Hereditarian Delusions

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In the comments section, Rob comments. Rob’s comments are in italics followed by my responses.
If White Nationalist predictions end up being more accurate than liberal and conservative predictions, will there be a large-scale correction?
RL: Nope. They already have come true, and I don’t think anyone cares. White racism has reduced dramatically in tandem with some very extreme rightwing US White politics in the past twenty years and in tandem with increasing evidence for hereditarian views in hard areas like intelligence. White people really do not give a flying fuck about this stuff.
If they have money, they run and run to get away from Blacks and Hispanics, and even when they get overwhelmed, they just say, “Oh well,” go wigger, and make friends with Blacks and Hispanics. The town I am living in now is basically part of Mexico.
The Hispanics own this place. The Whites used to, but now they are overwhelmed. Young Whites cannot walk the streets late at night because the Hispanics will kick their ass for the sole reason that they are White. These same Whites typically have a Hispanic girlfriend or wife and deny racist feelings.
White nationalists tell me that the Whites here should be the most furiously racist of all, but I have found that the opposite is true. The Whites here are some of the least racist Whites I’ve ever met. I keep looking for White racism here, and I can’t seem to find it.
The Whites almost all hang out with and are friends with Blacks and Hispanics, even though a lot of these Whites are real “redneck” types with tattoos. A lot of them have just flat-out gone wigger.
When they are in the majority, Whites stay put in a White town, or run if it starts turning. When they are overwhelmed, they go anti-racist and wigger and just figure that’s the way it is.
And why should there not be?
RL: Because most Whites just basically don’t care.
It may be very hard for the mainstream politicians and intellectuals to say either, “Yeah, but we were lying last time, we understood the consequences of our policies. Keep us in charge”. Or would they say, “We broke the US, so we’re the only ones who can fix it”? Getting large numbers of people to give them a second chance will be even harder.
RL: We’ve already passed that point, and Whites still don’t care. Many of the Whites around here in California even take insane positions on illegal immigration. I think there may be something to the White nationalist notion that Whites are suicidally altruistic in some ways, at least nowadays in the PC Era. Also, California Whites really, really, really are terrified of being called racists.
When the blank slate dies and the fact that genetic variation underlies a large fraction of correlated physical, behavioral and cognitive functional differences between both populations and individuals, wouldn’t it be wise for both progressives and the mainstream right to prepare for the possibility?
RL: This is the big hereditarian delusion. I’ve talked to a lot of White people about this, and most of them are not PC at all.
First of all, the whole conversation is unpleasant, because California Whites now do not wish to discuss anything that even smacks of racism in even the tiniest sense.
Second, most Whites here just don’t give a damn. I’ve told them about B-W IQ disparities and that I feel that this means that Blacks (at the moment) are less intelligent than Whites, and they just say, “Really? Yeah, well, haha. But so what? I always figured they weren’t as smart. Big deal.” And then they shrug their shoulders and change the subject.
Further, the only people who even comprehend this whole subject have usually gone to college. If they haven’t, they just don’t even understand the whole genes-environment debate, so it makes no sense to them. I think most Whites think there are differences between the races that go beyond skin color, but they just don’t give a flying fuck about it.
This whole thing is really a delusion by a bunch of White rightwing, mostly racist, intellectuals with a college education who understand this stuff. They dream that “society is going to catch on one day” and then some kind of White Revolution or Libertarian Society or an era of low taxes and an end to all social programs (transfers from Whites to Blacks and Browns) or whatever is going to ensue.
They don’t understand that your average White American idiocrat doesn’t even understand the nature of the debate, and if he does, he could care less.

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