Demographics Augurs Well For US Socialism

Repost from the old site. In the comments section, Mort Goldman notes that Scandinavian socialism can never happen in the US because US Whites will oppose being taxed to pay for non-Whites. That’s pretty much been the history of the US for the last 28 years or so. But I argue that as Whites decline, and as they become a minority, we can move more towards a Scandinavian model. Uncle Milton, another commenter, says:

“I think that when Whites get to be a minority, we can have more of a Scandinavian-style socialist society.”Why do you believe the US would have a Scandinavian style socialist society when Whites become a minority in the US..? Why wouldn’t it be more like Brazil or Mexico..?

Here is my response to this very interesting question posed by Unc: Good question Milton. Minorities here in the US are pretty politically savvy and leftwing. Our society is already much more socialist than Brazil or Mexico and our ruling class is not as White as theirs is, nor is it as horrible, venal and ruthless. Brazil has death squads that roam around the land murdering uppity peasants. Any politician who goes after them is going to feel their wrath, possibly with bullets. Also, the press down there is quite a bit more reactionary even than the US press. Under the Republicans in the last 14 years, US Whites have been trying to move towards a Mexico-Brazil type capitalism, but it hasn’t been all that successful. These efforts have culminated under Bush, who has also started to actually steal elections, harass dissidents and move towards authoritarian rule, in line with the US Banana Republic model. Those ruling classes down there in Mexico and Brazil will not budge an inch. The rest of the people, though they are getting royally screwed, are not politically savvy like the Venezuelans, Haitians or Bolivians. In other words, the system is already incredibly more rightwing down there than it is up here. It’s hard to make changes in those hardcore reactionary societies without taking up guns or getting lucky like Chavez or Morales. Since our society is already pretty socialist and the only people feverishly working to make it less so are a rapidly declining, desperate and increasingly unsuccessful White demographic, the future augurs well for socialism in the US. Blacks and Hispanics in the US are much more sophisticated politically than Mexicans and Brazilians, and it’s much easier to add more socialism to an already quite-socialist society.

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0 thoughts on “Demographics Augurs Well For US Socialism”

  1. Disagree with you Bob.
    The USA is a very unequal society in terms of income distribution – in fact it verges on Latin American levels of inequality.
    Just look whats happened to California – has mass immigration made it a better and more equitable place over the years, or Brazil-lite with gated communities, violent gangs and murders and horrible inequality, or was California thrown off the path it was pursuing in the ’50s, namely, a Sweden with warm weather, intelligent, educated people, low crime, good schools, good civic values etc?
    The undeniable pattern is that mass 3rd world immigration produces horrible inequality.

  2. As someone who has family in Venezuela and was born there, I dare say that I think you are incredibly bigoted in your thinking. I will resist Socialism until my last breath! So don’t go celebrating just yet…. not all Latinos are kool-aid drinkers!

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