Friendly Neighborhood Boys Out for a Drive

I hate punks who talk to me like this. in fact, I generally just kill them when they talk to me like this. I’ve killed quite a few teenage brats who talked to me like this. The cops came and investigated, but they said it wasn’t a crime, so they let me go.
You know, this is really juvenile and idiotic, plus these guys are total assholes. On the other hand, I was laughing all through this stupid video.

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4 thoughts on “Friendly Neighborhood Boys Out for a Drive”

  1. I’ve been told to get my boney ass out the street. because I wasn’t walking fast enough(hi chuck) , hey the light was red.
    I once had a young white guy tell me he loves me.
    Oh, I also hand some young obama looking blk guys tell me they wanted to take me dancing.
    usually I get random people waving at me.

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