Rand Paul Supporters Head Stomp a Moveon.org Supporter at a Debate

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WoDHgSAqBEY&feature=player_embedded] Note: New information in bold below. Pretty incredible video here. There are other Youtube videos out there, but this one has better audio. Listen carefully and you can hear the “crunch” sound as the Rand Paul campaign official head stomps the woman. That’s the sound of his boot stomping on her head. Rightwingers have a few rejoinders to this video: 1. Either the woman or the man were some sort of plants used to set up Rand Paul in this incident. False. The woman is a Rand Paul supporter, and the man who head stomps her is Ron Profitt, a Rand Paul campaign coordinator for a county in Kentucky. Profitt has been photographed at Paul rallies carrying signs that seem to issue violent threats against the government. One of the men who held down Valle is another prominent Paul supporter. He was recently photographed at a Paul rally for people who were committed to appearing in public wearing their licensed firearms. He was photographed at the rally with two guns holstered onto his belt. 2. The man stomps on her shoulder, not her head. False. He stomps on both her shoulder and her head at the same time. You can do that with a boot. Try it sometime. The crunch sound appears to be coming from her head. 3. The woman in question is actually a man. False, she is a female, albeit a rather androgynous looking one. First the Rand Paul team rips off her blond wig, then they throw her to the ground. The woman, Lauren Valle, was trying to present Rand Paul with a plaque from a fake organization called Republicorp, Inc. that Move On set up.  The incident is confusing. Apparently the Paul team noted that she planned to give Paul the plaque, and were determined to stop keep her from doing so. They chased her around a car to keep her from getting in a photo with Paul. The Paul supporters have other versions of the event which make them look better, but the veracity of their claims seems dubious. We are still trying to figure out exactly why the Paul team reacted this way. So far there have been no arrests in the case, although today a Kentucky county court filed charges against Ron Profitt. Lauren Valle suffered a concussion, which is obvious from the cracking sound you can hear when his boot stomps her head. She was hospitalized overnite, was released, and is now pressing charges. This incident is getting a huge media blackout from the “liberal media,” because, um, er, they’re not really liberal after all? I strongly support Moveon.org and have for a long time now. All these liberals bitching about Jewish influence in the US ought to note that Moveon was set up and is run mostly by a bunch of Jews.

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15 thoughts on “Rand Paul Supporters Head Stomp a Moveon.org Supporter at a Debate”

  1. His boot clearly goes from her shoulder to her neck and head. It is not as big and hard a stomp as it could have been, but it’s still a stomp.
    Now is no time to be around crowds of irrational animals like these. They’re going to cripple or kill someone at one of these things.
    I hope she gets a nice settlement.

  2. That crunch sound seems to be coming from her glasses breaking. She grabs her face as you hear the crunch so maybe some off the glass cut into her.

  3. Move On went immobile on the wars for the
    Jews (and war profiteers and Empire) as soon as O took office if not before.

  4. Yes moveon was a Zionist creatiion so your point is what. From what i got I think you hate Paul cuz his father exposes Israel’s crimes when his collegues will never have the balls cuz either they know the Power of AIPAC or they are a Zionist theirself.

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