Do Latinos Hate Being Called White?

AJ gives the typical White nationalist type line about how Mexicans hate Whites, want to be thought of as Brown, and how White is a liability here in America.

The thing is, Mexicans hate being called white. Have you ever told a Mexican they’re white? They get so upset! Its like an insult to them! Also, I forgot what HBD blogger wrote about this, STDV, Whiskey, or Mangan, Jessica Alba thinks shes a “Latina” and not White. She was quoted saying something about wanting “to have a brown baby”. On her DNA test on George Lopez Tonight, it turns out shes like 87% White and 13% Native American.
I mean c’mon, look at her, shes white, not “brown”. She plays white characters on TV. When the DNA results were announced, she was *extremely* disappointed, and even tried to argue that Spain doesn’t count as Europe! WTF! Spain sure as hell ain’t in Africa or Asia LOL.
I think Latinos want to be “brown” even when they’re not. Nobody wants to be white in America, its a liability now! 100 years ago there was “passing as white”, now people want desperately to pass as NON-white.
Whats so good about being white in America? Nothing! Everybody hates you, no affirmative action, no special interest groups, no white pride at all! You’re all a bunch of racist, sexist, Islamophobic, antisemitic, colonizing, raping, oppressing, privileged people with no authentic culture! I think the rise of brown privilege coincides with the slow decline of America.
This whole thing is just the new racial pecking order in America. Think about it. Whens the last time (not on the internet) you heard someone say anything positive about Whites? Now, think about all the times you hear something positive about blacks, or Asians or any other non-white group. The American people have decided that white people suck! Get used to it!

This is what is so nonsensical about the White nationalist types. They are so divorced from reality.
I live right smack in the middle of the Diversity here, and let me tell you, it’s no liability at all to be White. In fact, many Latinos highly desire White features in themselves and others. This is especially true in females and those with deep ties to Mexico. Whites are not hated at all in Mexico – it’s the opposite – White skin is a potentially a huge privelege, especially for women.
Latinas here often seek out light-skinned or White males as potential partners or mates. They gain status in society that way, and many want to have a light-skinned or White baby. Getting a White guy is moving up in the world. Among males, it doesn’t matter quite so much, but still, White skin is not negative at all.
You hear the Jessica Alba type stuff from some bourgeois liberal Latinos who are developing a “Brown pride” thing that seeks to separate itself from Whiteness and create some bullshit “Latino identity.” This is an American thing that comes from liberal PC American society, and it’s not as popular as you think. These people are basically activists.
Latinos respond in several ways if you tell them they are White:
1. Strong approval. “Thank you very much, sir!” This is especially true with many who retain deep roots to Mexico. More than a few have beamed at me and said, “Yes, I am White. That’s because we are from Spain.” One fellow, though born in Mexico, refused to identify as Mexican. He was a Spaniard, dammit! For people with deep roots in Mexico, ties with Spain or ancestors from Spain is a huge plus and a source of pride. You often get the impression that these types think they are better than Mestizos.
2. Neutral, confused, embarrassed, nervous. This is more typical as they get more assimilated. It’s not PC to talk about race here in the US, so they don’t know how to react to someone saying something like that. Also, this subject (the Whiteness or not of various Latinos) is somewhat taboo, and you’re breaking the taboo by bringing it up. Some will say, “Oh, I know. Everyone says that. Everyone thinks I’m White.” Then they might go on to point out to you that they are not Mexicans – they are Cuban, Colombian or whatever. A lot of non-Mexican Latinos look down on Mexicans as inferior.
3. Resistance, various forms of hostility. Among those with deep ties with Mexico, this will take the form of, “I’m not White, I’m Mexican,” or, “I just see myself as Mexican.” Some of these folks have European-Mexican roots, and while they will deny being White, they might say instead, “I’m French. French from Mexico.” So it’s ok to say you’re French, but not ok to say you’re White.
Mexicans are supposed to deny race, since the theory of mestizaje says that they are all mestizos. It’s a total lie, but it’s the lie that Mexico dreamed up to try to overcome its racial issues. We’re all mestizos! See all those White people on your TV screen? Just ignore them, OK? They’re mestizos too, just like you, brown brother!
Among the assimilated gangbanger-drug dealer types, you also get White denial. Sometimes you will get hostile silence if you point out they are White. This is more retardation than anything else, because these dipshits think Latino and White are two different things; since they are the former, they can’t possibly be the latter.
It’s really the way you go about noting that they are White. If you say it in a very sensitive way, it tends to go over well.
I don’t agree at all that Whites are persecuted in today’s America, even in Latino towns. As in Latin America, White skin and features are still highly valued, as one might suspect. A lot of Black and Asian women here also think that a White man is hot property and may even preferentially select them. You see a fair amount of this in this town. The White man is the hot ticket and the way to move up in the world.
As Whites decline, I figure the future will be like Latin America. Whites will continue to dominate as an elite, and Whites will increasingly be desired as “hot property” especially by non-White females eager to move up in the world, or for other reasons.

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41 thoughts on “Do Latinos Hate Being Called White?”

  1. I met a mestizo woman who didn’t like Mexicans being thrown into the “white” slot back in the days of the 2000 census. I find most “Mexicans” to be pretty divided on this issue to say the least. The Indian side clearly doesn’t want to be identified as white, and this has nothing to do with politics or priviledge. They simply are not white. In certain parts of Mexico, like Oaxaca or Chiapas I wonder what percentage identify themselves even as Mexican nationals.
    Mexican racial identity is a fascinating though. Far more going on than the average Californian can begin to fathom.

  2. Well, I agree with you that white skinned females are desired by other males. Thats why that white girl was gangraped by a pack of Mexicans in that Oakland high school. and why over 30,000 white women are raped anually by black males but 0-10 black women are raped by white men. Thats why over 2/3 of the ENTIRE WORLD’S trafficked women come from Russia and Ukraine, but wait, Russian women are white, so its OK! Who cares about those commie whores anyways? You think there would be this kind of silence if the majority of sex slaves/forced prostitutes were black or Asian? Thats why thousands of white farmers were tortured and slaughtered in South Africa, and white people were ethnically cleansed from Zimbabwe. Thats why things like the Knoxville Horror, Amy Biehl, that Asian gang rape of a white girl in Colarado, and pretty much all black, brown, or yellow on white crime is completely hushed up, whereas the other way around its national headlines. That black guy in that beer place in Connecticut who recently shot up the place and killed a bunch of whites, what did the media say? They said the white people who were gunned down might have been “racist”, so it was OK. After all, the black guy was a victim. Yes, white people are such elite, powerful people, everybody loves white features,(despite white people tanning all the time) what total garbage. there is no “white privelege” and the world hates white people and white people hate themselves, face it.

    1. Dude, they’re jealous. We’re so great, it just pisses them off, and a lot of them are insecure and think they can’t measure up to the Great White Man, which is me, BTW.
      They don’t really hate us at all. They want to be us.
      And White men are very highly valued all over the world, and in the US too, by non-Whites in particular. The only women who don’t like us that much are our own women LOL. The White man is the prize, especially the Great White Man, which is me, BTW.
      Whites are hated in South Africa, but they treated those Blacks like slaves forever, stole their land, on and on. It’s political. The farmer killings are political. The Whites have all the land. The Blacks have no land. There’s been no land reform. The killings are over land.
      All over the world, Blacks prey on their own kind first and foremost, everyone else second.
      “Whites are victims” is the most retarded philosophy on Earth LOL.

      1. Robbie,
        You really need to make out to Los Anhelees more. Ask some of the darker Mexicans what race they ID with. They don’t screw around about this. LOL.

      2. It is easy to say something that you have read in a media than what’s real so if you are not from south Africa you need to shut the fuck up because you dont know what you talking about!

    2. Here we go with the black men raping white women crap again. You WNs have been regurgitating this crap since the days of slavery. Please stop spewing this figure without showing the figures that more white men rape white women than black men do, and black men rape more black women than they do white women. context is EVERYTHING. The only thing you can conclude is that few white men rape black women. And I’m sure black women aren’t losing any sleep over this.

      1. Why should I get all upset about Black men raping “our” women? By my figuring, which may be suspect, a Black woman is 4-5X more likely to be raped by a Black man than a White woman is. Black men commit a lot of rapes, and they rape lots of women. But they don’t discriminate a whole lot. They rape lots of women of all races, but as usual, it’s their own women who get hit hardest of all by their crimes. As long as Black women bear the brunt of this violence, I don’t see why I should get upset about what they do to my people.
        Why should I get more upset if a Black man rapes a White woman than if he rapes a Black woman? I don’t think like that.

  3. Bob,
    Did you know that Walt Disney eas a pure-blooded Spaniard from Andalusia, and not a WASP at all?
    Did you know that Walt Disney is secretly deep-frozen at a cryogenic facility?

  4. tulio, yes i know black women arent losing any sleep after this, because men of other races arent raping them! context is everything. Tulio, black people are such humongous hypocrites. You people are the ones always crying and moaning that during slavery white men would rape black women. This is a fake epidemic, you racists. They promote these racist lies (without any evidemce, just speculation) about white men, but then when someone points out something similiar about black males, its “racist”. WTF. same logic applies you bigot. Even back then, most women were raped by men of THE SAME RACE. black women were in much more danger of being raped by black males than white men. Plus, even biracial kids, how do you know it was even rape in those few cases? maybe some black girl just got curious and wanted to try some vanilla love? Everything you accuse me of, Tulio, Malik Shabazz and your Black Nationalist crowd do so much, that it has seeped into the mainstream. See the Duke Rape Hoax. That was a practical lynching of innocent men who were targeted because their skin was the wrong color. FTW

  5. Why on earth should Whites not be pissed off at Blacks for their high rates of rape and other bad behavior just because they hurt other Blacks more than Whites? It doesn’t change the fact that Blacks simply rape more in general, and it doesn’t change the fact that less White women would be raped each year if it weren’t for Blacks. Am I supposed to jump for joy and shout, “yippee! Black women get raped more than White!”

    1. Blacks are people just like us. Why should I feel more sympathy for a White victim of a Black rapist than for a Black female victim of a Black rapist. I don’t think like that, and I think that’s a totally fucked up way of thinking.
      Besides, if Whites get pissed at Blacks due to crime, you get pissed at the whole race, and many to most of them are probably just victims. You’re getting pissed at all of those Black women who are getting raped at 4-5X the rate of White women. Why do that? Black people should be mad at Black rapists too.
      I can’t see getting mad at Black people over Black crime. If you think about it, most of the people you are getting pissed at are probably just victims. It’s a ridiculous way to think.
      Black male criminals hammer all races, their own race in particular. I’m not going to get mad at the whole race due to the criminals. Then I would get mad at the victims too.
      Why should I feel more sympathy for a White woman raped by a Black than for a Black woman raped by a Black? WTH kind of thinking is that? That’s so weird.

      1. I never said you should get more angry at a White woman being raped than a Black; I personally do, and think it’s natural, but I wouldn’t say you should try to feel that way if you naturally don’t; and it’s not the particular point I’m trying to make. I also don’t think you should be pissed at all Black people.
        What does piss me off is that you can’t discuss the fact of higher Black rape (and other crime) rates. This only makes things worse, at least, I don’t see how it makes things better. Also, even though most Whites know to stay away from troublesome looking Blacks, there are probably a significant number who are too naive due to the fact that they’ve been told Blacks are just as safe to be around as anyone else- I’m thinking of young White girls raised in mostly White areas who go to the big city for the first time and put themselves in dangerous situations. So it does piss me off that Whites are considered evil and racist to say that one would be safer in general if they avoid Blacks, when that’s the truth.
        The bottom line is, why get mad at any race for anything, or applaud any race for anything with the kind of thinking you’re advocating? Maybe I would think that way if nobody ever talked about White racism, slavery colonialism etc. but they don’t. Maybe I’ll see the Black rape stats as a “canard,” or something once all the people of color stop blaming Whitey for all sorts of things.

        1. The Black rape/crime stats are not a canard. Most people are so well aware of them that sometimes people will falsely accuse someone Black of victimizing them, because they know they’re likely to be believed.
          If you’re sending young girls off to the city for the first time, you can tell them to avoid Blacks if you like, but don’t leave them with the false impression that they’re automatically safe with anyone else.

        2. lol i’ve neverrrr heard black ppl never say THANK YOU GOD im FREEEEEEEEEE !!!!!!!!! and white girls throw them selves at usss!!!! un gratefulllll ppll!!!! to say the least im holding back lol . i think if america evicted them out the same way they were brought here they would be happier or remain the same

  6. Its not weird, its actually perfectly normal from psycho-evolutionary standpoint, because your protecting your women. You thinking like that is actually abnormal. I never said get mad at all blacks, I dont advocate that, because Im an anti-racist. However, I do advocate getting mad at blacks who rape white women. Thats just normal. Do black people say “Okey Dokey, race doesnt matter” if they think a black woman is getting abused by a white man? No, because its abnormal. Whatever happened to you being ethnocentric?

    1. Dude, if that’s ethnocentrism, I’ll tell you what? You guys can have it. It’s yours. Take it. I want no part in it. I mean I like being White, I like White people, I like White culture, but no way do I feel more outraged when a White woman gets raped by a Black man than when a Black woman gets raped by a Black man. That’s just sheer animal thinking, sorry. And pity on anyone of any race who thinks that way. If you think like that, you’re not civilized. You may as well be living in a cave and carrying a spear.

  7. In Latino culture the lighter your skin, the prettier you are deemed to be. So Jessica Alba is trying to defy the colorism of the Latin American community and assert that brown can be beautiful too.
    She’s basically trying to raise the self-esteem of Latina girls and women.
    There’s a whole anti-Fair and Lovely movement going on in India right now. Same issue.
    Fair and Lovely is a skin lightening cream for women. They have recently come out with Fair and Handsome for men.
    Personally, I like brown skin.
    Pale skin looks unhealthy to me and that’s why most white people look better when they tan in the sun a bit to get a “golden hue”.
    Of course, too much sun worship and we’ll wrinkle early.
    That’s another benefit of melanin.
    I can’t tell you how many Black folk in their 50s I know who easily pass for 30s.
    Black don’t crack.
    Many White folk on the other hand start to look middle age in their early 30s.
    Just last week I had lunch with an attractive interracial couple. He was 40 but looked 30 and she was 30 and looked 40.
    Guess which one was Black and which one White?
    A pretty young woman but she had crows feet around her eyes and huge lines around her mouth.
    All at the ripe young age of 30.
    He on the otherhand had ZERO wrinkles, despite being 10 years ELDER to her!
    Black don’t crack.

    1. I’m all for minorities ditching white beauty standards. I hate seeing non-whites who only want to date and marry whites. Maybe I shouldn’t care, but I have contempt for such people. It’s the legacy of colonialism that still lives on in Latin America and India. They built up such a self-hate complex that they are still subjugating themselves to the white man long after he has left.
      I don’t think there’s anything wrong with interracial dating, but I think it should come from a position of equality and mutual respect for one another’s race and one’s own race. Not feeling like you have to whiten your kids so they don’t bear the “curse” of having melanin. Melanin is a gift. I go out with white buddies and they’re slapping on sunblock. They offer it to me and I laugh. “No thanks, nature gave it to me already, and it doesn’t wash off!”

      1. Tulio,
        Whether you’re very dark, have medium or olive skin tone, or fair, you should wear sunblock. Melanin can only protect you so much. It’s old school to think only fair skinned individuals need sun protection. Unless you want to age fast, damage your collagen and dull complexion, exfoliate and wear sun protection year around. Olive or brown skin looks gorgeous when taken care of.

    2. Black don’t crack… but blacks have to live their entire lives as being black haha… and blacks are the least intelligent of all peoples. I’d rather be white & intelligent and look 50 by the time I’m 20, than be black & have a brain the size of a dried up ant and look 20 when I’m actually 70. lol
      This is all blacks have lol… the fact that some of them age better than whites. Whilst whites are the ones making most of the engineering, technological & scientific discoveries & inventions in this world… blacks are shouting ‘black don’t crack’ & trying to convince themselves that ‘black is beautiful’. LMAO
      Black skin also looks very unattractive – the darker, the more unattractive. It goes ashy, crusty, and as a black person ages, they get uneven skin – darker in some places, lighter in others. It’s particularly noticeable around the cheekbone & forehead area. I’d much rather be white, thanks v. much. Nothing good about being black.

  8. OK then, I guess the vast majority of the world lives in a cave with a spear. I feel outraged because anti-white hate crimes are hushed up, yet even a hint of anti-mexican or anti-black bias in crime is blown out of proportion and broadcast day and night. Total double standard.

  9. Melanin, I guess by that logic White people should start an anti-tanning campaign to try to raise the self-esteem of white people. Theres alot of social pressure and products designed to be anti-pale and convince white people our natural skin is ugly and need to tan. We should defy the colorism of the white community and try to raise the self-esteem of White girls. Personally, I like white skin.

  10. If white-hate crimes are covered up, then how do YOU know about them, AJ?
    Moreover, Black people always complain that it’s only the missing white women and girls who get airtime when they are kidnapped/abducted, like that one girl in Bermuda – Natalie Holloway, who’s case took up a million Nancy Grace shows.
    When Black women or girls go missing – they don’t get airtime.

  11. I know about them from the Internet. Theyre covered up in the major media outlets. If the Knoxville Horror was the other way around, it would have been on all the TV stations, you cant deny it. Also, your second point, is because many more black women are in poverty, nobody cares about poor people, regardless of race. If those missing white women were rednecks from the boondocks in Kentucky or West Virginia, nobody would have cared about them, either. Also, “latina” is not a race, they can be any color, so what is wrong with them wanting to look white? Hell, many of them ARE white!

    1. Aw, I’m sorry, man. How can I make it up to you. This is an interesting comment though.
      Can you describe for us how you feel that Whites treat Latinos like shit? Give examples from your life or people you know.

  12. There is a lot of ignorance regarding what a Latino is. A lot of white Americans, as well as some of other races, assume that ALL Latinos are of Mexican descent, eat tacos, listen to Mariachi, have brown skin, etc.,etc. Yes, Mexican descent Latinos are the largest Latino group in the US; but Mexico (no disrespect to that beautiful country) does not represent all Latinos. Someone above said that Latinos look down on Mexico, but I don’t think that’s the case. I think it’s more a matter of feeling lumped with the culture of a country other than their own. Imagine the main culture insisting that a particular white individual identify as Irish when that person is not?
    Latin America has at least 26 countries with a variety of cultures, cuisines, accents, levels of education, etc some of which do not resemble Mexican culture. Also, Latinos of all types (Mexican included) can be of any color, height, shape. Even within families you might have one sibling with fair skin who would pass for some type of white while another sibling might be of darker complexion and a more so-called “Latin look.” Also, some Latinos from the Caribbean have Afro roots. Therefore, being Latino is more of a culture construct than a race. It’s similar to classifying someone as Middle Eastern. People from that region range from extremely pale to extremely dark skinned and not all Middle Eastern countries share necessarily the exact same culture.

  13. lol God has blessed everybody at some time or another your ( english whiteman ) time has come and will be gone soon how the mighty has fallen !! for one i never heard a white man say thank you GOD for this or that!!? white power ppl think there german (nazi ) or italian ( roman) lol no!!! whiteman wants to out do the romans by trying to rule the world entirely no!!! these world and everything in it belongs to HIM !!!!!! and only!

  14. I am an Euro-mestizo, and most of my relatives are either euro-mestizos or whites, and in the census, my mum marked us as “white” since our phenotype are predominantly Caucasian of the Mediterranean type.
    I do not care about labels, and I consider myself Euro-mestizo as I do not deny my Indigenous blood even if I only have two Native American features.
    PS: Also, not all Latinas want to marry whites of the Anglo-Saxon type. My mum for instance and other Latinas I know for that matter prefer us as they find blonde white men “too femenine” in facial features. This attraction is mostly by lower class Latinas who are mostly pure or Indo-mestizos, not by us middle class and even less the upper classes of Mexico which we are Euro-mestizos or European descent. Like Robert said, this is because they want to climb the ladder. I agree partly with Rob, although I disagree that all Latinas want a Anglo-Saxon to marry as most middle and upper class Mexicans we often marry our own kind.

  15. Latino and Hispanic are terms that conceal and advance racism by Spaniards(Caucasians). Indians are not albinos, Africans are not albinos. White Spaniards are the actual factual. A lot of people love to throw stones at Gringos aka White Americans. In reality, Spanish folk are the most racist of all Europeans. Afrolatinos hate themselves, Indians are looked down on. Blacks are treated like dirt by both. They’ve been able to hide all of this with the help of whites in the United States. Talk about the ugly truth for a change. Racism will get worse in this country for black people. Colorblind racists are a greater sin…The Facts!

  16. I tell most Latinos they are White. They seem pro-White in general and don’t mind being considered White. One friend says,

    “The women would worship you in Columbia.”

    He actually calls me Polar Bear because I’m so White. A Mexican recently wanted to know if I had any female relatives he could date.

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