Blast from the Past – 1978!

[youtube=] LOL! Captain Kirk “singing” Elton John’s Rocket Man with corny lounge muzak playing in the background. Live at the Sci-Fi Awards. Good performance, Captain! I see he’s already wearing a toupee I think. You would not believe how many actors, TV anchors and Congressman are not wearing their real hair on their heads.

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    1. Wow. MacArthur Park! Amazing, dreamlike place.
      I used to hang out at a bar near MacArthur Park. One of the odder places in America. There used to be well respected art school west of the park. A nice library nearby, the Superior Court building a couple of blocks west. You could meet some of the sweetest girls near the bars and cafes there. Almost all of them wanted to destroy America. LOL. The park itself was trashed. Homeless, drug dealers everywhere, and some regular park chess players, younger sub-continental Indians, middle-aged white guys. Completely burned out on America. They put a police station right in the park. But this did almost nothing to stop the drug dealing. L.A. law enforcement at its best. Virtual, not actual.
      The baratas and swap meets were east of the park. I’d go to a Thai hostess bar there, there was a real hot thai dancer there. Like a snake. I got drunk and fell asleep on a couch. I woke up at about 4:00 am and she was with me and she started to screw me. Worst screw I’ve ever had in my life. Like screwing an alien life form, even though she actually nice to look at. Lots of weird memories from that place.

  1. I encourage you, Robert, and all others to vote for the candidate opposing illegal immigration (and ideally massive immigration in general). This should be your issue because it is itself economics and a pro-poor vote. Yes, this means you could find yourself voting Republican. I just did!
    Disclaimer: I have voted for the D’s, R’s, and I’s in the past. Find me an anti-immigration D and I will vote for her.

    1. “This should be your issue because it is itself economics and a pro-poor vote. ”
      Everyone knows the Asian story, but
      Mexico’s economic developement in the last 3 decades has been outstanding. This is one of the great stories or our times. Too good to be undone by xenophobia. Massive immigration will stabilize naturally over time as Mexico and the South continues to develope. What exactly are you against, besides, “poor people”?

  2. Hacienda –
    – I am not against poor people. I am for poor Americans and that is why I am against immigration, especially illegal, which hurts low skill employment, in addition to driving down their wages. I like the model of well-paid American laborers (Attn. labor unions, you have turned your back on the people you claim to support!).
    – I am against unemployment (a corollary of being for people people). We can talk about immigration once unemployment is down to 4%.
    – I am for American being an explicit White majority nation. I reject cries of racism.

    1. Fine. But you like the Stones said:
      “you ca-an’t always ge-et what you wa-ant
      but if you try sometimes, you just might find you get what you nee-eed”
      White America is not in the “need” category.
      Check this video out. Youtube wisdom, Youtube future. Might wanna close your eyes for the kissing part.

      1. Oh fuck White America.
        What sucks more? The multicult BrazilSA Amerikwa with its 33 flavors of crime and decline that no one understands?
        Or Tea Party White America?
        Tough call! They both suck worse than a killer undertow.
        I’d say the Tea Party sucks way worse. I’ll take my chances in the Kwa.

  3. When are the results announced? Im not American, but I really want Prop 19 in California to pass, cuz it will cause a domino effect.

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