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There is something to be said for deep, hard and cold honesty and realism, like this great article, My Negro Problem – And Ours , from Norman Podhoretz in 1963, back when he was still a liberal and Commentary was still a Jewish liberal magazine, before the Henry Jackson – Patrick Moynihan-fueled transformation into neoconservatives in the 1970’s. Read it!
More along the same lines, from the comments page of American Renaissance, commenting on an article about illegal immigration:

Look at Los Angeles in the 1930’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s. Blue sky, snow-covered mountains, beaches, orange groves. Streets and highways that were uncrowded. Modest middle-class White Americans with full employment in American industries and whose only direct connection with crime was watching a Hollywood gangster movie with George Raft, or Bogart.
Look at Los Angeles now. A third world jungle. Air filthy, orange groves long gone, graffiti and gang slogans everywhere, infrastructure collapsing. The middle class replaced by super-rich behind gated communities and the teeming hordes of the permanently poor. Jobs gone replaced by minimum wage service industries, schools worse than useless.
Whites replaced by illiterate mestizos. The Golden State destroyed in one generation. That’s quite an achievement.

The “illiterate Mestizos” in the text above are illegal aliens and in many cases, their horrific spawn. I would add I don’t want to get into race reality or any of that, but this is a perfect description of my state and my city, my home. I will never go back to my home as long as I live, or at least I pray I will not. It’s not my home anymore. It’s like it’s been taken over by body snatchers or aliens.
And it’s not necessarily about race either. Growing up in the Los Angeles area in the 1960’s and 70’s, there were Blacks around, but only some, and in the circles I ran in, all college-going and middle-class. There were assimilated Hispanics too, like my best friend since 4th grade, but they were just like everybody else other than having some quirky ancestry, and they were definitely a minority anyway.
There were scattered Asians here and there – Japanese, Chinese, Filipinos, all assimilated Americans. That was the thing – everyone was an American. I didn’t know any immigrants except the Bolivian exchange student at my high school.
There was no such thing as people who didn’t speak English – everyone did. There weren’t any signs in foreign languages, unless you went to Chinatown or Olvera Street.
If you wanted to see Chinese people and eat Chinese food, you went to Chinatown. If you wanted to see Mexicans and listen to mariachis, you went to Olvera Street.
On a recent trip back to Orange County, the nature of this catastrophe really hit home for me. Orange County is now a 3rd World country. There’s a group of very well-off rich and upper middle class people of various races living lavish and ultra-lavish lives, and then another vast, usually darker-skinned group, that looks like the teeming masses of the Third World, and they are often right in proximity to each other. There’s a White working class that looks broken, in debt and exhausted.
I’m sure the rich and upper middle class love it this way, as studies show that they have made out like bandits since 1980 while most everyone else has gotten creamed, and this transformation neatly corresponded with Reaganism and the Republican free market revolution of the past 30 years. It also corresponded with California liberalism. Our very own Jerry Brown liberals from the 1970’s got together with the Reaganites and ruined my city and my state. It doesn’t make sense.
Looking at the 3rd World country that Orange County has become, with it’s Latin American gaps between an opulent, venal and indifferent upper class (At what point will they become an “oligarchy”?) and hordes of teeming 3rd World-like impoverished and overworked masses (At what point will they become revolutionary?), the rich with their gated communities and their security guards and the poor shoveled 30 to a dwelling, how could any progressive person not despair?
What’s next? Biweekly riots by the Right, the Left or just college kids? Violent, striking teachers in the streets, broken up with tear gas and clubs? A military coup? The army in the streets? Armed leftwing revolutionaries? Right-wing death squads? If not, why not?
If there’s a monument to the failure of mass illegal immigration and even mass immigration, it’s Los Angeles and the surrounding area. When you go to downtown LA, you are in shock. Most parts of the world that look like that need a passport to get to them. Yet this is purportedly part of our country.
I’d like to point something out.
How would Japan like it if we flooded 40 million East Indians or Mestizos into their country? How would India like it if we flooded 300 million Chinese into their country? How would fucking Mexico like it if we flooded 35 million Koreans, East Indians or Africans into their country?
No sane, decent or self-respecting country or people puts up with this shit.
Every country has an ethnic group that makes up the majority, and a culture that goes along with it. Along with that, a language or languages. We can sit back and bitch about India or Mexico, but those are their countries and their cultures. If you’re an Indian or a Mexican, you want to speak your native language, be around mostly folks who look like you, and be a part of your national culture.
Mexicans don’t want 35 million Japanese flooding into Mexico, speaking Japanese everywhere, putting up signs in Japanese, playing Japanese music, eating Japanese food and turning Mexico into the Mexipan.
Yet this is what we have done here in California. We, the native peoples of this state (not including the Amerindians, who are nearly extinct), have sat back and allowed a bunch of foreigners to displace us and replace us in our homeland.
Hardly any other decent or self-respecting people on Earth would allow that. Why? Because it’s normal to resist being displaced and replaced in your homeland. It’s not rightwing or conservative or reactionary or racist or Nazi or anything like that. It’s just…normal.
For feeling alienated by this, we are not skinheads or KKK members. We are normal human beings, reacting the same way any normal human would in the circumstances.
Much as I dislike White nationalists for the blatant racism of the overwhelming majority of them, it seems that it is only they who give voice to these most plaintive feelings that any rational native Californian must harbor. Almost no one in the media can tell our story. The media is full of the glories of diversity – the diversity that is our de facto displacement and replacement.
Anyone giving voice to these feelings, which so many of us must feel, is accused of racism. But how can merely being normal and human be conflated with racism?

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  1. As hard as this is for the white man, it’s doubly hard for the Mexican man.
    I’ve lived in this country all my life and had grown quite accustomed and acculturated to the Anglo life, and then all hell broke loose.
    When did it happen?
    Dude I was just minding my own business then all of a sudden a brown flood of civil rights swarmed up and demanded I take part. I just want to live my life. Eat shit bastards.

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