In This World, Socialism is the Norm

Fred is a new rightwing ruling class commenter with an excellent class consciousness, which is intelligent and appropriate for his class. Nevertheless, Fred represents the class enemy that must be fought:

I’m not a socialist because socialism doesn’t work. If it did then I’d be all over it.

But Fred. Various forms of socialism, including forms of social democracy, are the norm in almost every state on Earth. Even the US has quite a bit of socialism – not enough though. Every state on Earth has quite a few socialist or social democratic programs and institutions. The pure capitalist state does not exist.
Of the 13 wealthiest states, 12 are clear social democracies. I left the US out because we can’t really be called a social democracy even though we have some socialist programs.
Most states on Earth are run by socialist or social democratic parties. The US, the Baltics, Colombia, the Philippines, the UK and Chile are exceptions.
Socialism is the norm! Guys like Fred don’t get it. Fred opposes socialism because he’s always looking for a way to lower his taxes, and he doesn’t gets his money worth from the government for the taxes he pays.

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3 thoughts on “In This World, Socialism is the Norm”

  1. UK is a social democracy with free health care, welfare benefits, etc.
    I think Fred is meaning a full fledged socialist system like Cuba or the old USSR which clearly don’t work.
    When states transform from a socialist to a free market or quasi free market system they usually do much better. Look at China.
    Problem with socialism is that it favours the poor and the most stupid with benefits so they have large families like you see with blacks in the US or Muslims here in Europe and smarter ruling Middle class .
    So it is an inbred recipe for disaster unless you do what the US does and import drugs unto black and Mexican communities.

  2. The US, the Baltics, Colombia, the Philippines, the UK and Chile are exceptions.
    May I ask how do you define Social Democracy…? Almost every Latin America country (Brazil, Bolivia, Venezuela for example..) has a higher (worse – less egalitarian) Gini index than not only the US and UK but also the Philippines. Nicaragua (43.1) is the exception but is quite close to the PI (44.5).
    The UK’s Gini index is better than New Zealand’s and matches Italy while it only a smidgen about Australia and Ireland.
    As for the Baltics, Lativa and Estonia are at the same level as Italy.
    (By the way I do understand these figures are subject to the examples above I am using the UN’s estimates.. the CIA estimates place the UK at the same level as Switzerland)
    I would think that income equality would be a pretty important (but not the solely import…) measure of a Social Democracy.

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