The "Liberals Are Racists and Consevatives Are Anti-Racists" Lie

AJ has fallen for Republican Party propaganda that the Republicans are the anti-racist party and that liberals and the Left are the real racists:

…it was Free Republic, though not you specifically. Its just that they constantly say the Nazis were leftwing, and the Klan was Democrats, and how Democrats put blacks on a plantation, and welfare replaced the black father, and how more black people should be more like Larry Elder, Walter Williams, Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, and Thomas Sowell. 

Let me tell you something, having been around the White racist and White race realist blogosphere (Is there a difference?) for some time now, one thing has become crystal clear to me. As soon as Whites start going seriously racist, they start moving to the Right politically. As soon as Whites get seriously into race realism, they start moving to the Right politically. I’ve been to many White racist sites, and unfortunately I used to hang out on some of them, but I’m no longer wanted, and I’m banned from Stormfront as an anti-racist. Anyway, there are basically zero leftwingers on any of those sites, I mean zero. No Lefties, no liberals, no Democrats. Everyone, I mean everyone, is a conservative and votes Republican. There are few here and there who have a working class consciousness, but I don’t think they vote Democrat. In the meantime, I have had many commenters come to my site. Quite a few of them are White racist types, and many more are race realist types. The deeper they are into White racism and race realism, the more likely they are to be conservatives and to vote Republican. At best, they are Centrist invertebrates who vote Republican half the time. A few are Libertarians. The commenters who are liberals are upset by race talk, nervous about race realism and are quite non-racist and in many cases anti-racist. These trends are so clear to me that I could almost map them out as some sort of a mathematical law. In the US, all and I mean all serious racists are conservatives, and most all of them vote Republican or Libertarian. Granted, there is a tiny group of “racist socialists,” but those folks are basically fascists or Nazi types, and they call themselves rightwingers. So all racists are conservatives, but not all conservatives are racists. Here in California we have quite a few PC conservatives and even reactionaries. It’s just not cool to be a racist here. On the contrary, US liberals are quite non-racist or even anti-racist. Some have mild racist tendencies, but this is more an aversive racism. They support Black politics and vote for Blacks. Most of these types voted for Obama. A good rule of thumb is that while White liberals may be racist, they are typically a Hell of a lot less racist than conservatives. I don’t have time to go through all of the idiot arguments above one by one, maybe later. It gets tiresome having to write up endless rejoinders to the avalanche of rightwing lies. It feels like bailing out the ocean.

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12 thoughts on “The "Liberals Are Racists and Consevatives Are Anti-Racists" Lie”

  1. what is your take on the very common right-wing argument that Government welfare (Lyndon B Johnsons “Great Society”) replaced the black father, and created a cyle of broken homes, matriarchy, dependence, and laziness? These people argue that it would be better, in the long run, to simply gut welfare completly.

    1. Those programs didn’t replace the black father- he done SPLIT. Why? No jobs- no money to pay for kids! Plus- add in other stuff about black men and black society and you get a vicious snowball effect. What would conservatives do? Let them starve? Now you’re talkin’ armed revolution. Welfare’s cheaper!

  2. Robert, could you clarify what you consider the essence of liberalism?
    If we could design a way to not empower the creation of non-families headed by single women with no economic prospects, the two sides could probably compromise on things like environmentalism and labor law.

    1. It’s called abortion. Or adoption. Just switch a letter or two!
      Liberalism- it is what it sounds like- they’re more liberal with money- and with old school-type “rules”. Doesn’t mean they can’t be annoying!
      But what in the world would that have to do with “compromising” on stuff that liberals and conservatives will never agree on?

  3. David Dukes latest video he references that video of the Jewish women in Sweden promoting multi-culturalism neglecting to mention Jewish support for Geert Wilder and his anti-immigrant policies as well as those in the US.
    Off course he says nothing about the Arabs states in his videos especially Saudi Arabia’s racism and fascism that puts anything said against Israel to shame which they export across the world.

  4. How is Saudi Arabis racist? Islam accepts all races, dont they? Also, what are you doing David Duke? I didnt know there were Klansmen in the UK.

    1. “How is Saudi Arabis racist?
      Islam accepts all races, dont they?

      Maybe not directly racism but Islamic fascism against non-Muslims of different ethnic and racial stock Slavs, Jews, Buddhists, Asians, etc.
      Race wise I don’t know the internal situation in Saudi Arabia heard they are against the Shia minority.
      They were involved in supporting the Islamist coup against the Marxist aligned government in Yemen after the collapse of the USSR.

    1. @heg
      That’s a good website but you should have highlighted World on Fire discussing ethnic dominance in countries around in the in the new market economies.
      I like the bit highlighted in the book where she is an apologist for Jewish domination of post Soviet Russia which is total dog shit and the situation of whites in South Africa.

  5. johnUK, whats total dog shit? Thats Jews are waging economic warfare against ethnic Russians and robbing the country? Really, so thats not true?

    1. Thats shes an apologist for Jewish domination like when she writes this:
      “Discussing Jewish economic success in present-day Russia is especially fraught because of the virulent history of Russian anti-Semitism. For centuries, anti-Jewish policies in Russia – expulsions (dating to as early as 1727), harsh economic restrictions, coerced twenty-five-year terms of military service, persecutions, pogroms, and so on – were to a large extent successful in preventing Jews from prospering, let alone being economically dominant.”
      ..and this bullshit.
      “At one point we asked Sonia [a Russian Jew] if she had any thoughts as to why so many of the oligarchs were Jewish. Sonia shook her head. ‘You don’t understand,’ she said dismissively. ‘These oligarchs – they are 95 percent Russian and only 5 percent Jewish.(LOL!) They are fully assimilated, products of the Russian environment. The Jews in Russia, it is not like the Jews in the U.S. In the U.S., there is an active Jewish community, synagogues, organizations. In Russia there is nothing. For most people, it is just something they have stamped on their passport.'”
      Apart from the fact that most are dual citizens of Israel, belong to Jewish organisations in Russia or did and are protected by the international Jewish community like mafia boss Berezovsky here in Britain.
      It would be good if there was a World on Fire book that focuses on ethnicity in regards to organised crime where Jews have dominated sex trafficking and prostitution since Tsarist times. Not to mention other predominant groups in Russia like the Chechens and Gypsies and now with NATO/US assistance Albanian gangs in Europe.

  6. Some Russian jews do assimilate. My grandfather, after he was orphaned by the Holocaust(I know your a conspiracy theorist, but please dont tell me your a Holocaust denier), he became fully involved in traditional Russian life, and married a Russian (gentile) woman. Most of the Super-Jews left for Israel already. Thats why Israel’s third most-spoken language is Russian. Although my grandpa was dirt poor, your right about Jewish economic domination. Most oligarchs are Jews, like Khodorkovsky. However, many half-jews, like Vladimir “Zhirinovsky” even serve Russia patriotically as KGB spies and plants.

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