White People Are Cool

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N-mrLKzESy8] LOL. This video is kind of funny. I sort of agree with it, but it’s so over the top, I kept waiting for the punch line. Apparently the makers are actually serious. The video is not bad, except for some White nationalist-type BS at the end.

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0 thoughts on “White People Are Cool”

    1. Why would you be ashamed of it if you were White?
      Is it because you believe that Whites having unity and pride in who they are is just plain wrong,…. or is because you think this video just a crappy way of saying it?

        1. UM,
          Here’s what I think. And it’s original because I’ve never heard this before. It’s one of the antinomic gaps between white/black relations. You can throw Asians in there too.
          When I was in school long time ago, we took class photographs. When we had a white photographer, he would reduce the flash so that whites (and Asians) would come out clearly, but blacks faces would just be black, no features at all except the whites of their eyes and their teeth. In the yearbook, that’s how they would show up. Like a shadow or that black kid in “Lil Rascals”. One year I attended a mostly black school and we had a black photographer. It was clearly some time for payback. He brought up the flash so the blacks showed clearly, but now the white kids faces (and mine) almost disappeared into the whiteness of the wall. This was like a rude awakening. How you are perceived is relative and depends upon the machinery.
          From this I have concluded that whites probably have a hard time actually seeing black faces as well as whites perceive white faces. Facial recognition is a modular and specialized brain function, after all.
          The problem with you, UM, is that not only do you have a problem perceiving black faces, you have a problem perceiving black reality. It just doesn’t sink in with you, UM. It doesn’t enter your physiology. And you don’t have the mechanism or the talent to compensate for that deficiency. Next time you listen to black people, don’t think through what they as saying. Feel the sobs UM, feel it. Go back to the videos we been arguing about, and let them sink in. SINK IN. Let the niggers sink in to your soul. They are really a fucking blast.

  1. I just see a blank screen, what are you talking about? Is there a youtube video there? Whats the name of the youtube video, so I can find it?

      1. @AJ
        When you post the direct link it becomes embeded on this blog which I like actually like so you might have to go to Youtube and just type “White People Are Cool” to get the video.

    1. LOL, and this is effortless, accidental corniness. Most races couldn’t be as corny as we can even if they tried. WPWW!

  2. @Robert Lindsay
    You’re for socialism but it was the Trotskyite communists that engineered mass immigration, feminism, gay and civil rights, white guilt, abortion, debasing US culture, etc.
    They tried the same thing in Russia until Stalin kicked them out during the 20/30’s and fled abroad after WW2.
    These are the same people behind Neo-conservatism who shifted to the right after the USSR broke of relations with Israel after the 67 war to save trade agreements with the Arab states.
    You should read about the Frankfurt school there are videos on YouTube and Google video.

  3. oh OK, it it the that says part 1/33? I watched it yeah its corny. Its kinda ironic how white nationalists makle us look bad. I also kinda agree with it though, white people are way more altruistic than other people. All the far left Green Veggie save-the-Earth types are all white.

  4. Well whoever it was who made this, I can’t believe that they were not joking, because it IS freakin’ funny! Are you sure they are not really just making fun of Whites?

  5. To Hacienda:
    Next time you listen to black people, don’t think through what they as saying.
    So that’s your answer when I asked why you posted a (Toto is a very White band…albeit they did a tour with the Black Jazz Muscian Nathan East..) Toto video..? Non sequiturs are easy I guess…
    So… you are saying I shouldn’t listen to Black people.. but I should ummm.. feel them..? Sounds naughty. Should we throw in some ecstasy for sport..?

    1. UM,
      I’m saying some whites just are never gonna “get” black people. You are one of them. No big deal. Guys like you are dinosaurs.

  6. To Hacienda:
    <They’re not taking to whitey anymore. Whitey’s becoming irrelevant to The Cause?
    What cause ..? Is this supposed video to be a slam against White people? I never really got the impression that Will i. Am disliked White folks.
    The irony of your statement is that this video was brought to by Youtube, which is run by the White people (and specifically mostly people from Dad’s tribe whom you so love…):

        1. To Hacienda:
          This your son? The white buck there.
          Sorry don’t have a son…. is that the best you can do for insults…?

        2. “best…insults…”
          LOL. He’s a fine specimen. “The meek will inherit the earth”. So true.
          Anyway, UM. I got no real beef with you. You just don’t “get it”. But who cares, people who “get it” are just as fucked up.

      1. To Hacienda:
        “Dad’s tribe”. WTF you talkin bout you cow?
        So you need English lessons now.. ? No tribe doesn’t refer to animals, it refers to people, specifically a social group based upon kinship. For example the Maya in Mexico, the Cherokee in the US, the Yoruba in West Africa… in my particular case, my father is Jewish, the reference is to the “Tribes of Israel” found in the bible. I figured since you lived in LA and seem to dislike Jews you would be aware of the expression.

      1. Hacienda yelled for all to hear I’m glad that no Asian makes videos like that. SHIT!
        *chic noir tip toes over to haceinda & taps him on the shoulder*
        *points str8 ahead*

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