There is Truth in This Anti-Islam Post

This post was taken off the Internet. It’s a standard anti-Islam post, but there is truth in it. Islam is not a religion nor is it a cult. It is a complete system. Islam has religious, legal, political, economic and military components. The religious component is a beard for all the other components. Islamization occurs when there are sufficient Muslims in a country to agitate for their so-called “religious rights.” When politically correct and culturally diverse societies agree to “the reasonable” Muslim demands for their “religious rights,” they also get the other components under the table. As long as the Muslim population remains around 1 United States – Muslim 1.0 Australia – Muslim 1.5 China – Muslim 1 Italy – Muslim 1.5 Norway – Muslim 1.8 Canada – Muslim 1.9 At 2 Denmark – Muslim 2 United Kingdom – Muslim 2.7 Germany – Muslim 3.7 Spain – Muslim 4 Thailand – Muslim 4.6 From 5 Switzerland – Muslim 4.3 Philippines – Muslim 5 Sweden – Muslim 5 The Netherlands – Muslim 5.5 Trinidad & Tobago – Muslim 5.8 France – Muslim 8 When Muslims reach 10 Guyana – Muslim 10 Kenya – Muslim 10 Russia – Muslim 10-15 India – Muslim 13.4 Israel – Muslim 16 After reaching 20 Ethiopia – Muslim 32.8 At 40 Bosnia – Muslim 40 Chad – Muslim 53.1 Lebanon – Muslim 59.7 From 60 Malaysia – Muslim 60.4 Albania – Muslim 70 Sudan – Muslim 70 Qatar – Muslim 77.5 Bangladesh – Muslim 83 Indonesia – Muslim 86.1 Syria – Muslim 90 Egypt – Muslim 90 Tajikistan – Muslim 90 Jordan – Muslim 92 United Arab Emirates – Muslim 96 Pakistan – Muslim 97 Iraq – Muslim 97 Iran – Muslim 98 Morocco – Muslim 98.7 Gaza – Muslim 98.7 Palestine – Muslim 99 Turkey – Muslim 99.8 100 Yemen – Muslim 99.9 Afghanistan – Muslim 100 Saudi Arabia – Muslim 100 Somalia – Muslim 100

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0 thoughts on “There is Truth in This Anti-Islam Post”

  1. It’s hard to know what’s true here and what’s not. It reads a lot like those anti communist worst case scenarios from the Cold War era where you wake up and all the road signs are in Cyrillic. I do wonder why all these anti Islamic folks are obsessed with going into Islamic countries and stirring things up to the benefit of the extremists. Iraq, for example. Under Saddam, there was a vital Christian community, and even a small but relatively unmolested Jewish community. Thanks to the great neocon crusaders, all that has been swept away overnight.
    I’m no fan of Islam, but the end game the author extrapolates from some current events is pure speculation, although not totally unfounded. And he conveniently ignores specific sociological factors at work in some of the incidents he cites. The riots related to the Muhammad cartoons is specifically Islamic. The riots in France seem to be more related to economic and sociological factors. No, it probably wasn’t smart to export a permanent aggrieved underclass to Western Europe.

  2. So Bob, what do you think the answer is?
    Should western nations prohibit muslim immigration and encourage repatriation of muslims?

  3. Rob,
    You’re just an old white male. When they take polls of the people who have the worst opinions of Muslims in this country, it’s usually old white men. Basically the same group that hates everyone else.
    The”Muslims don’t assimilate” thing is really inaccurate. The vast majority of French Muslims are French speaking, largely secular, and still face discrimination. Why? because the French are racist, as are most of the European societies. The same goes for the UK. I have cousins who went to Oxford who couldnt find work in the UK. Thankfully they were able to find finance work in the UAE.
    It’s not like African Christian immigrants get treated any better in Europe. Its just that Muslims have larger numbers (just like Mexicans have larger numbers in the USA) and therefore receive most of the heat in anti-immigrant rhetoric.
    Some of the complaints in the post are silly. Jews call for dietary restrictions and get them. Jews have halaqa courts in England and Canada and get them. Nobody’s complaining except for white nationalists in those countries.
    Robert….it’s really disappointing. You’re obviously a very intelligent guy but when it comes to Islam you exhibit paranoia and irrational dislike. The arguments are not intelligent. You don’t realise that there are Muslims that agree with large parts of socialism and other critiques of our modern world.
    Heres some videos:

    1. When you have a large percentage of Muslims and it fits US foreign policy you are guaranteed there will be 100% insurrection, terrorist campaign like in the Balkans, Algeria, North Caucasus, China, India, Central Asia, etc.
      Islam is a whore of the CIA/MI6 NWO.
      Islam is just really a militant political and social union raped around religious dogma of myths advocating supremacy and war against non-Muslims.
      What BS Islam is the only religion fighting every other religion across the world be it Christian both catholic and orthodox, Buddhist, Jew and even other moderate Muslims.
      They also practice things like honour killings and incest and there overpopulation of large families.
      Militant Islam is fully support by main stream Islamic organisations especially those funded by the Saudi royal family.

      1. There is insurrection is the Muslim world because (1) the US is propping up Middle East dictators and (2) the US is killing vast amounts of Muslims. This reasons for (1) are oil and the reasons for (2) are the desire for revenge for 9/11 and the Israel lobby.
        Honour killings are the result of backwards rural societies, not necessarily Islam. It’s the same with Africans and with-doctor stuff.

        1. @MikeLevine
          The Jihadist s work with the US since the 70’s fighting there proxy wars aligned with Middle East dictators.
          1) They work with each other to support global jihad especially Saudi Arabia.
          The largest financer of international Islamic terrorism including Bin Ladins stay in Sudan is a CIA/MI6/Saudi intelligence asset Sheik Klahid bin Mahfouz who also operates oil companies that financed the Taliban and part of Azerbaijan’s foreign oil conglomerates result of an MI6 coup against Azerbaijan in 93.
          2) Before 9/11 they were working with the US to kill vast amounts of Christians they still do. This network has branched of to fight US forces in Iraq but still mainly operates in there main areas of combat.
          1) Oil companies were against the Iraq war as the sanctions kept oil prices high and Saddam was willing to made oil deals with US companies.
          Actually the US works with the jihadist to secure oil and gas transit routes and domination for US/British companies this is especially true in the North Caucasus in regards to Chechnya when a British intelligence asset a Polish British businessman Mansour Yahimchik was naturalized as a citizen of «Ichkeria», became the Chechen presidential adviser on foreign economic issues. At his suggestion the Chechen leaders got in contact with the British financial elite, he was arranging meetings of the Chechen leaders with the English Lords, with Margaret Thatcher, with heads of major companies.
          With the direct participation of this Pole-Englishman in April 1997 was established a Caucasian investment fund, in Washington was registered the Caucasus-American Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and Lord McAlpine – Representative of the Financial Group at Goldsmiths’ – promised to invest 3 billion dollars in the Chechen oil industry, but given that he gets the right of general tenancy of the entire Chechen oil industry. In fact, already at that time the matter concerned purchase of the Chechen oil industry, which later was tried to be performed by Khodorkovsky.
          If you look at the leading Islamic insurgencies you will notice that they are in strategic energy rich regions that benefit the US.
          2) Afghanistan was to set up jihadists to destabilise Central Asia and the Eurasian sphere as outlined in The Grand Chessboard.
          Iraq war was a war for Israel.
          There was an honour killing in Germany in the Turkish Muslim community and Turks are hardly backwards. Honour killings are an Islamic phenomenon exclusively to Islamic communities and societies.

  4. Husaayn, so the English Defence League is a bunch of old white men? Theyre all mostly in their twenties, thats why they are so active and have so much energy. Robert Lindsay, I would like to point out some things about Islam in Russia. The Tatars have their own Autonomous Republic, and they are Russified and many drink vodka. The ones who do practice, practise a form of Islam that preaches explicit tolerance towards other religions. Many Muslims in Russia are not really that religious. Obviously there are issues with the Caucuses. You forgot Chechnya. In Chechnya, they literally enslaved white people and ethnically cleansed over 250,000 ethnic Russians. Of course, in the Western media, Chechen savages are portrayed as “freedom fighters” against evil Russian people. Its the opposite. All radical Islam in Russia comes from the Caucuses.

    1. The EDL are disenfranchised soccer hooligans, looking for a sense of camaraderie in attacking others.
      And if you think Tatars are peaceful, you need to watch a Charles Bronson film.

    1. @Dirty Bull
      He means Russians and Ukrainians.
      Before Russia incorporated the region into the Russian empire to prevent Ottoman expansion in the regions Chechens were used as raiders to Russia’s South who would capture and sell Russian Women as slaves into the Ottoman Empire into Harems in Turkey and the Mid East. Same happens today with Chechens involved in the sex slave industry through Kosovo Albanian networks in Europe.
      AJ is probably talking about after the fall of Communism and before the first war under the rule of General Dudaev militia were organizing pogroms against the ethnic Russian population including kidnapping rape, murder, etc and after the war where they virtually had salve traders with markets in Grozny were captured Russians where sold as slaves as many I think as 47,000 Russians and as he said the entire Russian population 250,00-300,000 ethnically cleansed from the region.
      We don’t hear about that though just atrocity propaganda stories from the same NED, Soros CIA, MI6, EU organisations involved in the Balkans with the exact same death toll numbers that have now been debunked in the former Yugoslavia and by Russia’s own census data.
      In fact they have had a large population increase from the 89 and 2002 census when the overall population fell and with the 2010 census is expected to increase by another 150,000.
      ”Chechnya’s population is up nearly 150 thousand people as compared to the 2002 census.
      According to the director of the republic’s statistics service Ramzan Digayev, about 1,25 million people are currently living in Chechnya against 1,1 million in 2002.
      No incidents were reported during this year’s census.”

  5. Fascinating. I suspect there is more truth in this article than many are willing to admit.
    I think another interesting question to ask is does Islam make a society better? If Israel were to become virtually all Muslim down the road, would it become a better place to live? If Nigeria or France became all Muslim would it become a better place?
    Now on the flipside, if formerly Muslim countries were to become all Christian would they become better places to live?
    Just a question.

    1. If neighbouring Jordan is anything to go by then no.
      The Palestinian government has been given billions of dollars over the years so what happened to all the aid?

      1. johnUK The Palestinian government has been given billions of dollars over the years so what happened to all the aid?
        *somewhere in arondismont 16, Ya.sir Ara.fat’s widow strolls around inside the Parisian Chanel boutique with a overly eager sales girl behind her.
        Madame Airfrait: I take one of those , and this, and that, and two of those oh wait make that five.
        Just then a set of overweight, sweatpants loud mouthed American tourists stumble in. One says to other “ The Palestinian government has been given billions of dollars over the years so what happened to all the aid?”
        Madame Arafat turns around to utter “je suis ne englais pas, je fait non euro” while high stepping it to her chauffeured 14 karat gold stretch hummer.

    2. Historically, Islam has made societies better. If you look at where most Islamic countries were before Islam, you will see ignorant savages fighting each other. Islam produce a flowering of knowledge that eventually transmitted and Ancient Greek knowledge into the the rest of Europe, becoming the renaissance. A similar thing can be said about Christianity, with it’s centres of learning.
      In the modern world, however, the story is less clear. At their inceptions, Christianity and Islam were forward looking. Now they are associated with backwardness. Only Judaism, with its intense tribalism, and Buddhism, with its flexibility and lack of moral certainties, seem like paths to the future. I am also willing to believe Ismaili Islam and Unitarian Universalism have an intellectual future.

    1. If you count the numbers killed by majority Christian, Islamic and Jewish states, the Christian ones will have the most blood on their hands.

      1. @MikeLevine
        That’s true especially against fellow European states.
        Mainly the fault of the British Empire and there quest for global supremacy which really started of with the American revolution than after that the coup in France with the French revolution because they aided the US against the British.

  6. At this point, they will work to get the ruling government to allow them to rule themselves under Sharia, the Islamic Law.
    well we have courts in this country for other ethnic and/ or religious groups.
    Senegal has a high muslim population and the country is rather peaceful. Christians and Muslims get along rather well.

  7. Robert Spencer already proved that Islam killed more people than Christianity, MikeLevine. Also, I noticed that when people argue Islam vs Christianity, what they really mean (although most wont admit it) is Arabs vs Europeans. Islam isnt a river of fucking knowledge that blessed Greece, WTF. Buddhism is forward-looking? Yeah, thats why China has always been ahead of Europe when it comes to technology, medicine, education/knowledge, philosophy, and culture. Oh wait, it was the other way around oops!

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