Obama Signals Move Towards Dipshittery

Idiot. A majority of Americans oppose efforts to let the rich keep their tax cuts. And in terms of deficits and the economy, it’s simply insane. It’s a political loser. I don’t know how the majority of Moronican assholes think about the climate bill, but it doesn’t matter. We need to push things like this through in order to survive to the next century at all or in any decent shape. I doubt if pushing a climate bill is going to kill Democrats at the polls. But get this! He will not compromise on gays on the military! That’s probably the least important of the three issues and the biggest loser. The smartest thing he could do would be to try to fix the economy any way he can. Of course, the Republicans will thwart him every step of the way because they don’t want an economy on the mend. They want an economy stuck in the mud so they can defeat Obama in 2012. That’s how shitty these Reptilican scum are. You can see that Obama is triangulating, just like Clinton did after 1994. It’s true that it helped him in that he won in 1996, but what did we win? We ended up with a Democratic President as who acted like a liberal Republican. Do you think these moves will help Obama or not? And if so, is it worth it?

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3 thoughts on “Obama Signals Move Towards Dipshittery”

  1. Today’s federal political spectrum consists of two end points.
    You know any congressman’s position on tax cuts for the wealthy if you his position on gays in the military, as well as his position on abortion rights, labor unions and environmentalism.
    The American people are the ammunition in a pissing contest about which party can blame the other for the economy not improving by 2012.

  2. Bob, us gentle bearded left-wingers must stick together, we’re an endangered species.Have you noticed how many of us have died-off since the early ’70s?
    As I said before in the battle between dick-waddery (ie Republican Tea Partier cunts) and the gentle, bearded leftwingers, the cunts always win.
    Unfortunately that’s the way the world is.Meme chose, meme difference.

  3. Most Americans were against the climate bill because it would have made their energy costs higher. Belt-tightening is for the little people, not for the likes of private jet-setting Al Gore or Thomas Friedman.

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