A Good Alternative to the Economics "Doomsday Crash" Blogs

La Fleur is one of my favorite commenters, and she actually has a coherent politics, unlike a lot of my younger commenters. Unfortunately, she has been reading what I call the Doomsday Crash sites. These sites are very scary, but they are all coming from a freemarketeer, neoliberal, Rightwing populist POV. All that aside, I happen to think that they are wrong on their diagnosis as well as their cure. These people, like most rightwing populists, rail against “elites,” but either have a funny view of who these elites are (Nancy Pelosi, Big Government, Fannie Mae, Barack Obama) or they propose solutions that would make the elites themselves jump for joy. In general, their diagnosis of the problems as well as solutions to the economic mess are the same as what the elites themselves peddle. Yet rightwing populists bash these elites while promoting their agenda. Whatever. Obviously, intelligent folks might wish to know about some good progressive alternatives. Ian Walsh is one. Doug Henwood’s Left Business Observer is another. On Counterpunch, check out Mike Whitney, Micheal Hudson, Mark Weisbrot, Dean Baker, Dave Lindorff and Paul Craig Roberts at the very least. Walsh is particularly good these days.

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0 thoughts on “A Good Alternative to the Economics "Doomsday Crash" Blogs”

  1. Wait, what? Robert, you have a kind word to say about Paul Craig Roberts? It’s a miracle! 🙂
    Yeah, I honestly don’t know why he writes for counterpunch.

  2. la Fleur is one of my favorite bloggers too.
    Zero hedge is popular among those in the finance world too. You would be surprised to know the number of guys on the street who follow his blog like a bible.

  3. i kind of like max keiser. that guy is always screaming about hanging the bankers. he’s totally doomsday…but the way he refers to i-bankers as financial terrorists…that cracks me up. i think he’s onto something.

  4. i also like william black, he was the dude who sent 1000 people to prison over the S&L crisis.
    just saw a clip of him discussing the mortgage situation. he quoted credit-suisse info which said 50% of the mortgages this past decade were fraudulent. he also said that when outsiders investigate it, the percentage is more like 80%.
    however you slice it, there is massive fraud in all this. i don’t see how it can end well.
    given that…i think it’s really true that nothing changes, chances are tomorrow will be a lot like today. probably nothing bad is going to happen.

  5. Paul Craig Roberts is “left?” Hey, I won’t argue the point, but many Leftists criticise Cockburn for publishing him. He’s very good, whatever you brand him.

  6. Welsh approvingly posted a Denninger post the other day. Market- Ticker. I believe he’s both an austerian (not Lawrence, thank God) and a
    throw the banksters in prison and throw away the key guy.

    1. I’ve read his writings off and on since 2004, and I really do not think he’s an Austerian.
      He wrote this on the 23rd:

      At this point in time, France is the only nation in the first world where there is meaningful resistance to the rush of Austerity (aka. Hooverism) and the attempt by elites to permanently break the power and wealth of the middle and working class.
      Pray for France. Because if they fall, no one is even trying, and if they fall the elites will know they can take anything away from any first world’s nation’s population.

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