How Does the Republican Party REALLY Feel About Immigration?

I don’t know…It was the Democrats and Left that passed the 1965 Immigration Act. That’s just the facts. The Right were racist elitists, but it seems they’d rather have lived in a White country than plot to destroy the middle class—back then. But by the time Regan came around the Right picked up illegal immigration, too, and were using it for their machinations. Then years going back and forth, both Left and Right supporting or ignoring it.

The plot to destroy the middle class began in the 1970’s, really got under way with Reagan and dramatically accelerated under Bush. Keep in mind that this is just a theory mine – I can’t prove that such a plot was actually concocted. The Right was silent about the 1965 Immigration Act. Immigration, legal and illegal, really ramped up under Reagan. In 1979, it was only 400,000/yr or so. The Right in the US has never opposed legal immigration as far as I can tell. The Republican Party has always been 100 Obama has deported vastly more illegals than Bush did. Remember, Bush tried to legalize all of them. And illegal immigration exploded under Reagan. The Right are complete assholes, just like they are about most everything. They want to have it both ways. First of all, they love these illegals for the purposes of smashing down wages, and really that’s all the Right, which is the political arm of Business, cares about. However, the Right’s base screams about the illegals, so the Right, while encouraging the illegals to come and doing nothing to get rid of them while they are here, feeds their base with anti-illegal rhetoric which is just that. Even Proposition 187 in 1994 under Governor Pete Wilson was not intended to stop illegals. We know this because Wilson fought any and all efforts to crack down on businesses hiring illegals. The Right just pushes anti-illegal rhetoric to get votes from non-elite and working class Whites who in their right minds would not be voting them. It’s a double game, like most crap the Right does. Obama has deported illegals at a higher rate than any administration in history. The bottom line for the Right is always money, capitalism and business. As long as Capital demands that these illegals be here, the Right won’t get rid of them. End of story. There have been interesting moves at the state level. In Arizona, a rightwing Republican governor passed a very harsh anti-illegal measure that was surely opposed by her business constituents. Granted, that’s an interesting dynamic. Bush and McCain tried a very sneaky double game. They tried to legalize the 12 million illegals so they could be used as cheap labor, but at the same time would make it almost impossible for them to become citizens, at which point, they may well vote Democrat. The law would have converted illegals into citizens at the earliest in 17 years, and only after making them jump lots of hurdles. Only the Buchananite wing of the Republican Party has said anything at all about immigration. The main wing of the Republican Party, capital, business, money interests, loves immigration. Recall that capitalism needs constant growth in order to function. Capitalists love growing populations because it means more consumers, more houses, more this, more that = growing economy. The Left has always supported the illegals, true, but at least they are consistent and have a solid ideological position. Obama plays a bit of a double game on the illegals. He tells the Hispanics he’s going to legalize them in order to get their votes, then he never does it! He never does it because he knows it’s political suicide. So both sides are sort of feeding the bases phony lines that they are not willing to follow through on. But back in the 1970’s, super liberal California governor Jerry Brown used to regularly cheer on raids against illegals. It wasn’t a very controversial issue back then – most everyone was against them, but it was seen as kind of a joke, because it was like bailing out the ocean.

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  1. The plot to destroy the middle class began in the 1970′s, really got under way with Reagan and dramatically accelerated under Bush. Keep in mind that this is just a theory mine – I can’t prove that such a plot was actually concocted.
    Another thing that happened in the 70s was that Title IX was implemented and affirmative action began having increasingly aggressive enforcement. This changed the workforce in two ways:
    a) there were fewer jobs doing things like making refridgerators, and more for affirmative action compliance officers;
    b) since businesses weren’t always allowed to hire the best-qualified applicants for high-paying positions, they created fewer of them and substituted the kind of jobs that lower-skilled people could do
    But the main reason workers lost out in the 70s is that the Baby Boom generation entered the workforce en masse during that decade. So employers called the shots about what working conditions would be. Illegal immigration is how business prevented the Baby Bust (born 1965-82) from creating a tight labor market.

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