The Place of Horners Among the Major Races

A commenter asks:

…I was wondering, is it true that Ethiopians, Somalis, Eritreans, Djiboutis, and some Kenyans (people from the Horn of Africa) are mixed Caucasoid-Negroid? What is “Hornoid”? I’ve seen it in a map on the origin of races. Are “Hornoids” different from Negroids? Are modern day Horn Africans descended from Hornoids and Caucasoids, and not Negroids or a combination of three? 

No one really knows what those Horners are. You can make a good case that they are a separate race entirely from Black Africans, sort of midway between Black Africans and Caucasians.

This excellent chart shows Ethiopids, or Horners, as a completely separate race from African Blacks and Caucasians
They seem to be a mix between some sort of ancient Caucasoid and some interesting form of Black African. On some gene charts, they plot midway between Africans and Caucasians.
This interesting map shows both Ethiopids and the San as separate races. I agree that the San are also probably a separate race from Black Africans.

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  1. Slightly off topic… but according to the tables above, if I read them correctly, Bantus are closer to Nilotics than they are to West Africans.
    But phenotypically, Nilotics are very distinct, whereas Bantus and West Africans look fairly similar. There’s plenty of South Sudanese in my town and you can spot them a mile off. Not only do they tend to be taller and darker on average than other Africans, but there are clear differences in facial features.
    So how different are the Nilotic peoples from other Africans?

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