Voter Guide for California

Here are my picks for California:
Governor: Jerry Brown (D)
Lieutenant Governor: Gavin Newsom (D)
Secretary of State: Debra Bowen (D)
Controller: John Chiang (D)
Treasurer: Bill Lockyer (D)
Attorney General: Kamala Harris (D)
Insurance Commissioner: Dave Jones (D)
Superintendent of Schools: Tom Torlakson (D)
State Senator: Barbara  Boxer (D)
I am voting straight Democrat down the line this time, even though Gavin Newsom and Kamala Harris are complete idiots, San Francisco liberals gone nuts. The Republicans running against them could not possibly be better, but I don’t know anything about them. Meg Whitman is a ridiculous candidate, and Jerry Brown has always been one of my favorite politicians. Bill Lockyer is another of my favorite politicians. Debra Bowen has done a good job. Barbara Boxer is an excellent liberal Senator in the tightest race of her life. Carly Fiorina is a Tea Party crazy who is way too rightwing for California.
Most of the Republicans seem to be unheard of, except Mike Villenes, who is running for insurance commissioner. He used to be my Congressman. He was an asshole as a Congressman, and he’d be just as bad as Insurance Commissioner.
I usually vote straight D, except when I am mad and the Democrat has the race wrapped up, in which case, I throw my vote away with Peace and Freedom or Green.
Proposition 19: Yes
Proposition 20: No
Proposition 21: Yes
Proposition 22: No
Proposition 23: No
Proposition 24: Yes
Proposition 25: Yes
Proposition 26: No
Proposition 27: No
Supreme Court
Tani Cantil-Sakauye: Yes
Ming Chin: No
Carlos Moreno: Yes
Appellate Courts
Brad Hill: No
Bert Levy: No
Jennifer Detjen: No
Chuck Poochigian: No
Tani Cantil-Sakauye is a good, moderate Republican appointed by Schwarzenegger to the Court. She deserves a yes vote. Ming Chin is a rightwinger appointed by Deukmejian. Voted against legalizing gay marriage. Vote no! Carlos Moreno is a good, solid liberal on the court. Keep him there.
Brad Hill, Bert Levy, Jennifer Detjen and Chuck Poochigian are all conservative Republicans. Vote no!

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0 thoughts on “Voter Guide for California”

  1. I consider anyone having a purportedly “radical”
    left or right ideology who disdains alternative parties in favor of either of the corrupt two parties
    down the line to be either politically immature or, essentially, not of revolutionary character.
    This applies equally to the tea party fraction, and which is considerable, which is going GOP down the line to the exclusion of, even an occasional alternative candidate.

    1. I’m not radical on US politics. The Communist Party USA has been supporting Democrats for 20 years now at least as the best game in town. California Democrats are pretty liberal! The Democratic Socialists of America regularly supports Democrats and many of them are active ion the left wing of the Democratic Party. I have friends who are Communists and socialists who always vote Democrat.
      The main thing I do is vote against Republicans. That’s the most important thing, to get rid of those idiots.
      There’s no point throwing my vote away voting for radical leftwing parties that don’t stand a chance. Why bother?

  2. what about Tom Tancredo? Hes Constitution Party, but supported by the Tea Party. He seems cool, if I was American I would vote for him. Hes libertarianish, against affirmative action, anti-immigration, and wants to legalize marijuana

  3. Bob keeps citing two moribund left parties to support his collaboration.
    Not that the other left parties are necessarily much more vibrant but at least they have some fervor.

    1. I’m not a revolutionary as far as US politics goes.
      I’m a socialist and a liberal. Plenty of those types in the Democratic Party. It’s called the left wing of the Democratic Party. It’s full of people like me.

  4. Approaching the point from another angle, you will admit, as an example, the Workers World Party has a dim view of the Communist Party USA.

    1. I don’t know anything about the Workers World Party.
      I got thrown out of the local CP. They said I wasn’t a revolutionary. They’re right. I’m a liberal and a socialist.

  5. You support violence by rev left outfits in other countries. Socialism as you define it
    isn’t preferable in India where you opt for the Maoist revs?

    1. Right, everything else has failed in India, Nepal, Philippines, Colombia, Peru, some other places, so I reluctantly support the armed Left. But really I prefer a peaceful Chavista way.
      In the US and the West, there’s no case for any kind of armed Left movement.
      I’m not really a Communist, but you know, a lot of us socialists are sympathetic to the rest of the Left, even the armed Left, but it’s not my first preference. India and Nepal are such ruined shitholes that the Maoists seem like the only hope. That’s not the case here in the West at all. Anyone pushing Maoism in the West would have to be out of their minds.
      Though I do support the regime in Belarus.
      You know, I have some friends who always vote Democrat, call themselves Communists, and support the armed Left in places like India and Colombia. It’s not unusual at all. I don’t know why you think it’s so weird. The Tea Partiers are right. A lot of liberals have a soft spot for Communism, even if we are not Commies per se.

  6. National elections are going to be a huge disappointment for progressives, but this is my fantasy for California:
    1)Jerry Brown gets elected.
    2)State legislature reintroduces The California Universal Healthcare Act.
    3)Passes, Brown signs it.
    4)Resounding success, eventually leads to other states passing similar bills, then eventually to national single-payer health care ala the Saskatchewan-outward Medicare progression in Canada with Tommy Douglas.
    5)Jerry Brown revered for all time.

  7. Gavin Newsom is such a fucking idiot, maybe you should just not choose any candidate for that race. Or write in yourself, or Santa Claus. Anybody but Gavin Newsom. He stands for everything you hate about liberals.

      1. Between illegals and asshole Tea Party White Republicans, it’s a tough call as far as who I hate more. I think I would rather deal with the illegals! I hate Tea Party tards way worse than illegals. Way worse! Fuck em. Tea Party tards are one good reason that the sooner Whites decline here, the better. Seriously. White people in America just flat out suck politically.

    1. Also, illegal-immigration and open support of sanctuary cities is one of those litmus test issues. I can’t vote for someone who has contempt for the border.

      1. I hate him too, but the Republican is always way worse. I’m a progressive person. I vote for whoever is more progressive. I would only vote for a Republican if he was more liberal than the Democrat. Would that ever happen?

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