The Dilemma of This Website

You see, due to the race stuff, my site attracts mostly rightwingers or mushy Centrists who vote Republican half the time. They then are repelled by my liberalism, especially on economics.
This is a Left site, a socialist site, but my readers are a bunch of rightwingers and spineless Centrists! And I hate my rightwing readers (well not all of them), look for excuses to ban them and then end up banning them, which pisses people off.
I really want Leftwingers to read the site and fill the comments section, but most Lefties despise my site due to the race and gender stuff. I’m a sexist and a racist!
This really sucks.
The real problem here is that the Left and liberals are out of their fucking minds on race and gender.
Another problem is that as soon as Whites start getting racist or even race realist or racially aware, they automatically start moving to the Right and voting Republican. Like clockwork. Same with males disgusted by insane feminism. They automatically move to the Right and start voting Republican. Just like that.
US politics is pretty retarded. FrankBD has been touching on this subject lately in the comments. I agree with everything he is saying.

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26 thoughts on “The Dilemma of This Website”

  1. I’m a freaking leftist, radical, Marxist ex-student activist from the Philippines a few years younger than you are, (temporarily–by choice) working as a country manager for a small foreign IT company (hence the need for a pseudonym) and I love reading your posts. I make it a point to read almost all your new entries. Never realized that your comments section are always filled with right-wing reactionaries or spineless centrists, but come to think of it, it is.
    I understand the basis of your race realism to some extent. I for one wouldn’t be exactly thrilled if there were a sudden influx of millions of Indians or Chinese into my country, but the antipathy is not so much racial but cultural. The Indians for the most part keep to themselves (has something to do with their despicable caste system). The Chinese get assimilated after the second or third generation (I have Chinese ancestry myself as do most middle class Filipinos). Appearance for me is skin deep; culture matters more. On the other hand, we’ve never had a lot of African immigration, and that could be extremely problematic. At least, the Indians and Chinese do well in school.
    As for feminism, we aging activists pay lip service to our female comrades but would surreptitiously visit the countless beer houses and night clubs in Manila to partake of the nubile flesh of young female members of the proletariat. We are extremely literal in our interpretation of the call to unite with the proletariat. (Another reason for the pseudonym; my wife would not be exactly pleased if she searches the Internet and discovers me making these types of postings, which for me is a cathartic release). Believe me Rob, you would not believe, despite being in your 50s the number of young women who would flock to your side when entering a club, well maybe because they view you as a possible ticket out of the country (but why the fuck should you care, so long as you don’t take them seriously.)
    On a more serious note, I foresee a coming financial cataclysm, what with the financial elite’s insane insistence on rolling back the New Deal reforms in the US, and social democracy in Europe. The 2008 collapse was simply a foretaste. These cretins never learn. Their insistence on cutting government spending and social benefits would only lead to a much larger collapse in the near future (where do they think effective demand would be coming from. Say’s law–supply produces its own demand–has been proven time and again to be bunk.). As in the 30s, pretty soon the stark choice for each country would either be a more socialistic economy or fascism. I have no doubt in my mind that presented a choice the Wall Street and US military elite would choose the latter over the former.
    Thus, the imperative need for leftists of all stripes (including race realists and anti-feminists like you) to unite and prepare for the inevitable. The Internet is wonderful in that it enables us to unite and globally act in concert like never before. I hope your blog can develop into a channel where radicals of your ilk can unite, share ideas, and organize. More power to you.

    1. Thank you, sir! This is a great comment. Made me smile! Your English is immaculate too. I kept thinking you were not really a Filipino, that you were some American in the Philippines, until you said you were. Your English is that clean.

  2. How are race relations in the Philippines? Are there any non-Asians at all? I am a White person(Russian-Canadian), would I face any hatred or prejudice there? Would Filipino girls date me? Are there racist gangs?

    1. There are no race problems there except some discrimination against that Aeta. There are also tensions among the Chinese and Filipinos, but most of the time they just get along. Whites are very welcome there, but you need to be careful because the Philippines is full of scammers now. I mean FULL of scammers. If you’re White, they think you have money, and they will try to scam you, starting with the taxi drivers from the airport and continuing with idiots on the street. Watch out for the women too, lots of scammers.
      But there’s no racism against Whites. Yeah, Filipinas love White guys, but be careful of scams.

      1. This is what I a white friend of mine does in the Philippines to deal with all the Filipinas wanting to snag him as a husband. He is around 50 now, but maintains around four women, all below 20, as “scholars”. He gives each one around $200 each a month, which is enough to live on here (very simply I would hasten to add), and sends them all to college. After they graduate he helps them get jobs either here or abroad through his connections, and his basically finished with his “obligations”. Another new recruit takes the place of a departing girl. A wise and humane man, I think.

    1. Never been there, but I run a Yahoo group to stop romance scammers on the Net, and we know all about the Philippines. We have received a ton of reports from there and I have friends who have gone there. It’s a great place, no racism against Whites in any Asian country honestly. But watch out for scams! Especially romance scams.

      1. I love their nursing exports.
        I dated a Filipina for a year who had the most dubious and mysterious history buried in her Philippine past. We both had a great time and neither minded. The basis for all great relationships.

  3. Robert, some would say that your mix of socialism and race realism makes you a Nazi. Are you a Nationalist Sociallist?

    1. The only kind of socialism that makes sense nowadays is a nationalist one. Internationalism is insane. It means open borders. Forget that.
      I’m familiar with the Nazi and fascist Left, or whatever they are. Nazbols, etc. I have nothing whatsoever to do with them, and I absolutely hate their guts.
      The Nazis were pretty cool on economics. If that was all they did, they would not be so hated. We hate them because of their racism, their militarism, their totalitarianism, etc.
      You have no idea how much I hate Nazis and fascists. Seriously, I want to kill them with my bare hands.
      There are some fascists who keep trying to recruit me to fascism and Nazism (same thing) but I want nothing to do with this. All socialist countries nowadays are nationalist. You have to be an idiot to be an internationalist socialist country. You need to compete against other nations in this capitalist world. Capitalism ain’t about solidarity.
      About the race realism, those charges are just ridiculous. I’m a liberal. Trust me when I tell you that most White liberals think just like I do, but most of them won’t admit it. I’ve lived with these people all my life and I know how they think. Tim Wise type are not so common among White liberals. Get a few drinks in them and put them in an empty room and they will talk just like me, or maybe worse. They might start breaking out the nigger jokes.
      I write the way most White liberals really think, but they’re too scared to admit it, at least not to strangers.
      Who’s calling me that anyway? Republicans, right? Rightwingers? Like some of the commenters at Guy White?
      I’m not much of a nationalist though. Your variety of nationalism really puts me off, AJ. And I call jingoistic Americans patriotards. Remember, I’m the guy who says fuck the USA. So where do these guys get off calling me nationalist?

  4. The annoying thing about leftists/socialism and the rightwing WN is the issue of race as the core of their political philosophy.
    The left wing constantly talks about racism yet forbids discussion or even acknowledges there is any difference with the whole we all originated from African and are one and the same people crap and refuse to even debate facts about racial differences in IQ although even WN admit Jews and Asians are above whites.
    On the right race is the main point where all they talk about where everything is put into context of a racial perspective like the current economic woes although I would say immigration is a major factor it is not the primary one.

  5. johnUK, Jews and Asians are “above” whites? Jews are white, and Asians are barely above, and thats cultural, not genetic. @Robert, no, it was Freerepublic, though not you specifically. Its just that they constantly say the Nazis were leftwing, and the Klan was Democrats, and how Democrats put blacks on a plantation, and welfare replaced the black father, and how more black people should be more like Larry Elder, Walter Williams, Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, and Thomas Sowell. Also, Guy White has been gone for many months now. His last post was about Chinese superships, and it dates to around April. My nationalism? Im a Russian nationalist and a Slavic Nationalist. Im also sympathetic to wider European Nationalism, and I believe in indiginous rights. I dont mind whites becoming a minority in NZ, Australia, Canada, and the US, however, because they were coloonies. @JohnUK, how do you feel about the indiginous British becoming a minority in several decades?

    1. @AJ
      Yes I know Jews are white but as an ethnic group the average IQ is higher than average whites.
      Asians are 100 and over as an average.
      It’s genetic.
      “Im a Russian nationalist and a Slavic Nationalist. Im also sympathetic to wider European Nationalism.”
      Why Euro-nationalism is anti-Russian and do not consider Russians 100% white.
      “how do you feel about the indiginous British becoming a minority in several decades?”
      What BS this “we are being outbreed into genocide” crap.
      Britain’s population is 92.14% white from the 2001 census and the 2011 census is projected to be not that much of a decrease.

  6. @AJ, white people are treated almost like Gods in the Philippines. But Rob is right, you need to be very careful about scammers. Unfortunately, because of a weak manufacturing sector and the criminally irresponsible efforts of the Catholic church to prevent a serious population management program from being implemented, there are too many people with no jobs. It’s quite true that there is no prejudice against whites in Asia, and are in fact treated as a privileged race for the most part.
    I went to a high end club in Manila with an American friend once. He was wearing flip flops. There was a sign at a door, which states guests must be properly attired, no sleeveless shirts, flip flops, etc. The guard just let him in, no questions asked. I just pointed out the fact to the guard, and he just shrugged his shoulders.

  7. @johnUK- LOL. Embrace diversity, John. Also, there is no inconclusive evidence that the Asian-white IQ gap is genetic and not cultural. European nationalism may have been anti-russian in the past, but not today. This is a new brand of nationalism. I never heard Geert Wilders, the BNP, the Sweden Democrats, or Jobbik say anything negative about Russia.

  8. Bernardo,
    Why are whites ‘almost treated like Gods’ in the Philippines?
    What have whites ever done for Filipinos, except colonize them?

    1. dirty bull What have whites ever done for Filipinos, except colonize them?
      *chic noir sways seductively over to dirty bull in an ankle length silk nightgown to say*
      sometimes we answer our own questions.

      1. Chic Noir,
        I warn you that ‘Dirty Bull’ chose his own screen moniker ‘Dirty Bull’ for some very good reasons!

    2. We were colonized for almost 400 years, so it takes time to get rid of one’s feelings of inferiority towards your foreign masters, although we did revolt against Spain and declared independence in 1898, before the Americans double crossed us. The Americans were also treated as liberators, after 3 years of Japanese rule (1941-45). The Americans set up a good public school system, and were quite effective in brainwashing most people. Currently, it is mainly economic. Whites (and Japanese and Koreans for that matter) are perceived to have much more money than us so they are treated with deference.

  9. Well I’m a Mexican-American who has been accused of self-hate.
    There seems to be an integral part of our (Mexican) psychological and cultural make-up which dictates that we must embrace our language and our cultural motifs above all sense of logic and reason. If we dare to break beyond that wall, we are pochos. My culture is incredibly parochial.
    When I first read your blog, I was a little intrigued that you presented a leftist viewpoint of all the same issues that most of the HBD-sphere fixated on. The HBD-sphere is generally ill-humored and dryly white/Asian and STEM. I found myself there because I saw eye-to-eye with them on some fundamental issues but I always feel persona non grata when I attempt to pipe in.
    I come here and I relate to your anecdotes and because of this, I sense that you know where the hell I am coming from. Some of my best friends have hated Mexicans.
    I truly believe most racists could do themselves a great service if they first learned to understand humanity. From understanding you can hate better.

  10. what the hell is a “mexican-american”? If Mexico was in a war with America, who would you support? The answer to that question is the answer to the question that you often ponder-“Who am I?”

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