Californian Racial Neurotics

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As usual, this blog has been accused of being incoherent on race, and furthermore, I’ve been accused of being a racist myself, as usual. The person doing the accusing is apparently himself a White racist of the White Nationalist variety.
He says that any anti-racist would never call a Black man a “nigger” (Yes, I did this once about 15 years ago or so), and an anti-racist would not care anything about his neighborhood, city, county, metropolitan area or state being turned from 80% White into 90% Black or Korean or whatever, or the United Nations, even overnight. He also said that since I talk about race all the time, I must be a racist.
That’s a pretty strange definition of anti-racism. I suppose that the typical anti-racist crazies would not care about such a thing, but your average White Californian is not too happy about replaced and displaced and turned into a minority in his state.
At the same time, he’s usually not that racist himself, and he will often say that he opposes racism. He gets uncomfortable to irritated at any kind of overtly racist talk. He hates White nationalism, not to mention White Power Nazis. He hates segregation, the Indian Wars and apartheid in Africa. He’s not too happy about colonialism.
He’s in favor of interracial marriage and relationships often has friends or family who are in one. At the same time, he thinks that the standard PC anti-racism of the activist variety is completely insane, and he regards people who push this as radical nutcases. He has a low opinion of illegal aliens, but he may want to legalize them because he thinks it’s cruel to send them all home. He hates racial slurs.
He supports all civil rights and anti-discrimination laws but is often dubious about affirmative action. He’s typically pretty much indifferent to the whole topic of race and racism and finds the whole subject unpleasant and distasteful and doesn’t want to talk about it. He thinks xenophobes who dislike all foreigners and want to stop all immigration are Know-Nothing Idiots.
He believes that there IQ differences between the races, but doesn’t necessarily want to talk about it too much, though he regards the topic as fascinating.
He will often defend Amerindians, Filipinos, Aborigines, East Indians, Africans, Negritos, Gypsies, Blacks, Hispanics, Papuans, Melanesians, Polynesians, Micronesians and just about any other minority group that is often the subject of scorn. He will regard them as interesting people who are being oppressed and he wants to defend them.
At the same time, some of these people are racists, but only about certain people. I know some White Californians who are racist against Hispanics, especially illegal aliens. At the same time, these same people have Hispanic and even illegal alien friends and acquaintances because they believe in treating everyone as individuals.
White nationalists paint a bizarre picture of anti-racism that fails to describe how people really are. Either you’re a crazed PC anti-racist radical, or else you’re a racist White nationalist. You’re one or the other. But people are complicated and most California Whites don’t fit into either category. I suspect that many people of other races and ethnicities have similar conflicting views.
When it comes to race, as with many things, people are complicated, conflicted and all over the place. It’s not just race. Humans are like this about all sorts of subjects. That’s just the way people are. People don’t necessarily have coherent views about many things, or about much of anything.
I admit to writing about race and racism all the time and even being obsessed with it. I’m also very interested in White nationalism for some reason, but the movement is repellent. If you go to antifa forums, you also find a lot of folks who are pretty obsessed with race. On sites like Humanbiodiversity , you find much the same thing. I doubt if this makes me a racist, but maybe it makes me a nut. Oh well.
Let me give you an example.
A friend of mine was over there the other day. Older White woman. I was showing her the website of Erectus Walks Among Us, and she thought the guy was a complete idiot. She said, “Why does he care? Why did he spend all this time writing a book on differences between the races?”
I said, “He’s a White nationalist. That’s all they think about all day long. That’s all they care about. Black people are destroying America and the world and this is the most important issue of our time.”
She shook her head and said, “Well! He’s a nut!”
Then I asked her if she thought there were differences between the races of the type the guy is describing. She said I’m sure they exist. I asked her if she thought that most Whites thought there were differences between the races, and she said I think they do.
I then said that a lot of these people move to try to get away from Blacks and Hispanics. She said, “Sure? Of course they do. So? What’s wrong with that?” I asked her if that’s racist and she said, “Of course not!”
Later she was reading the paper and pointed to some morons who keep crashing cars into canals and drowning around here. These idiots drive with full carloads along the edges of canals and then fall in the canal and drown. I said, “They’re all Hispanics.” She laughed and said, “Of course they are! No one else is that stupid!”
But this woman totally hates White nationalism and all overtly White racist movements, supports all civil rights laws, supports interracial marriage (her son is married to an Asian), and hates segregationists, neo-Confederates, apartheid-lovers and supporters of the Indian Wars. She even defends illegals and wants to make them all into citizens.
She loves Obama and worries that the opposition to him is racist and that a lot of Whites voting against him are racists. She also harbors no illusions about other races. She thinks there are IQ differences by race and regards this as a fascinating though forbidden topic.
This is pretty much your average older White Californian.
Let’s describe another fellow.
He’s 45 years old and White. This guy will defend Blacks and the whole Black agenda, and he’s voting for Obama too.
He’s been known to use the word “nigger” but usually as humor. He saw Cynthia McKinney once on TV and started making monkey noises and laughing. We were talking about South Central LA once and he described it as “land of the silverbacks”.
On the other hand, he thinks Whites who hate Blacks are idiots, and he’s turned off by anti-Black racism. He supports reparations for Blacks, but he also says that a lot of Blacks are rapists and thieves, and Whites should be careful about getting involved with them. He often uses typical pro-Black rhetoric when describing Blacks and talks about how horribly we have treated them.
At the same time, when I was dating Black women 25 years ago, he said, “You’re sick! How could you date a Black woman! You’re a nigger lover!” And then he laughed.
He describes himself as a racist, but only towards Jews, Hispanics and South Indians. He thinks Whites, especially Northern European Whites, are superior to all other groups. The guy’s basically a Nordicist and he’s been known to read proto-Nazi literature by German authors. He has no amimosity towards anyone else.
He’s furious about being made a minority in his home state and he blames Hispanics. He’s mad at South Indians for “taking over all the 7-11’s and gas stations.” He’s dated Amerindian and Japanese women. At the same time, he has Hispanic and even illegal alien friends. Nevertheless, he also openly states that Hispanics are an inferior race and that Amerindians are stupid.
Let’s look at one more guy.
He’s 48 years old and White. This guy who used to go on and on about the need for White people to procreate, as they are going extinct. He’s also very racist against Blacks, as he used to work as a security guard and then a prison guard, and has lots of White cop friends, and White cops in California are extremely racist against Blacks, even if most others aren’t.
He loves to quote statistics about Blacks and crime, and once, when I had bad experiences dating some Black women, he chided me and that’s what you get for associating with Black people. At the same time, this guy dated a Black woman a while back (!) and he married a Vietnamese woman a few years ago and just fathered a Hapa kid (!). Does any of this make sense? Not really.
I’m sorry if people find these folks “incoherent on race”, but that’s just the way a lot of people are out here. Race is a complicated subject and it twists minds in some pretty interesting ways. That’s what makes humans and life so interesting.

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7 thoughts on “Californian Racial Neurotics”

  1. its not just whites, but other people as well. I knew an illegal mexican who was white who hated white people. Many mexicans are racist agaisnt whites but love Mexico which is ironic becuase White people literally created Mexico and Latinos and the Spanish language.

      1. @Robert Lindsay
        If I were a Mexican after the US destroyed and genocided my people and left it in the abomination it is in today I would hate the Gringo (US) as well.
        Turns out the biggest and most ruthless Mexican drug cartel was training in Fort Bragg in the US.
        I have posted links before detailing US involvement in the drug trade.
        I don’t know if you are interested at all but some good newspaper references to what the BS war on terror is all about and the NWO international Islamic terrorist network of evil based in London.
        Also BP and British intelligence engineered the coup in Azerbaijan in 1993 & other operations.
        There is better websites and info out there but this is a good introductory overview.

    1. Mexicans do not hate Whites! I mean, Hell, they are White. Around here, a very high % of them are either mostly White or White. They have few to no obvious Indian features. They’re basically just kind of Med looking Whites.
      If you go down to Mexico, you will see this type everywhere. I could be a Mexican.
      Gringo is an America, a White American. They don’t hate Whites, they hate White Americans!
      Mexican nationalism.

      1. I always tell Latinos they’re White, but some Mexicans insist they are not. I find most Latinas and Latinos like Whites. Maybe some in America are taught they are non-White by the media. I’ve hung with a large group of gangbangers, and the Hispanics were a lot nicer than the Blacks. Nowadays some of these Brown boys have become very White acting as men and even wear cowboy hats. They can really vary in Whiteness culturally.

        I take the bus with HS girls.

        Many Brown girls are very fat, not just Latinas but Turk, Arab, Indian, etc. I’m OK with fat Browns being non-White. I went to college with a hot one but all these Brown androgynous fat girls are disgusting.

        Blacks are record breakers for fatness, real killer whales. Black bitches could look like Destroyer Zula if they worked out.

        Generally little low T East Asians work their skinny little asses off the most at the gym.

        Pale White girls are just more fucked up in the head. More of them are now lesbians. Totally brainwashed idiots but fewer lard-asses in youth.

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