For You Conspiracy-Mongers

Repost from the old site. I don’t really believe that this is what happened, but Professor Francis A. Boyle, whom I am acquainted with, tosses out some conspiracy theory here regarding the Anthrax attacks and 9-11. First of all, he claims that the Patriot Act was already written and sitting on John Ashcroft’s desk on September 10, the day before the anthrax attacks. That’s pretty weird right there. Boyle is convinced that elements of the US government – he lists Bush, Rice, George Tenet and John Ashcroft – either participated in the 9-11 attacks or at the very least allowed them to go forward. He says that before the attacks occurred, the US military had forces positioned all around Afghanistan and Iraq (the decision of which one to attack would be made by the Administration). He also lays out a conspiracy theory about the anthrax attacks, claiming that an FBI agent, Spike Bowman, may have been responsible for the destruction of the Ames cultural Anthrax Database in Ames, Iowa, which caused the destruction of evidence necessary to figure out which strain the anthrax came from. Since the FBI seems to know which strain it came from anyway, Boyle’s claim seems odd. This same Bowman later was supposedly responsible for thwarting a FISA warrant for searching Zacarious Moussaoui’s computer, which had information on it that possibly could have helped stop the 9-11 attacks. After these two strange and seemingly evidence-tampering actions, Agent Bowman was given a promotion. Leahy and Daschle were reportedly targeted due to their opposition to the Patriot Act – they were holding up the passage of the Act, then they got hit by Anthrax, Capital Hill was shut down, and all opposition to the bill vanished in the wave of hysteria that followed. Indeed, the FBI is now claiming that Bruce Ivins, the man they are fingering as the author of the attacks, mailed the letters to the two Democrats in order to shove the Patriot Act through. Boyle points out correctly that under the Patriot Act, the government can call you a terrorist, throw you into Guantanamo, and never let you out. There are problems with Boyle’s theory. If the government itself did the attacks, how did they manage to keep the FBI away from the state authors of the attack? He also notes that there seems to be an effort (exemplified by John Yu of Stanford Law) underway to seed neoconservative sympathizers of an authoritarian state into the nation’s law schools to subvert long-established US law. The Nazis did something similar in Germany, led by attorney Carl Schmidt, who was the mentor to and hero of Leo Strauss, icon of the neoconservatives. Incidentally, Strauss, a German Jew, supported the Nazi Party, but opposed their anti-Semitism. He wanted to strip the anti-Semitism from the Nazis, but he did support fascism in general. So the icon of the neoconservatives was long a covert supporter of fascism. It was only after the Nazis turned on the Jews bigtime in 1933 that Strauss turned on the party and left Germany for America. There were many other German Jews like Strauss, who supported Nazi fascism but were uncomfortable with the anti-Semitism, and who only turned their backs on the party when the party went after the Jews in 1933. Israeli scholar of fascism Zeev Sternhill notes that Italian Jews were some of the most prominent supporters of both Mussolini’s fascist party and the Italian Communist Party, for what it’s worth. Boyle notes at the end that an FBI agent interrogated him in 2004 and tried to get him to spy for them on his Arab and Muslim clients who he was representing as an attorney. Boyle refused and was then placed on a no-fly list, and has since found it very hard to leave the country.

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2 thoughts on “For You Conspiracy-Mongers”

  1. “A podgy little intellectual, bearded and shrill and full of words, was the head of the Press Department: Theodor Rothstein.” page 56, Assignment ln Utopia. The year is 1928.
    The book is online as Google books, to page 54.
    “Assignment in Utopia”
    [By Eugene Lyons. Published in 1937 (New York) by Harcourt Brace]”
    The Press Corps Conceals a Famine
    Southern Russia, after many months of total news blockade, was opened to foreign correspondents in easy stages. The first to be given permission to travel in the forbidden zones were the technically “friendly” reporters, whose dispatches might be counted upon to take the sting out of anything subsequent travelers might report. Duranty, for instance, was given a two weeks’ advantage over most of us. On the day he returned, it happened, Billy and I were dining with Anne O’Hare McCormick, roving correspon
    dent for the New York Times, and her husband. Duranty joined us. He gave us his fresh impressions in brutally frank terms and they added up to a picture of ghastly horror. His estimate of the dead from famine was the most startling I had as yet heard from anyone.
    “But, Walter, you don’t mean that literally?” Mrs. McCormick exclaimed.
    “Hell I don’t. …. ….. . I’m being conservative,” he replied, and as if by way of consolation he added his famous truism: “But they’re only Russians.”
    Once more the same evening we heard Duranty make the same estimate, in answer to a question by Laurence Stallings, at the railroad station, just as the train was pulling out for the Polish frontier. When the issues of the Times carrying Duranty’s own articles reached me I found that they failed to mention the large figures he had given freely and repeatedly to all of us.

  2. Hell the most outrageous conspiracy theory is the official narrative which is impossible and does not pass basic scrutiny on any level from the hijackers themselves to spiking investigations into prior warnings of hijacking planes and WTC and Pentagon attacks.
    9/11 was really a conspiracy within a conspiracy which I have outlined the basic points here which was originally intended to hijack and land for political demands.

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