Mexicans Are Mostly Indian

A graph showing Mexican genes. As you can see, Mexicans are predominantly Amerindian.
This photo is being linked to on the web with the argument that most Mexicans don’t look like Italians or Spaniards. Instead, they look like Indians. They say this because the photo shows that Mexicans are majority-Indian on genes. The problem is that that photo only applies to Mexicans in Mexico. Mexicans in Mexico itself have long been more Indian than Mexicans in the US, who have long been more White. This is changing lately as more Mexicans pour in here from deep inside Mexico, particularly Jalisco, Michoacan, Guerrero and Oaxaca. Mexicans in the US have traditionally come from the north of Mexico – Baja California, Sonora, Chihuahua, Coahuila, Nuevo Leon and Tamaulipas. These areas are the Whitest parts of Mexico. Monterrey is the Whitest city in Mexico. So, sure, most Mexicans don’t look like Italians or Spaniards. But a Hell of a lot of them do. Anyone who says that hasn’t been around many Mexicans. Local Mexicans (the Whiter-looking ones) are constantly telling me how people always think they are White. Many Mexicans have fairly dark skins, but if you look closely at their faces, their features could only be said to be Caucasian. That is, Amerindian features are scant to nonexistent. Many others are predominantly Caucasian, yet they do have a bit of Amerindian features, often in the eyes. If you look White, you’re White. If you look Caucasian and have no obvious features of any other race, you’re Caucasian. I imagine some of these folks must have some Amerindian in them, but for some reason, it’s not showing through. Among the lower, predominantly Spanish speaking classes here in the US, a good 80-90 Gene charts only tell you so much. A photo of a forest is a nice thing to look at, but it doesn’t tell you everything about every tree in the forest. If you think this website is valuable to you, please consider a contribution to support the continuation of the site.

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104 thoughts on “Mexicans Are Mostly Indian”

  1. Mexicans mess up peoples ideas about race in South America. They often think Latin America is brown like Mexico, but in fact a much larger chunk of Latin America is white compared to Mexico. Whites are over a third of South America, and are the largest racial group. Also, theyre not as purist, because they never had the “one drop rule”, so if your mostly white, then your a white person, congradulations. says that Hugo Chavez is an anti-white racist, and the Bolivarian Revolution is an Indiginous Supremacist/Socialist movement to rob the Whites of South America of their riches.

    1. HAHAHAHAHA South America white? With all the mulattos, zambos, mestizos, Indians, blacks, and even East Asians, and with only 2 countries in South America being majority white, and even in those two, they are about 20%or more nonwhite, as Robert has discussed before. Come on, don’t hate on Mexicans just cause your continent isn’t that white either.

      1. Better than being a boring cracker with skin cancer, you phucking vampire fag, take your sun burnt ass to a gun range and kill yourself.

      1. Let’s see… speak a European language? Check. Have lineage from Europe (by hook or by crook)? Check. Sorry to say, but you’re at least a little bit white. I hope you can still have pride in yourself and get over the hang ups of being a human being just like the rest of us.

      2. Whites thinking their all American how retarded, true Americans are Native Ameridians, take yourself back to wherever your from German cockroach, get phucked by some black guy.

    2. have you been to guerrero idiot? why are you been a rascist duchebage you obviously dont know shit about mexico in every part of mexico theres white and indian!!!! or mixed proud of the indian heritage there unique and were very talented individuals and some were even atractive majority of mexicans are mestizos pertaining to german,spanish,irish and indians get your facts before doing some shit like this i am proud to be indio and white fuckin proud even if i was a dark mexican i am mestizo i would be even more proud!

    3. Actually, Mexico has a huge white looking population considering that Mexico has a population of 120.8 million people and is growing. 65% of Mexico’s population are of mixed descent (mestizos, or harnizos) In the north of Mexico, mixed Mexicans are more european. The lowest amount of euro is 60% and the highest up to 90% or more. e.g George Lopez, Diego Boneta, Eugenio Siller, Thalia, Canelo, Chicharito, Miguel Layun, Ximena Navarette, Mario Lopez, Ana Brenda Contreras, etc. In the south Mexicans of mixed descent are more indigenous. 16.5% of Mexico’s population are fully white (Angelica Rivera, Laura Flores, Guillermo del Toro, Anahi, etc. and 17.5% are fully indigenous. 1% are Afro Mexicans, or other. Mexico has the biggest population of all Latin America, so to say that all are all “brown” is absurd.

  2. Mexicans in the US have traditionally come from the north of Mexico – Baja California, Sonora, Chihuahua, Coahuila, Nuevo Leon and Tamaulipas. These areas are the Whitest parts of Mexico. Monterrey is the Whitest city in Mexico.
    Speaking of Baja California, are you familiar with Tecate, Mexico?
    I have been there, and I must say I found the city to be quite clean, orderly and beautiful.
    I even heard than many Mexicans refer to Tecate as ‘the window of Mexico’.

    1. Last time I was in Tecate I was high on LSD, pot and booze so I have a weird memory of the place. I didn’t think it was such a hot city at the time. It was just a typical shitty Mexican city. But this was 27 years ago.
      Fear and Loathing on the Road to Tecate! LOL.

        1. Sure as hell have! Read it long before the film version, in fact…(A rarity nowadays). Hunter S. Thompson is the man!
          Sound like you had your share of gonzo journalistic investigations yourself. Truth is, that is the only kind of journalist I really want to here from.

      1. Last time I was in Tecate I was high on LSD, pot and booze so I have a weird memory of the place.
        Did you and your boys at least have their native beer, ‘Tecate’?

      2. Europe or your from isn’t a Disney rainbow paradise either, go phuck a dog beastiality lover, compared to where your from Mexico is the best that’s why you love to visit.

  3. Lots of admixture plots here-
    Seems like around 1:3 to 2:3 is around the Euro:Amerind mix, but different samples and different analyses seem to give different results.
    This sample has various populations from parts of Mexico. The average Mexican in this sample was 55:45 Amerind to European, while North Mexicans in this sample had more European -33:66, 50:50 – which confirms what you say.

  4. Mexicans in Mexico are not mostly Indian (only the ones in southern Mexico are), DNA tests have resolved this. Some Dieneke guy is posting BS posts that say that people from northeat Mexico are only 37% white, when clearly, various tests have shown them to be 70-80% white. He also posts that Mexicans from L.A. are only 28% white! What a bunch of bullshit, I think Dienekes has an agenda in mind, since he also manipulates findings to make Greeks be 100% white in genetic results, he sure did manipulate the Mexican results.

    1. Dienekes agenda is simple.
      1 – Prove modern Greeks to be 100% “white” for whatever that means.
      2 – Prove ancient Greeks and modern Greeks to be one and the same, thus repudiating the Nordicists.
      He sees everything in life through that lens.

        1. He is VERY smart. I agree.
          I also understand, as you sure do as well. Intellectuals tend to get “fixated” on subjects, and then obsessed.
          It is in our nature. 🙂

      1. Clearly the sources are wrong for most of Dieneke’s Mexican gene studies. I mean, I’ve been to LA, northern Mexico, southern Mexico, northern California, and the rest of California, and their is no damn way that Mexican Americans in LA are only 28% white and there is no way that north(east)ern Mexico is genetically only 38% white, not phenotypically and not by other genetic tests. I have seen few Indian looking Mexicans in LA and many Mexicans in the places I’ve mentioned that I’ve been in (except southern Mexico) have Mexicans that look Mediterranean and many even have pinkish light skin color like white Anglo Americans. I actually saw a book on Italy in Costco today, and you’d be surprised at how many Mexicans in the Costco look like the Italians in the book I was reading. Though it is true that Mexicans are diverse and race depends on the individual, but there is no way that north Mexico and Mexican Americans are mostly Indian.

  5. What are you talking about Robert? Jalisco is one of the whiter places in Mexico, that’s where many of the whiter Mexican Americans have come from.

    1. For a state that’s in the Southern half of Mexico, Jalisco is definitely whiter in comparison than it’s surrounding states. But, is it whiter than say, Nuevo Leon? I doubt it. Nuevo Leon practically had no native populations living there in great numbers like in Jalisco. Jalisco, btw, still has the Huichol Indians living there. What stands out about Jalisco is that the White Mexicans there have a more diverse European ancestry. Many güeros down there are part French and possibly German. Those of us in Northern Mexico, I would say, are mostly Euro Meds.

    2. Im from Jalisco plenty people thimk I’m white they say I look and talk like a walk person when I tell them Im from mexico they dont Believe me till I start speaking Spanish! Im a proud Mexican and would never Act as if Im from a different country! I Consider myself Mestizo having a DNA test to find out soon:)

        1. I am also from Jalisco, grew up in Jalisco. I can say for one that there are a lot of white people in Jalisco. For one Jalisco has always been more populated than most of the Northern States of Mexico. Two we are more diverse in were our ancestors came from, my grandparents are French and Castilian, one of my best friends is an Austrian-Mexican from Jalisco.
          Also having the presence of an Indigenous group of people does not mean that the state is not very European. Lacking one does not make the State more white. Think again of the historic population of every region, the center was populated and colonized way before the north. We have our Indios and our Mestizos and our Gueros, that’s Jalisco for you all.

  6. It’s interesting how Hispanic migration has re-introduced a large amount of Amerindian DNA into the US gene pool. It’ll be interesting how this’ll play out in terms of social stratification in the long run.

  7. hopefully Mexican immigrants will embrace Nationalism, and reclaim the Southwest through demographics. I imagine a larger Mexican state in the near future, one that includes much of Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, South California, Nevada, and Colorado. As Tim Wise in his recent coloumn said, your empire is dying and half the country will be brown in 2050, and theres nothing you can do about it! Viva La Reconquesta!

    1. Great…I wonder how all of the war-mongering, gun totting rednecks in the South and Midwest will react to that.

  8. cyrus, they will run in fear. Americans are too scared of violating Political Correctness to save themselves, see public reaction to the Minutemen and AZ law. All empires collapse, now it is the US’s turn. What are rednecks going to do about it?

    1. Ah, you are probably right. Americans have become too fat, lazy, stupid and “soft” in all the wrong places.
      Bomb Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan? Sure! That is nice and safe and far away. Just throw borrowed money at it.
      Maintain your own borders and culture? Get basic health care availability for all your own people? Keep the infrastructure from crumbling? Preserve your industrial base?
      Nah, it is more important to go to India and kiss the ass of the Hindu lobby…

  9. oh, your American LOL. Is my prediction of a future enlarged Mexican state realistic? Your in Cali, so you should know.

    1. Simply put…No.
      The Mexicans coming here do not want this, and their kids and grand-kids assimilate right into the American working class.
      Then their would be Washington’s potentially violent reaction to contend with. Rome needs it’s taxes, and California alone is worth more than it’s weight in gold. You would be surprised how spun-up and nationalistic Americans can get, when the situation is presented right.
      It is a pipe-dream of Latino extremists, almost all of whom are American born.
      Not so long as the U.S as a whole does not break apart and disintegrate from the inside like the Soviet Union did, at least. This would be due to economic reasons, more than anything else.
      Even then, Mexico is too dysfunctional to acquire anything in such an event.

  10. Ive only read a few of your posts, your style doesnt scream American, no. Your response, while reflecting your opinion, really hurt my feelings. I was really getting my hopes up that America was slowly Balkanizing. Im still holding on to hope that the US will someday fall apart, though. Like Yugoslavia, or the former USSR or something.

    1. @AJ:
      1- Ive only read a few of your posts, your style doesnt scream American, no.
      I’ve gotten that way too much over the years. I’ll try and dumb it down a bit, to “fit in” with my kin folk. Maybe write with a mid-western accent, and talk about football a lot…Yee-hah.
      2- Your response, while reflecting your opinion, really hurt my feelings. I was really getting my hopes up that America was slowly Balkanizing.
      Well, boo-fucking-hoo & fuck you very much. I may be a socialist, and my country pisses me off left and right…But I am still an American. This is still my home.
      3- m still holding on to hope that the US will someday fall apart, though. Like Yugoslavia, or the former USSR or something.
      Probably still will at some point. It just won’t be the dumbass Mexicans that cause it, or singularly have much to do with it.
      Don’t let go of your hopes there just yet, “Ivan”… 😀

    2. I’m afraid Balkanization is unlikely. Instead we’ll probably have dreadful miscegenation and amalgamation. Darn 😉

  11. FG, I sincerely doubt that. 99% of all marriages are within the same race. Interracial relationships are simply fetishized and glorified, because they stick out so much. @Cyrus- Why love your (historically anti-socialist) country? Why be patriotic? It was simply a coincidence that you were born here instead of somewhere else, why be proud of something you had no control over? Why not be proud of a personal accomplishment, like finishing college or some middle class shit like that? There is nothing superior about your genes, just because you happened to be born in the American Empire.

    1. AJ said, “There is nothing superior about your genes”,…. Not true! I believe Robert may at least partially agree that there is a lot of truth in the fact that genetics of groups, and group intelligence, are intertwined. European and East Asian, Along with Jews, are superior in “intelligence” to the rest of the world

  12. you speak opposite from the fact. mexicans in the US are mostly indio looking ones not latin white lol. latin white mexicans don’t go to the US, they just stay in mexico. Indio mexican tried to go to the US.

    1. Not really. Studies show they are 50-50 White/Indian. 10-30 years ago, they were 60-70% White, which is the way it’s always been. The more Indian ones only started coming in recent years.

      1. I agree, i am Mexican and am probably about 60% Spanish 30% Indian and 10% french. I have brown skin with high cheek bones and Spanish eyes, Dig that, Mexicans coming to the USA are coming from areas where many Indians live (Guerrero, Oxaca ..etc). My family is from Guanajuato & Jalsico. (good mix of Espanol y Indio).

      2. I have read confirmed data that a considerable number of illegal immigrants attempting to escape Mexico die while crossing the desert. This is very tragic indeed.. What is also tragic coyotes refuse to eat these dead people. (no matter how fresh the dead person is they just lie there untouched) Buzzards wont eat them either.This is a confirmed fact and has been documented by the US Border Patrol over the years. These coyotes would rather eat dead skunks, roadkill and other vermin and letting all this good meat go to waste.

        1. There is indeed an eyewitness account of a Sasquatch going through the pockets of these deceased immigrants (perhaps looking for loose change)
          He was seen holding his nose with one hand as he searched with the other.
          Now that tells you how bad the economy has gotten.

        2. You really would think that Squatch would’ve opted for some serious
          Necro-action. Or perhaps they are not into that.
          would’nt make good morticians now would they?

        3. Do you french kiss your mother with that mouth Pilsburry Douchboy Puritan fag boy? White people hate God because it means all the evil shit they do and say will catch up with them, I’ll laugh when you burn and you know it’s coming..

  13. That diagram showing that Mexicans are mostly Indian is probably a diagram of Mexicans’ mtDNA. mtDNA is inherited only through the mother and since most of the European gene flow into Mexicans was paternal, the European component appears to be small in that diagram you have. However, I have a diagram from the same study, and it shows the AVERAGE for Mexicans, and it is approximately even and includes African ancestry (which in the diagram you show is almost absent) and African ancestry has already been proven to exist in Mexicans, so here’s the diagram that shows Mexican admixture in general:
    So, I think it’s misinformation that you show that diagram to say that Mexicans are mostly Indian, since I could post a diagram of y-chromosome (which is only inherited through males) and it would show Mexicans to be mostly white, so…

    1. Most Mexican Mtdna is Indian, true. But keep in mind that while nearly all of the White people in Mexico were Men [hence, why they married Indian women so often]…Indian men did not just vanish and they continued to marry Indian women [and Mestizo]. So there was from the very start in Mexico, a Indian majority DNA wise.
      Also, simple dna tests can be misleading. First generation Mestizo Males [with European Y dna] often married full blooded Indian women in colonial times. A male child from such a union would be 3/4ths Indian but in a DNA test it would be assumed he is a Mestizo, since he has European Y dna and Indian Mtdna. Such even 50/50 splits are unrealistic today…
      And looking at your typical Mexican I believe that the above is the case…A large number of Mestizos were born very early on in Spanish Mexico, and then that population was absorbed by the numerically superior Indian population. A modern day “Mestizo” can range from 88% Indian and 12% White, but he would still show up as Mestizo in a DNA test since he carries a European Y chromosome. That doesn’t mean he is a “true” Mestizo though.
      And if Mexicans were truely close to half white on average, then surely more of them would look white. Yet most easily pass as Indians – which is not a surprise since they mostly are Indian.

      1. Jose you are an idiot. Most mexicans are Mestizo not indian or even mostly indian. Most don’t even look indian. What a load of nonsense. I have been to mexico and the country I see is a mixed-race one NOT Indigenous.

        1. Your the idiot who blows white people because he wish he was white so bad, phuck whites, weak ass genes, burn in the sun, they are mentally challenged and phuck animals and blame issues they create on other races, who wants to be like them.. Not me Native and Proud, phuck those sodomites can burn in hell.

  14. Look at your typical Mexican then look a Spaniard. A Spaniard looks white, many can even pass as Germans. A Mexican is usually – brown/red skinned, short, dark haired, dark eyed. And many have almond eyes – just like Native Americans. Its not hard to see which bloodline is most common in Mexico. And heres a hint – its not a European bloodline.

  15. Most non Mexicans could care less about Mexican demographics. But I as one know that most Mexicans are mostly Spanish & Indian with a little something else thrown in like French, Irish… etc

  16. BTW, many white folks have african slave blood. Look it up. A person could be part something and not even show it.

    1. Mark
      You are correct. I am a white man but I have a humongous Penis like most African american males.
      I love watermelon, I like white chicks, I love pork chops and barbeque.
      and hennesy cognac and cheap wine.
      I most likely have African american DNA and Monkey blood to boot.
      Hang loose amigo – I have to go rob a liquor store.
      be right back….

  17. Yeah, I have always known we Mexicans are mostly Amerindian. Why is it that important? Why is the colour of people’s skin so important? I know my great grandfather was Italian and probably I have some Spanish ancestors but still, Amerindian genes are obviously dominant and I mostly look Amerindian, you know: jet black straight hair, brown skin, brown eyes, I’m not quite tall… But I don’t really give a f*** I’m Mexican, yeah and a human being.

      1. U,U why all the obsession to show the caucasian side of Mexico? giving tons of pictures of caucasians mexicans, anyways most Mexico is in the native side than the caucasian, here another example of a native looking mexican woman, and she is girlfriend of a japanese man by the way, its her boyfriend tag U////U

  18. 1/3 sounds accurate , because most of the whites have no needs to come to the us because the compose the middle and higher classes in the south . I’m Portuguese who lived in argentina 5 years .

  19. It’s completely true. Most Mexicans have NO trace of Spanish blood. Don’t need a DNA test to tell me that. Just take at their physical features – short stature, straight black hair, dark brown eyes and a Neanderthal body structure. It’s not hard math. White + “Red” DOES NOT equal Brown. Spanish people are white Caucasians, Mexicans are brown indigenous North Americans. I really find it hard to believe that most ppl don’t know this. I think this myth “of a mixed race” is perpetuated by (North Amercian) whites so Mexicans (Indians) don’t feel entitled to North America. In Spain (Mexicans, Guats, and other central americans) are called Ameri-Indios (American Indians). Case Closed.

    1. I am neither short, dark, I have curly hair, and have a long oval face and strong European features. The Mexicans you are referring to are usually the poor Mexicans who come to the United States because in Mexico they are dirt poor, they have no other choice for suvival. The white ones, like my father, grandfather, great grandfather, were wealthy land owners who came to the U.S. with visas and had no real economic hardships. You sound very IGNORANT.

    2. So what, I like phucking white girls, doesn’t mean I want to be them, who gives a shit, whites act like their so great, biyotches got lucky andnw they have a system to bring down all other races and cultures, we should unite and smash them..

    3. No that is false. Case Closed. Mexican is a nationality and Mexico is a diverse country. Most Mexicans HAVE trace of Spanish and European blood including Native American blood. “in genetic studies Mexico consistently shows a European admixture comparable to countries that report white populations of 52% – 77% (in the case of Chile and Costa Rica, who average 51% & 60% European admixture respectively, while studies in the general Mexican population have found European ancestry ranging from 56% going to 60%,64% and up to 78%)” Furthermore most are mixed falling under the line of Mestizo (which is even further divided including Harnizo and Castizo) who have both European and Native American blood from 56% all the way up to 78% like the study said but even going further into the 90’s. Mexican Mestizo are the most diverse Mestizos in the world.

  20. I had my DNA analyzed because I have always been told that “You don’t look Mexican” Well, It turned out that I’m 81% White, 18% Indigenous, and 1% Black. So that answers the “mystery” for me. I also learned that in Latin America I would be called a “Castizo”.

  21. What a silly “article” My father is from JALISCO, he is the whitest Mexican I have ever seen. People from Jalisco mostly European, if you look at the history of that region then you will see. My mother is from Tamaulipas, the people there are NOT white at all, they are short and brown, mestizo. You are so wrong. You don’t know what the hell you are talking about. People from Jalisco have been coming in droves since the 80’s, this is NOT recent. Just stop embarrassing yourself.

  22. This whole topic is meaningless, because Columbus got lost, he thought
    that he had arrived in India. This is where the term Indian in this part of the word came from. If we call them anything, we have to call them Americans. This regardless of whatever language they speak. Both of the Americas, are in the Western Hemisphere.
    There are no such people that are Native Americans, the only natives are Africans whose ancestors go back to the being of mankind in Africa.

  23. I’m not sure what is the source of the graph you posted, but the genetic admixture found among Mexicans can vary greatly from on individual to the next. And there’s also a great deal of regional variation as some areas have a higher concentration of either European or Indigenous ancestry. So these results can be very skewed depending on the individuals tested and/or the region from which they hail. Nevertheless that graph still shows considerable European admixture.

  24. From there mtDNA yes obviously but flip it around and you’ll get a mostly European background. The title is false and misleading. Most Mexicans HAVE Native DNA and are descendants from a common mother BUT they ARE NOT Indigenous which is only about 14% of the population (The population has actually been decreasing sadly). About 20% is exclusively White and a majority are Mestizos which include Castizo, Harnizo and the regular Mestizo with Castizo having the most European admixture and the Mestizo having the least. Then you have the Indigenous population which goes from full indigenous to miexed which includes Coyote etc (This rule is complicated and is NOT used in Mexico at all including the word Mestizo). All in all Mexico is extremely diverse and one of the most misunderstood country on this planet. All this shows is that most share a common female ancestor My family for one is not Indian what so ever, my little brother is white, with light hair like my mother and 2 other younger brothers! While I am Olive skinned (people have said if I was Greek, Italian and even an Arab who’s looks are shared with one of my brothers and my dad) and then you have my sister who is morena and the darkest and from one family. Genetics are a B aren’t they haha. All in all Mexicans are diverse and range from all the colors of the spectrum. From Phenotypes that can be shared in ALL the spectrum’s (of course not from 100% white or 100% indigenous even then who are incredibly rare to begin with) like a Mestizo can look straight up white etc. You get the point. Mexicans are a diverse group of people because after all it is a nationality.
    (And this just shows a majority share a common female ancestor like I said lol and are majority are descendants from a indigenous woman which is not surprising because of the mixing that occurred. A majority are not Indigenous)

  25. how can you be proud of being meztizo? it’s like saying I’m proud my mom got raped. your great,great grand parents would kick your ass for saying some shit like that.

  26. What is Robert Lindsay’s ethnicity? The name is Anglo-Irish or English but your physiognomy is slightly Central/Eastern European (The strong-boned features, high forehead, strong prominent chin).
    Just curious.

  27. Lindsay is Anglo-Irish but your features-strong-boned face, high forehead, defined prominent chin-are vaguely Eastern European. Czech or perhaps Hungarian?
    What is Robert Lindsay’s ethnicity?
    Just curious?

  28. Just confirmed. My DNA test came back indicating I’m 20% Indian. That makes me truly of Mexican heritage and Mestizo which is that vast majority of Mexico. Embrace this completely.

  29. JASON True John Travolta played a half-Cherokee and half-white Texan who migrates to Dallas from the sticks during the oil boom.
    Half-Amerindians generally resemble a young Travolta-dark lank hair, lanky build, swarthy skin, light eyes, heavy brow ridge and a low forehead with puffy lips.
    I’ve encountered a few and most of them look exactly like John Travolta in his Saturday NIght Fever era.

  30. JASON Most resemble John Travolta who played a half-Cherokee Texan in an early film, that is true.
    Half-Amerindians will have the low forehead and heavy brow ridge like John Travolta, the dark lank hair and small light eyes, puffy lips and lanky build.
    Every mixed-blood I’ve met has looked like John Travolta.

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