Interesting Comments on Sex Offenders

Repost from the old site. From the comments section, a commenter writes:

Incest and friends of the family make up approximately 98 The public registries: 98 The remaining 5 And, approximately, 95 By ignoring incest and friends of the family, law makers have created a greater risk to children and society. If we do not openly discuss it, do not propose any educational models to better inform ourselves and keep ourselves afflicted with guilt and shame which washes over all concerned, perpetrators, victims, and other family members alike, we all help shield and perpetuate the crime. These sex offender laws are being passed without advice of the experts. They are knee-jerk regulatory reaction which is just another way of saying, additional punishment is justified. Congress and the Legislatures have ignored the experts in the field. But when it comes to light bulbs, they clamor for expert testimony. There is something very fundamentally wrong with their approach when it comes to sex offender laws. Randy Lopp, treatment subcommittee chairman of the Oklahoma Sex Offender Management Team said, ”Most people who know anything about this are frustrated. It is just not helpful — the laws as they are now. “I think if the general public understood the research, they would be willing to back the legislators to change the laws to make more sense and to protect children, because the laws as they are written are not protecting children,” he said. “They are doing more harm than good.” US Department of Justice, 2003 • Sample size – 9,700 sex offenders • Length of time – 3 years • Re-offense trigger – reconviction (Doesn’t mean a new sex crime) • Results – 5.3 Arizona, Department of Corrections, 2006 • Length of time – Ten years • Sample size – 2,444 sex offenders • Results – 3.2 • Reoffense trigger – new conviction (Any conviction) And there are many more studies and they have the same results. Low recidivism rates for first time sex offenses. Law makers pass these laws as non-controversial. Without debate and there is nothing I can think of that is more controversial. Constitutional rights are being side stepped and it has been said that when you deny the constitution to one, you deny it to everyone. Please, look at the real problem. Incest and friends of the family and Prevent through education. Do away with these draconian laws that protect no one but endangers every child.

I don’t really know what to say to any of this stuff. I don’t have much personal interest in it. I’d be interested to see how these laws are endangering kids and doing more harm than good. Surely life is often Hell for these sex offenders. And you can see here that these insane laws are being used against all sorts of 18-21 year old guys messing around with 15-17 year old girls. The guys are totally normal, and now their lives are fucked forever. They’re on Sex Offender Lists, it’s hard to work anywhere, they go to jail and get threatened by other inmates as “pedos” (that’s weird, I figured most prison inmates would gladly fuck a 16 year old girl if they could get away with it). They can hardly live anywhere and often have to move back home. Their career dreams are shot, and the military won’t take you (I guess fucking a 16 year old girl is evil, but actually killing human beings, albeit towelheads, is cool). Lots of guys are also going down due to error3

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  1. I know this Purto Rican cat who fucked a 14-year old when he was 17, and was sent to Menard. Menard is a maximum security prison here in IL. At 17, youre charged as an adult here. Hes now paroled and a sex offender for life, and homeless. Do you think 17 is too old to fuck a 14 year old? Ive always been friendly with him, and I dont consider him a pedo, hes just a regular hispanic gangbanger.

    1. Do you think 17 is too old to fuck a 14 year old?
      No way! Hell, I would say it’s a good idea. I don’t think *21* is too old to screw 14 yr olds. I was doing that when I was 21. But then I quit. No more underage girls after age 21.
      14 year old girls are hot! They’re horny as Hell too. Heck, I screwed some 14 yr olds that were so horny they could teach women a thing or two about sex. I dig chicks who get *into* it, bigtime. Moaning and groaning and talking dirty and all that.

  2. Wonder what Robert thinks about people having sex with animals?
    I don’t know if the act is actually illegal or not.

      1. No but I don’t really see how it can be viewed as illegal except on the basis of it being animal cruelty.
        If some dude wants to marry his horse who are we to stop him.
        People who have sex with corpses is that illegal?

  3. thats the problem with liberal tolerance, when will it stop? How about adult incest, too? Can we tolerate that? If no, why not? they love eachother, so it should be tolerated, and in fact, celebrated in the streets. Polygamy? Why not tolerate that? Where does a society draw the line at what to tolerate socially?

  4. AJ you do tolerate polygamy. When was the last time a man was jailed for having two girlfriends at the same time? When was the last time a man was jailed for having two women pregnant at the same time?

  5. Polygamy is illegal! A man cant have 2 wives! Men are harassed all the time for child support, and put in jail, what planet do you live on?! Also, please adress my point, where does society draw the line? Homosexuality? Incest? Beastiality? Necrophilia?

    1. A man cant have 2 wives!
      yes this true but there is no law against a man living with two women treating both as his wives. we have polygamous couples in NYC.

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