Government Intrusion, That Nasty Little Thing

We have some commenters railing against “government intrusion.” I’m actually a libertarian on most of the social stuff, so I’m sympathetic about complaints about cops out of control. But I don’t consider a government safety inspector to be a cop. Anyway, your average anti-Big Government type railing against government intrusion into our lives is not complaining about cops. Was Reagan complaining about cops when he said he was here to get Big Government off the backs of the American people? Of course not. The guy was an authoritarian bastard who ran the Drug War and declared jihad on whisteblowers. When the Tea Party rails against government intrusion and Big Government, are they complaining about cops? Don’t think so. The local Tea Party chapter urges a No vote on Proposition 19, the Marijuana Initiative. George Bush was the most authoritarian President in recent memory. From the Net:

  1. Safety laws are government intrusion.
  2. Pollution laws are government intrusion.
  3. The law against slavery is government intrusion.
  4. The law against murder is government intrusion.
  5. The speed limit is government intrusion.
  6. Taxing people to pay your salary is government intrusion.
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