
The appropriate response to this issue is the Middle Way, as the Taoists say. Not to overemphasize racism and exaggerate it out of all sanity, and not, on the other hand, to say that it barely even exists anymore.
For the record, SPLC does list several anti-immigrant groups that do not strike me as racist in any way, shape or form. SPLC says:

These groups generally attack immigrants as individuals, rather than merely disagreeing with immigration policy. Some have close ties to white supremacist ideas, groups and individuals. 

That statement is just wrong about several of those groups. The groups listed are:

  • American Border Patrol
  • California Coalition for Immigration Reform
  • Save Our State
  • American Patrol/Voice of Citizens Together
  • Rescue Without Borders
  • Federation for American Immigration Reform
  • Social Contract Press
  • Emigration Party of Nevada
  • Border Guardians
  • American Immigration Control Foundation/Americans for Immigration Control

Of those, Save Our State, American Patrol and the Federation for American Immigration Reform are surely not racist at all. I can’t speak of the rest, but I imagine they are the same. True, Social Contract Press is racist, but they are on the moderate end of White nationalism.
It seems like any group screaming about the illegal alien invasion of the US is going to get tagged with a racist label. That’s where SPLC is so wrong and does a lot of damage.

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14 thoughts on “No Hate Crimes?”

  1. Robert, what term do you prefer to use for “liberals” in statements like “liberals deny that race exists and want to create differential societal rules based on it”? I don’t like to use the word pejoratively to refer to people who want strong laws to protect workers, consumers and the environment from the excesses of business, like “liberal” used to mean.
    Part of the problem is that “liberals” have been allowed to adjust the definition of “racism” to fit their policy goals. During the civil rights movement, it meant taking active steps to discriminate based on race per se. A series of successes brought increasingly aggressive re-definition, to the point where academic “liberals” accept a definition similar to the one the U of Delaware used in its mandatory diversity orientation:
    “A racist is one who is both privileged and socialized on the basis of race by a white supremacist (racist) system. The term applies to all white people (i.e. people of European descent) living in the United States, regardless of class, gender, religion, culture, or sexuality.”
    In other words, racism is living your own life within a racist system.
    There’s a saying in journalism “a label is not a description.” It’s used to dissuade the use of terms like “Muslim terrorist” in place of describing the actions the individual actually took. As usual, the “liberals” don’t take their own advice, and throw the “racist” label around to attack anything they disagree with:
    Is Charles Murray a ‘racist’ for spending a career studying intelligence data, concluding that it has a strong hereditary component, and that it correlates by ethincity?
    Is Heather MacDonald a ‘racist’ for believing welfare empowers the creation of non-families headed by single women with few economic prospects, and that blacks are more likely than whites to adopt this as a lifestyle?
    Is someone who was terrorized by a black gang as a youth a ‘racist’ for avoiding potential interactions with blacks that might be criminals?
    Am I a racist for going to movies at the theater with mostly white audiences because the mostly black theater does not exhibit my standard of audience behavior?
    Is my neighborhood racist for having an ordinance against blasting music from rolled-down car windows, motivated by incidents of behavior all by blacks?
    For a term with such power, “racism” is allowed an extreme fluidity of meaning.

    1. A better word is PC types.
      I think Murray is a racist. He wants to get rid of all civil rights laws and he’s a Libertarian. I think most anyone who is into HBD who is also a Libertarian is frankly a racist. What are they saying? They say that HBD means that NAM’s are genetically inferior and will never be able to cut it in modern society. That’s one thing, ok. But the only non-racist conclusion to follow from that is to say that therefore they need to be handicapped or they need some help. Even more, the Whites have dubious rights to all their money and stuff if HBD is true and it’s genetic anyway. They hardly earned it, they just got a good dice roll.
      Now if you say that due to HBD, NAM’s are inferior and can’t cut it in modern society, and therefore let’s have Libertarianism and every man for himself, well that can only be racist, because the NAM’s won’t be able to make it on their own and will suffer terribly under Libertarianism. You’re declaring a man a cripple and then kicking away his crutches, walker and wheelchair and throwing him in the gutter and then driving away in your Mercedes.
      Do you think Murray likes NAM’s? I don’t think so. So he’s a racist, sure he is.
      No, she’s not, but she’s wrong. That’;s just crap rightwing ideology, and I will make a post on that soon. Ian answered that question for you a while back. The worst thing about welfare was we did not give them child care and a job. The idea that men would have married these chicks but for the welfare check is laughable. Come on! Anyway, it was rightwingers who came up with the MARS (man assuming role of spouse) restriction in the first place. Conservatives were outraged that a woman should get a welfare check if there was an able bodied man around, so the MARS restriction went in and the men had to hide. But those men had no money anyway, so it’s all moot.
      McDonald is not a racist, she’s just a typical rightwing idiot.
      Is someone who was terrorized by a black gang as a youth a ‘racist’ for avoiding potential interactions with blacks that might be criminals?
      Am I a racist for going to movies at the theater with mostly white audiences because the mostly black theater does not exhibit my standard of audience behavior?
      Is my neighborhood racist for having an ordinance against blasting music from rolled-down car windows, motivated by incidents of behavior all by blacks?

      No, no and no.
      The PC Left has gone berserk with this word.
      I’m not really racist against Blacks because I don’t have much animosity towards them, but I’ve achieved that mostly by avoiding them. I don’t want to hate Blacks, so I avoid them. I’ve found that if you start hanging around a lot of Blacks, you start disliking them pretty quickly, and I don’t like to feel that way.
      To be relatively free of racism is to be relatively free of animosity towards the group. Where there is animosity or desire to harm the group, there’s racism.

  2. “I ’ve found that if you start hanging around a lot of Blacks, you start disliking them pretty quickly , and I don ’ t like to feel that way .” LOL! so true! Thays why I quit my last job, too many black customers.

  3. If you had a gay friend and got in a heated argument would you call him a faggot? I couldn’t imagine a gay calling a hetero such a name in the heat of an argument, assuming they have a word for heteros that’s as pejorative as “faggot”.
    If you are a non-racist person, using a racial slur against someone you don’t like wouldn’t even come to mind. Even in a frenzy of fury. There are more than enough adjectives you can use against someone you don’t like before you go resorting to their race. I could never make friends with a person that used racial slurs against anybody.

  4. calling people “faggot” or simply “gay” is pretty common, actually. I wouldnt have any gay friends however, because Im homophobic. tulio, arent you black? Black people are the biggest racists on the planet, you hypocrite. In Liberia, only “Negroes” can become citizens, and youre causing all types of mayhem in France. Im very familar with blacks, they call Asians Chinks and ALL Hispanics “Messicans” and white men, “white boy”, and call white women “cave bitches” in your music. Black people need to confront their own racism. Black people INVENTED racism! It came out of ethnic warfare in Africa! White people then, I admit, borrowed it for a while after discovering blacks using it, but then in the mid-20th century gave it back. We dont have it anymore, you do! Also, blacks claim the ancient Egyptians as black, WTF?! Stop stealing other peoples cultures!

  5. Marginally on this topic, why do modern PC-tards think increased immigration from pre-feminist places would be anything but a disaster for abortion rights, gay rights and domestic violence:
    MINNEAPOLIS (AP) – Twenty-nine people have been indicted in a sex trafficking ring in which Somali gangs in Minneapolis and St. Paul allegedly forced girls under age 14 into prostitution in Minnesota, Tennessee and Ohio, according to an indictment unsealed Monday.
    The 24-count indictment, unsealed in U.S. District Court in the Middle District of Tennessee, said one of the gangs’ goals was recruiting females under age 18, including some under age 14, and forcing them into prostitution so the defendants could get money, marijuana or liquor.

  6. FrankBD, were the victims in that case White or Somalian? As for your immigration point, thats why Geert Wilders has been successful. He has the gay vote, the feminist vote, the Jewish vote, and the right wing vote. He stresses how Islam is bad for gay rights, and feminism, as well as secularism and anti-semitism. He cut nonwhite immigration in half. Of course the White Nationalists hate him because hes an atheist liberal queer-loving Zionist, but hes accomplished in a few years what they can never do. Stormfront hates him, and thinks hes a “safety valve” put in place by da j00z. Maybe White Nationalists need to be pro-LGBT rights and more socially liberal? LOL!

  7. 4. Bourgeoisie.
    The position of the bourgeoisie defies all description. All who employ labour down to a servant girl, or an errand boy, or anyone whose wants are provided for ahead, that is, all who do not live from hand to mouth, are considered under Bolshevism as bourgeoisie.

  8. My own experience in Charleston SC was mixed, leaning toward positive. Lots of blacks were nice and friendly (some with nothing to gain from it), but a few were racist (some in a mean way, and others in a teasing kind of way). I rode the public bus and didn’t hang out in tourist zone, so I got a better feel of the place.

  9. Ultimately, the US promotes free trade which causes illegal immigration. Therefore, the solution isn’t hating on Latinos, but ending free trade. The US had an open border for years before NAFTA. Why is it now there is suddenly all these immigrants?

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