Limited Government Now!

The Republican plan is to cut taxes that are used to fund education.
Here’s a sample of some patriotic Americans who are determined to take their country back from the socialist Kenyan Muslim, and their views on the socialist education system*:
Very Unskilled Laborer Bill Grunting of Sticky Fence, Oklahoma: “Learnin’ din’t help me none. ‘Sides, Papa says school is the devil!”
Former President George W. Bush: “I’m a idiot, and I was the president.”
Pastor Phil Felch of @#$%, Kansas: “There’s only one book Americans need to read, and that’s the good book. Ah personally recommend the thin, abridged versions with the wonderful color pictures. As a pastor, Ah can assure you all the best and least confusing stories are in those ones. You want to hear about the nastier stuff, show up on Sunday morning at 9:30. Bring money.”
*Note: All people interviewed below were White. What other race could possibly be this retarded?

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0 thoughts on “Limited Government Now!”

  1. Lindsay, I know this is hard for you to digest, but the public school system that you worship is more interested in preaching diversity than providing a decent education to its students. I have found that the Catholic school and Jewish day school students and home schoolers to be more informed and well read than those educated educated in the public schooled students in my affluent town and that’s a powerful statement.

  2. This election has kind of crystalized some of my opinions about liberalism and big government.
    The problem is that the politicians will inevitably divide into two parties for strategic reasons, so unrelated issues get linked. I know real people who are strongly pro labor union and against gun control, and anti-abortion environmentalists. But you don’t find these combinations among politicians often.
    The result is elections like this one, where the people were told they were voting against a universal health care plan and bailouts, and now are finding out that abstinence education and tax cuts for the wealthy come along for the ride.
    You can’t hold elections on 20 issues separately.

  3. I’m all for National Education.When the U.S. becomes an organic nation I’ll stand at the ready to promote it. Blood will flow first.

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