"Games Men Play About Rape," by Alpha Unit

Do you know that you can do everything in your power to keep away from Black people and still end up as a crime victim? In predominantly White areas of the country, in nearly 100 Furthermore, I’ve heard that your worst enemy can be someone you like and trust. The way some people talk, you’d think these simple facts had never occurred to them. People insist on making the world into something it can’t be – like the kind of place where you’ll be all right if you just stay away from Black people. My purpose here isn’t to demonstrate that White people commit crimes. Everyone knows they do. The people who go on and on about Black crime know that Whites commit crime. What interests me is this “Dueling Rape Statistics” game. It’s a game some men enjoy playing. These men will admit that Whites rape. They’ll admit that a White woman who is raped is most likely to be raped by a White man. What they like to emphasize is that Black males rape a whole lot more than White males, and that Black males rape White women more than White males rape Black women. What is the purpose of all this “You rape more than we do” talk? This ridiculousness is something that only matters to men, and to certain men at that. It doesn’t matter at all if you’re a woman. Rape is one of the hazards of being vulnerable, and especially of being female and vulnerable. It doesn’t matter what race a woman is. A man from just about any race could be a rapist. Girls and young women have been raped by men they knew and never would have imagined would harm them. All over the country there are young women putting themselves at risk of being raped. Some of them are White women who know all about the high crime rate among Blacks. Their rapists won’t all be Black, though. No one who is serious about the safety of women plays this game with them about “They Rape More Than We Do.” If you’re a White woman who has been raped by a White man, of what relevance is the fact that Black men are prosecuted for rape at a higher rate than White men? No woman of any race should give any group of men the benefit of the doubt when it comes to something like rape. The only thing that matters from a woman’s perspective is that men rape. As for those of you who like citing rape statistics and pointing out how much Black men rape, what do you hope to gain by doing so? Is rape prevention your mission? That must be it. You’re seriously concerned about the safety and well-being of women. People who are seriously concerned about rape prevention normally advise women to do one very important thing: always trust your instincts. If something about a person or a situation doesn’t feel right, then pay attention. They advise women not to be afraid to seem rude when it comes to their safety – in other words, asking people for ID before allowing them into your home, not divulging to people whether you live alone, not allowing people to touch you or pressure you into going places. It’s the kind of information you’ll find here. People who are seriously concerned about the safety and well-being of women do not say things like, “Black men have a higher prosecution rate for forcible rape, so avoid them, if you can.” Those of you who bring up these rape statistics are only concerned about women, and want to bring attention to the horrible problem of rape and sexual assault. Is that it?

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0 thoughts on “"Games Men Play About Rape," by Alpha Unit”

  1. Well, black nationalists do the same thing, and even mainstreamed it. Always crying and moaning about black women being raped by their white slavemasters. Oh, and that Duke rape hoax. Black people try to portray white men as perverts and rapists.

  2. Games blacks play about crime…
    “…of what relevance is the fact that Black men are prosecuted for rape at a higher rate than White men?”
    “Black men have a higher prosecution rate for forcible rape, so avoid them, if you can.”
    … claiming that the difference is just prosecution rates.
    You take a risk crossing the street everyday.
    You take a stupid risk running across an interstate.
    I’m sure Abagond types think society forces blacks to live in crime-infested neighborhoods.

    1. Get it straight. I don’t claim that the difference is just prosecution rates. That’s just the metric I referred to.
      Forget prosecution rates, if it makes you feel better. The issue here is people using rape statistics to score ideological points when they’re not really concerned with actual women and their safety.

    2. frankBlack men have a higher prosecution rate for forcible rape
      unforcible rape/ non forcible rape/ kinda sort of put it in rape/ just put the head in rape
      is there a such thing ???

    1. What are you talking about? It’s not okay for anyone to play games when it comes to rape. I’m interested in women protecting themselves. I don’t know if I can say the same about people who like to focus on who commits the most rape.

    2. AJ, you’ll come to learn that blacks are NEVER guilty for whatever bad stuff they say or do.
      Nope, only whites can be evil or racist.
      Remember: All whites are racist and evil, and only whites can be racist and evil.
      A couple of syllogisms for you:
      All white are racist.
      You’re white.
      Therefore, you’re racist.
      Only whites can be racist.
      DeShawn isn’t white.
      Therefore, he’s not a racist.
      Internalize those two little syllogisms, and it will all start to make perfect sense.

      1. And yes AJ, sometimes I too get the feeling that, at least in the eyes of the left, white rapists are somehow far worse than black ones.
        Black rapists are simply poor people from the ghetto, who have been forced into a chaotic life by forces outside of their control, have internalized racism which has caused them to devalue black women’s lives, etc.
        White rapists, on the other hand, are a bunch of sick and creepy perverts.
        I confess I have no hard evidence with regards to this perception, but that’s the vibe I get.

        1. Mea culpa, Alpha.
          I should have clarified. I’m not saying that YOU think this way.
          I was trying to illustrate to AJ the perceptions that many people (ie. many blacks and leftists) have, or at least the perceptions that I perceive them to have.
          And you’re right, I confess no hard evidence here.
          This is just my hunch.

      2. To BAG:
        AJ, you’ll come to learn that blacks are NEVER guilty for whatever bad stuff they say or do.
        Nope, only whites can be evil or racist.

        Well that’s not what Alpha is saying is it…?

        1. To BAG:
          Mea culpa, Alpha.
          I should have clarified. I’m not saying that YOU think this way.

          Ooops should have scrolled down.

  3. The people who bring up those statistics are probably more interested in keeping White women away from Black men than protecting women per se. Statistics are only so useful in predicting or preventing any kind of crime. Information like that at the site you linked is far more practical. Still, if I were a woman I’d want to know those numbers.

  4. A lot of people on the Left have some screwed up notions about rape, in my opinion.
    Rape is some kind of ideological battleground for people on both the Left and the Right.

  5. With all that you’ve said, it seems like its important to avoid the risk of-
    Only replace that with “It’s OK! Most White women are raped by White men they know!”, either way.
    What is the purpose of all this “You rape more than we do” talk?
    If Black men are imprisoned for it more frequently then its good to know its because they do it more often rather than other factors – particularly since people use this fact to try and attack the idea that the law is just for whatever ends. Plus, people should know that certain ethnic demographic changes will cause increases in rape rates in a country, all things being equal. So mentioning this is not necessarily about giving advice to women to help their safety.
    At heart, I admit, most men who talk about ethnic rates of rape are certainly not really interested in women’s safety. I mean in terms of giving advice, all the things you say are better for improving women’s safety. So in a sense, apart from those things I already said, which are legitimate, I guess it’s more about energising women who are emotive about rape towards a particular racial cause (but probably not about keeping White women away from Black men – that’s not really a major concern compared to getting White women on board with racial ideology and that is describes reality and is useful. White men may wish to avoid sexual competition a little, but it’s not that important. Black men really aren’t a very big sexual threat, even including deluded women who have been subject to propaganda.).
    And to the above add that one interesting element (and why right White nat folks bring it up) is that, still, even with a good race blind system of preservation, saying “Trust Black guys less” probably would help women’s safety from rape. It’s morally interesting whether people would pay that cost (particularly to see which horn of the dichotomy feminist anti-racists choose when the two overarching goals of “No rape at any cost; especially when paid by rapists and potential racists!” and “No racism at any cost!” come into conflict – I guess they’d be unable to resolve the dissonance and would just ratchet up their paranoia every time it was mentioned).

    1. Sure. Most men who talk about ethnic rates of rape aren’t really interested in the safety of the women they’re talking about.
      White men who go on about this don’t seem to be that interested in preventing the rapes of White women. Black men who talk about the rape of Black women, especially rapes that happened a long time ago, don’t seem that interested in preventing any rapes that Black women are going through now.
      Everybody wants women on board with their racial ideology, as you put it.

  6. this post reminds me a bit of when i first got to college in 1993. they took all the guys aside and told us to not rape. “and you know it’s rape if they’re drunk, right?”
    i suppose it is kind of like being black and walking into a store…everytime you’re getting tailed by the security thinking you’re going to steal something. or the famous crime of driving while black.
    i can’t get any woman to sleep with me at all. out of the twenty years of my adult life, i have spent a total of four weeks in a sexual relationship. i’m lying in bed right now debating between a bullet in the brain or carbon monoxide.
    i’ve been lying in bed trying to think about what i would write here in response to this post and i would have hoped it would be a bit more cogent than this. i’m not sure it’s clear to me what about this post that provokes such a visceral response in me, but there’s something there.
    maybe it’s because we hear so much about this topic, but almost never about the cruelty of women upon men. for me, my only way to cope has been to pay for it, and i have paid dearly. i have been ripped-off and robbed many times over the past couple of years. when i finally did have a chance at a normal relationship i was treated pretty badly then too. because i am not aggressive, or i act a little different from other guys, i am mistrusted. and when it ended i was subject to terrible insults and left alone again. this time it is probably for good.
    i could go on to say more about the topic of rape. for instance, the way they say “it’s not about sex it’s about power.” what a joke. sex IS power. show me a powerful man in this world who is not getting laid. show me a woman who is not turned on by power. yeah rape denies a woman power over her body, for a short while. but getting none at all, for a man, pretty much denies him his life. certainly his happiness.

    1. Indeed, sex is power. To me, sex is the real power. Race is nothing compared to it.
      Oh, yes: women can be cruel. Most of the cruelty I’ve experienced has been at the hands of other women. I have never been tempted once to believe that women are naturally more benevolent than men.

      1. i’d love to read something from you about this. the way women can use just a look to put down another woman, while the men witnessing this don’t even notice what happened.

  7. and i suppose that i just made your point by going off in my own direction with this, considering your main point was that talking about rape is seldom about protecting women.
    forgive me, i am a man and therefore think in oppositional ways first, and nearly always. in the case of what i wrote above, it was not the opposites of black and white, but male and female.

    1. I see your point. The focus of what I wrote is actually about the opposites of male and female, too. That’s why I in the title I referred to games men play, not games Whites play!
      I do come at this from an anti-racist point of view, but my entire focus is that men have their own motives for talking about rape that don’t have much to do with the actual raping of women.

      1. Yes, I think it would be a waste of my time.
        You see, it doesn’t shock me that young horny guys would do all kinds of things to get laid. I almost think there’d be something wrong if they didn’t.

    1. that last two paragraphs of that article i linked might be particularly relevant. basically he states that only women have the power to put an end to this by refusing to attend these parties.

      1. Sounds reasonable to me. Grown women (females over 18) are responsible for the situations they put themselves in. Those that like going to these kinds of parties should go ahead and do so. But don’t go crying to anybody else if it gets out of hand and you find yourself dealing with more than you can handle.
        I am strongly anti-rape. But women need to decide whether they’re responsible for their own choices or not.

      2. I know that a lot of women eagerly go these parties. But the problem is that some of them are going to claim later that they were raped or otherwise sexually assaulted. This is what makes me wonder if some of these women even know what they’re doing.

  8. *chic noir throws up hands, knocking off easter sunday chruch hat & pulls out fan to fan herself*
    Preach alpha Preach.
    You know, I’ve let lost on this same topic in these parts. It’s funny how know women who hang around the r-sphere even the older more hateful women, don’t bring of this blkvswht rapist thing.
    all of them have the potential to be rapists. it’s just that some of them are decent enough people and have empathy that they don’t.

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