Boxer is Way Up Against Fiorina

I can’t believe the Republicans were so stupid as to run this woman. She ruined Hewlett-Packard, ran it into the ground and was fired. She’s pro-life and doesn’t believe in global warming. No way would California elect a pro-life, anti-global warming Senator. Ain’t going to happen. Boxer is now beating her by 8 points. Fiorina has had breast cancer, and she recently had to go back into the hospital with an infection a few days before the election. Previously, she was down by only 2 points. I think going in the hospital is what nailed her.  

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  1. Whats so bad about globla warming? It will clear up alot of potential farmable land in Canda, Alaska, and Russia. Alos, as the Artic melts, we will be able to extract its natural recources.

  2. sure, I think its great. The weather will get alot better in Russia. There will be more Russians living in Siberia as it heats up. I dont get this whole fuss about global warming, why would anyone want to live in super-cold weather? yuck, that sucks.

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