The State of USreal

Or, Israel, the 51st state. The latest evidence for the theory:

Monday night, Oct. 25, Dennis Ross, Obama’s Special Assistant and NSC Senior Director on the Central Region spoke at length to the pro-Israel lobby AIPAC about the close strategic cooperation between Washington and Jerusalem. “I’m not aware of another country that we engage more regularly on such a wide range of issues,” he said. “Over the last two years, I have seen four-star generals, intelligence officers, and high-ranking diplomats all develop personal relationships with their Israelis counterparts. Frankly, this degree of coordination is unprecedented.”  He went on to advise Iran’s leaders to “listen carefully to President Obama who has said many times, ‘we are determined to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.'”

In other words, when Israel talks, the US may as well be talking too. Israel’s threats are those of America. You mess with Israel, you mess with the USA, since they are one and the same anyway. Got that, Ayatoilets? Good.

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0 thoughts on “The State of USreal”

  1. Its funny the rational that people come up with when you ask them “what does Israel do for us”. They will say things like “Israel is our watchdog in the middle east” or “Israel is a democracy”. None of these claims make sense. All USA support of Israel does is alienate arab nations from America and make the them less cooperative with us.. and they have oil resources that we want. None of those arab nations are inherently hostile to the usa. They dislike us because of our support for ISrael. As for the ISrael is a democracy thing… well if it is a democracy so what? There are other democracies in the middle east and Israel being a democracy does nothing for us. Israel should learn to stand on its own two feet or not stand at all. I want the USA to stop supporting ISrael. I don’t need America to be on anyones side in the conflict, I just want America to stop involving itself in the conflict and leave those people to figure out their problems on their own.

    1. The way I see it, Israel is this very small, resourceless Jewish state in a see of Arabs and Muslims.
      Now how in the hell it makes strategic sense to support such a state is beyond me.
      Why we piss off a volatile, oil rich Arab and Muslim region in favor of this tiny, resource deprived state is quite maddening.
      And this is where the Israel Lobby comes in.

        1. why does the US support israel? because the jewish lobby controls the federal reserve the banking industry and the media.. they got america by the balls, they could very easily engineer an economic crash that would render america paralyzed.. the politicians know this but when they stand up and say something, that’s the end of their career

      1. The way I see it, Israel is this very small, resourceless Jewish state in a see of Arabs and Muslims.
        Now how in the hell it makes strategic sense to support such a state is beyond me.

        Of course. Strategically, it’s insane. Makes no sense whatsoever geopolitically. Forget all this, Israel, Attack Dog of the US Empire crap. The Left is so insane on this question. Israel, the US Colony. WTF. Hell, it’s almost the other way around. Israel controls the US, not the opposite.

        1. Yeah, the left does have a major blind spot when it comes to Israel.
          Oh sure, they’ll denounce the Gaza attack, the occupation, the checkpoints, and other barbaric Israeli actions.
          But when identifying the source of U.S. support for Israel, they do all of a sudden develop a major blind spot.
          Even Norman Finkelstein, who is normally a very articulate scholar on Israel, develops a big blind spot when it comes to the Israel lobby, and buys into the belief that “Israel is the attack dog of the U.S. empire,” etc. His debates with John Mearsheimer and James Petras reveals a great deal of defensiveness and denial on his part when it comes to the REASONS why the U.S. supports Israel, as well as the influence of the Israel Lobby.
          Stephen Sniegoski has written about Israel Lobby denial on the left. Since victim groups are the left’s sacred cows, and Jews still somehow qualify as a victim group (now how they’re still a victim group is beyond me), then they cannot criticize Jewry or the Israel Lobby.
          Instead, as you’ve pointed out, they claim that Israel is a U.S. attack dog, that Zionists are just marching “in lockstep with American elites” (as Finkelstein would claim), that the Israel renders the U.S. services in exchange for U.S. aid, etc.
          Israel, the US Colony. WTF. Hell, it’s almost the other way around. Israel controls the US, not the opposite.
          I know, right? When Israel politicians start capitulating to American politicians, then I’ll buy Chomsky’s argument.
          I mean, shit, even dubya, who’s has a Christian Zionist background, tried to take a more even handed approach with Israel (mainly with regards to settlements) and got shut down and humiliated by Israel and the lobby.
          Until the left can accurately identify the CAUSE of U.S. support for Israel, they won’t actually end the occupation or help Palestinians.
          Playing the anti-Zionist card while letting the Israel Lobby and organized Jewry off the hook won’t cut it.
          Until the left can finally slay all of its sacred cows (ie. victim groups, or supposed victim groups), it will remain irrelevant, especially on this matter.

  2. In other words, we should suspend ties with Israel, or at the very least, stop showing them so much favoritism and take a more even-handed approach.

  3. Yeah, the left does have a major blind spot when it comes to Israel…
    The Left does not want to agree to this because they think talking about the Israel Lobby or saying that Israel controls the US and not vice versa is anti-Semitism. And the Left seriously hates anti-Semitism for a variety of reasons.
    Mostly, they are terrified of being accused of being anti-Semites. This fear runs very deep. The Left polices itself very well against the “anti-Semites.” For instance, one reason I am persona non grata on much of the Left is due to my “anti-Semitism.” LOL. It’s a very powerful influence. I don’t think most Leftists are stupid enough to see Jews as victims. Jews, victims LOL.

    1. LOL
      Just as they’re terrified of being called “racists,” “sexists,” “homophobes,” etc.
      Like I said, until the left can slay its sacred cows known as victim groups, they’ll continue to make fools of themselves.

      1. Like I said, until the left can slay its sacred cows known as victim groups, they’ll continue to make fools of themselves.
        Include your victim group and it’s a deal.

        1. @ Lafleur
          So I’m guessing you’re implying that I give up my white nationalism/race consciousness.
          Sure, I’ll do that.
          But you guys do it first!

        2. I mean, heck, if the Cultural Marxists and other leftists would just leave whites and western civilization the hell alone, then hey, I’ll gladly racially disarm myself.
          But so long as these leftist, anti-white types exist, I’m keeping my white nationalism/racial consciousness.
          As I’ve said before, unilateral disarmament is a bad idea.

  4. The so called left is a joke.
    They can criticise Israel over Palestine but not for its white sex slave trafficking and organised crime which Jewish historians have wrote about.
    Jews as a whole they don’t mention involvement in Communism and the slave trade both in Africa and Eastern Europe with the sex slave which they have dominated for 150 years.
    Nothing about the Jewish Oligarchs of Russia or Jewish push for these foreign wars against Muslim countries
    Mark Glens website had a good article about the sex slave industry highlighting a Jewish historian.
    George Galloway bans caller for criticising Jews.
    It’s more than just America they control they control virtually every European and North American western countries.
    You mentioned before about Sweden having a small Jewish population hence not a significant influence yet even there they have significant power
    Failing that they can liaison with Jews in the US and Britain to put pressure on any host country that go against Jewish interests.
    You see this with Russia when Putin tried to restore state sovereignty and worked against the Oligarchs Nevlin one of the major shareholders of Yukos who fled to Israel he was brought over for a Whitehouse prayer seminar in the Whitehouse advocating Russia be thrown out of the G8 for being “authoritarian” and establishing a new League of Democracies to replace the UN. They also still enforce the Jackson-Vanik amendment.
    Same with pressuring US sanctions on Iran and shake down of foreign companies in Holocaust reparations and Holocaust laws.
    And the biggest thing that no one will address is the fact that Jews support every Islamic terrorist/separatist movement other than Palestine over Christians and non-Muslims when it suits US geo-political agenda.
    This is most evident in the Balkans but also in Russia’s North Caucasus.

  5. Vicious cycle. Bona fide antisemites will continue to exploit Israel to make Jews look bad, and so criticism of Israeli policies and influence–however well founded in reason and basic ethics–will continue to look like antisemitism. Why? Because so many people are associated with it for antisemitic reasons. as long as this situation obtains, it will never be just another foreign policy/human rights issue. The way not to be perceived as antisemitic? Don’t be antisemitic or appropriate antisemitic motifs to advance your arguments. Don’t accept antisemites to fill out your ranks. It will take a while, but sooner or later people will get the message that it is actually a human rights issue to you, and they’ll stop listening to shills like the ADL. At least that’s the way it will work in the ideal world. But then, libertarianism works in the ideal world too….

  6. bullshit. Theres no such thing as “anti-semitsm”. “anti-semitsm” is a social construct created to shame gentiles who criticize Jews. Black supremacists routinely criticize White people, yet thats OK, despite their racial hatred for white people.

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