Jews Shut Up and Sit Down! (Redux)

And that’s an order, dammit! Screw the MMPI. One of the tests of sanity ought to be whether or not Jews annoy you. If Jews don’t annoy you, you’re either a typical Jew or you’re disgustingly Judeophobic. In either case, you’re nuts. If Jews annoy you at least, you’re got to be at least partly sane. After that winnowing process, we can go on to more sophisticated tests. Ok, Jews, you did it again. You annoyed me! So much I wrote a post about it. Why did you annoy me? Did you try to exterminate me and my race? Hardly. Did you try to control my media? I hardly care if you did. It was a much lesser charge. The Jews, which means Organized Jewry, which means their organizations and their media, which by the way automatically includes millions of Jews who back up these entities in the flesh, are waging a propaganda campaign to try to deny a Lifetime Performance Oscar Nomination to Jean-Luc Godard, the magnificent French movie director. Godard’s movies include avant-garde flicks like Breathless(1960), My Life to Live (1962) and Contempt (1963). I’ve never seen any of his movies, but they are supposed to be great. Obviously he deserves a lifetime achievement award. The problem, as the Jews see it, is that Godard is an anti-Semite. The evidence for his anti-Semitism is somewhat controversial. But he’s clearly an anti-Zionist, and a passionate one at that. A supporter of suicide bombings and the PLO’s raid on Israeli Olympic team in Munich in 1972, Godard takes a pretty hard line. Looking over the record of Godard’s statements, it seems his anti-Semitism came first, then his anti-Zionist. Or the latter grew out of the former, as it does with so many “anti-Zionists.” He was already making nasty anti-Semitic remarks as far back as the early 1960’s, and he included some gnarly anti-Semitic dialogue in his early movies. Jewish friends in the French film industry broke off their friendship with him over his anti-Semitism. The record of both his anti-Semitism and his anti-Zionism can be seen here. You are encouraged to look it over and decide for yourself. Reviewing the record, a good analysis is that Godard is not only an anti-Zionist but also an anti-Semite. He also seems to be a Leftwinger. That may seem a little strange, but leftwing anti-Semites are not uncommon in continental Europe. At the very least, his anti-Semitism does not seem to be the Nazi variety. He’s not a Holocaust Denier like so many anti-Semites. Now the question is whether or not his anti-Semitism should be used to deny him an Oscar. The Jews say yes. I say no. I would say that his art trumps his negative personal qualities. The more reasonable aspect of the Jews’ argument would be that to give an award to Godard is to give the rubber stamp to his anti-Semitism. In doing so, we could be giving anti-Semitism a shot in the arm. The consequences of that might be increased anti-Semitism in the world, which could have a real downside for Jews. On the other hand, considering how ignorant humanity is about the world in general and avant-garde film in particular, I doubt if the award would register on the Global Anti-Semitism Richter Scale. One way around this would be for the Academy to give him the award, but at the same time to condemn his anti-Semitism. In this case, Godard may have his pride hurt and refuse to pick up the prize. Or they could give him the prize and then issue a statement afterwards praising his movies but condemning his anti-Semitism. In any case, it pisses me off that the Jews are sticking their nose into this mess. But it’s also surprising that Jewish Hollywood is going to give an award to an anti-Semite. While we are on the subject of anti-Semitic film directors, how about an Oscar for Leni Riefenstahl? She was a great director, but she was also a horrible anti-Semite. She was much worse of one than Godard; she made films for the Nazis, and she was an unrepentant Nazi after the war until her death seven years ago. Should she get a posthumous Oscar or not?

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11 thoughts on “Jews Shut Up and Sit Down! (Redux)”

  1. I never really like the double standard. Nobody ever gets in trouble over anti-whitism, but plenty of people get in hot water over anti-minority racism, or anti-semitism. Spike Lee is anti-white, Ice Cube, and Snoop Dogg are all anit-white and blatantly racist, but thats OK. Ice Cube is apparently anti-Korean, too. What BS. US whites dont stand up for themselves, they deserve to lose their empire.

    1. AJ, I agree 100% with what you just said. Especially this part.
      US whites dont stand up for themselves, they deserve to lose their empire.
      Bingo. A people too weak to stand up for themselves and assert their interests doesn’t deserve to thrive.
      I can certainly understand your disdain for white Americans. We haven’t exactly done much to inspire fear or respect lately.
      We’ve grown into a bunch of emasculated, apathetic wimps. And the problem is that we’re still hated.
      We’ve always been hated, in many ways, but at least we were feared and to a degree respected back then, because people knew not to fuck with us.
      I said this a while back on another post, but I think that American whites need to become like Russian whites!
      Once again, good comment, AJ.

      1. The foreign immigration problem is worse in Russia than the US with 10 million illegal Muslim Central Asians which is at least double that number in reality.
        This is the same Russians that refuse or even discuss the scale and foreign sponsorship of international Islamic terrorism in Russia and Eurasia even the fascists at Stormfront which in the US and Europe they are openly anti-Muslim with every single one of these terrorist groups carrying out attacks in Europe who recruit and fight against Russian and Serbs in Chechnya and the Balkans. Vast majority of the terror plot turn out to be total BS anyway.

  2. You know what Abe Foxman and similar Jews/Jewish organizations should do if they want to end anti-Semitism?
    Every time Abe Foxman opens his mouth, an anti-Semite is born.

    1. @Bay Area Guy
      Do you think the problem is Zionism or organised Judaism or Judaism itself?
      I understand Zionist and that they would promote the interests of Israel but Jewish commentators that are not Zionists or even anti-Zionists are equal or far worse than the worst Zionists.
      Good example is Eric Margolis in Canada who is very anti-Russian an anti-Russian fascist in fact and Slav like supporting the genocide against the Serbs and every other Islamic terrorist group and movement who is linked these WW2 Ukrainian Nazi fascist group promoting the myth of the Holomodor making it out to be Russian ethno-nationalist genocide against Ukraine with off course like other Jewish supremacists negating to mention that those who carried out the famine and the Bolshevik revolution and ran the USSR were Jews and was a Jewish revenge/blood letting. Classic Trotskyism
      Also helps, like the run up to the Bolshevik coup of 1905 and 1917 stoke and promote ethnic minority hatred of Russia again invoking Stalin and Communism like his cheerleading and support for Chechen and North Caucasus terrorism praising Basayeav’s and Khattab’s invasion and massacre of Dagestan in 99 leaving about 35,000 people homeless that initiated and deliberately so the launch of the second Chechen war.
      Not that he doesn’t know the fact that Chechens as well as Bosnians, Albanians, etc were being trained in camps in Afghanistan and elsewhere with senior links to “Al-Qaeda” and foreign intelligence and there nefarious activities in organised crime like kidnapping, torture, murder, ethnic cleansing, sex and drug trafficking, etc as that is his field of expertise.

    2. As I’ve pointed out over at Jew Among You’s blog, I think the main problem is secular Jews who view themselves as Jewish not religiously, but RACIALLY.
      Since they have no rootedness in their religious identity, they look for other, more destructive outlets to be Jewish.
      Most of the Jews promoting subversive movements tend to be secular Jews who see themselves as Jewish in an ethnic/racial sense. Last time I checked, Herbert Marcuse and the other members of the Frankfurt School weren’t exactly religious.
      Yoav Shamir’s film “Defamation” reveals that most of the Jews who scream about “anti-Semitism” tend to be secular, non-religious Jews.
      Think about it. Religious Jews feel no need to promote open borders or other subversive movements. Since they’re truly religious, they will always exist as Jews, for the Torah and its principles will endure regardless of the demographics or politics of a host country.
      It’s the RACIAL/ETHNIC Jews who promote all these anti-western vices and, to address your other point, were the initial proponents of Zionism. To a Zionist Jew, if you have Jewish blood, you’re a Jew and part of the Jewish nation regardless of whether or not you attend synagogue.
      You know what? I think that white nationalists should be doing everything they can to encourage a strong religious revival among Jews. If Jews were more rooted and religious, there wouldn’t be as many subversive rootless cosmopolitans.

      1. @Bay Area Guy
        Yes although the Talmud is very anti-gentile I think that it has dick to do with radical Jewish movements and individuals although David Duke and others like to stress this fact by citing some individual radical rabbi in Israel although he says nothing about Islam, the Saudis and other Islamic states financing and promoting fascist radical Islam or the legions of Islamic organisations and religious leaders calls for jihad or the their group ethnic and religious practices like incest marrying cousins like the Pakistani community here in Britain and heavy these genetic diseases because of it and things like honour killings. I think Islam is dumb down Judaism for the masses.

  3. johnUK, please cite source for your 10 million claim. Have you ever even been to Russia? Also, many migrants are ethnic Russians form former Soviet Republics. The racial attitude in Russia is much healthier than among US (and UK) whites.However, I agree with you that Russia should be more anti-Islam.

  4. To Bay Area guy.
    Re Zionist Jews, then do you conclude the Orthodox rabbinical establishment in Israel is erring tactically in attempting to enforce a stricter Jewish identity criteria?

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