White Nationalism: An Ignorant and Hopeless Movement

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I would add ineffectual and doomed to the title, but I only have a bit of space to write a usable headline.
White nationalism is an interesting movement. At the very least, it appeals Whites, formerly the vast majority of this people in this nation, and to their sense that they are being replaced and displaced in this, their homeland, mostly by mass immigration and illegal immigration.
A recent survey said that 77% of US Whites say that US Whites have a culture that is worth preserving.
That’s an interesting figure, but what’s even more interesting is that anyone who says that in public will be labeled racist, Nazi, White power, White supremacist, skinhead, KKK, etc. So, according to our lunatic society, 77% of American Whites are Nazis! Do you believe that?
Of course it’s not true. They aren’t even racists. They’re just normal ethnocentric, nationalistic, patriotic people who love their culture and people and think it ought to survive. Just like almost every ethnic group all over the world.
The problem with White nationalism is that they ought to be appealing to this 77% of ethnocentric White Americans, the majority of whom are not racists. Instead, it’s an ugly movement shot through with racism from one end to the other. Non-racist White nationalists exist, but they are rare birds. Even the most moderate outliers like Ian Jobling and American Renaissance are pushing one Hell of a nasty-ass racist project.
As most White Americans are not a bunch of racist assholes (anymore – they used to be), this project is doomed.
Furthermore, like all ethnic nationalist movements, it attracts vast numbers of fools spouting the silly theories planted in pride typical of these movements.
Where to begin?
Ainus are and Kennewick Man was White.
China used to be White.
Southern Europeans, Armenians, Turks, Lebanese, people of the Caucasus, Bulgarians and Lapps are non-Whites.
Whites never stole this land from Indians.
The South was right in the Civil War.
Blacks in Africa never had agriculture or metalworking or any kind of civilization before Whites showed up. Vietnamese IQ is low.
There’s such thing as pure races and mongrel races.
Primitive people speak primitive languages.
MLK was a Communist who beat up prostitutes.
Communists run the civil rights movement.
They aren’t any native Whites in the Middle East, South Asia or North Africa.
Whites got to America before Indians, so it’s our land.
All Hispanics hate Blacks.
There are no intelligent Blacks or Black Africans.
All accomplished Blacks and Africans are recipients of affirmative action and frauds.
If Obama gets in, he will import 30 million Africa immigrants and Blacks will declare race war on Whites.

Dumb, huh? Jesus, if the racism didn’t turn this 77% off, the sheer tsunami of stupidity might at least offend some of them.
All valid movements should have solutions that they propose to policy questions. Otherwise, there is no point to them.
How about the solutions of the White nationalists? They have no workable solutions. Even if this movement appealed to me, and it does not, I’d never be a part of such a depressing movement.
White nationalism is reactionary, hopeless, dead-pessimistic about our fellow humans and offers absolutely nothing to be happy about. Many of the people in it are nasty, ugly, mean, rude and just objectionable, as you might expect a bunch of rightwing racists to be.
It’s just one endless Wretched-fest starring lots of really horrible humans. This has to be one of the most miserable movements on Earth.
Here are some of the fanciful follies and delusions called “solutions” offered by White nationalists, none of which, I believe, will ever occur.
We can ship all the Blacks back to Africa. We can ship all the non-Whites out of the US. We can have a military coup and put in a pro-White regime. We can set up a White separatist state in Idaho or wherever. We can get Whites to have 18 kids like they used to.
A race war is coming and we’re going to win, and then afterwards, we can deport all the non-Whites. We can get rid of all civil rights and anti-discrimination laws. We can reduce legal immigration to zero.

Although there is a slight chance that some of the above is possible but not likely (they may be able to whittle away at civil rights law), but in general, none of this stuff is going to happen.
I’ve talked to White people about all of this stuff and they usually either start laughing and look at me like I’m from Mars. “They actually believe this?” they ask with incredulous eyes. “Yeah, they do,” I say. Then they shake their heads, laugh and say, “What’s wrong with these people? So move to Idaho or Iceland.”

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