I Heart Big Government

Erranter contradicts himself in this comment:

I’m against austerity, btw. But I don’t see why you worship the government and think it’s going to solve all of our problems. Have you even been to Europe, Japan, Russia, talked to people there, and see what they think of the increasing bureaucratization of life?

You’re against austerity, but you’re for deficit reduction, all the way to a balanced budget. Deficit reduction is austerity. So you’re for austerity. Americans, usually White Americans, are always ranting on and on about Big Government. Obviously, as a socialist, all this carrying on has always left me a little bit cold. I have never understand the American obsession, fear and hatred of Big Government and it’s so-called intrusion in our lives. Reagan came to power saying he was going to get Big Government off the backs of the American people. Tell you what. All you folks who can’t stand Big Government, or government, or government intrusion, whatever that means, why don’t you lay out specifically what you dislike about this Boogeyman called Big Government. Even show me some examples of this horrible bureaucracy you guys are always talking about. And don’t talk about cops or military, because most Lefties are not too wild about that either.

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  1. But your realize many White Americans would love Big Government sans a multicultural population with whom they have to “share” this particular one. Recognition of this would mean omitting the relevant posts concerned and thus detract from the debates but just saying.

    1. China is an example of a big government that only takes care of its own race and lets outsiders starve. Some right wingers would like to copy their racial policies.

  2. If a government agency had mandated that you be doped up and institutionalized when you were ten years old, I promise you that you would take issue with it as well.

    1. It’s the pharmaceutical companies which encourage patient’s to be doped up rather than treated properly.

      1. I don’t want to be “treated nicely.” I just would like the freedom to make my own decisions about how to manage my own money and which treatments work best for me rather than have an appointed guardian do it for me. As someone with high functioning autism and mentally illnesses (most of which were caused by poor treatment in my childhood.), the government can deem me incapable of looking after myself. This is the kind of government intrusion I oppose. I would rather be self sufficient and not accept any social services from the government than be labelled incompetent.

        1. gay state girl This is the kind of government intrusion I oppose
          about 200-300 years ago you wouldn’t have had to worry about government because chances are your parents would have kept you locked in a basement. & your neighbors would’ve blamed your parents or “bad spirits” for your mental illness.
          government is always good but it’s certainly better than having a ruler or king.

        2. Chic Noir
          Its quite the opposite. I’ll have you know my parents never considered me “disabled” and would never think of hiding me until the school system identified me as such and recommended measures to “protect” me. My parents always respected me and had high expectations for me as a child. My father always engaged me in intelligent conversations and my mother took me to work with her and explained everything to me so I was able to interact with adults better than other children of my age group. It was not until my parents had me tested for fine and gross motor delays that they enrolled me (at the school system’s recommendation) in an early intervention preschool and later in elementary school therapies in which I was regularly placed with severely disabled and disruptive children. These programs were more tailored towards severely disabled children, so consequently, as I was being identified as such, I deemed myself unworthy of socializing with normal students and begun adopting behaviors of the disruptive students. The school appointed a psychiatrist who put me on a very hard drug called Tenex, which drained me physically and emotionally and the school insisted that I be institutionalized as I was adopting the behaviors of the disruptive children who the school identified me with. As an adult, I credit my emotional insstability to the treatment I recieved as a “disabled” child by the public school system.

  3. Isn’t the problem that we don’t have big government who goes against big business interests the problem in the first place?
    When Khoderkovsky of YUKO’s tried to sell oil pipeline rights to Exxon mobile essentially outsourcing Russia’s economy Putin intervened.
    Can you imagine Obama doing the same thing?
    What has he done against BP and the oil spill and BP is essentially a British government oil company like Gazprom involved in coups like Azerbaijan in 93 and British intelligence officers working at the company.
    I doubt China would let big multi-national companies and banks dictate to their government what they should and should not do.
    There is not one politicians who gets any major media attention that is not supported by multiple big business interests.
    Failing that they finance front advocacy groups, organisations, think tanks, etc.

  4. gay state girl-
    I didn’t mean for my post to come across as bitting. I’m not saying your parents treated you that way but once upon a time, people who were different were treated the way. It was very common. I’m sure Robert can elaborate.

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