Boys Beware! Homosexuals Are on the Prowl!

[youtube=] LOL. Vintage anti-gay flick from the 1950’s. Produced “in cooperation with the Inglewood Police Department.” LOL.  

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0 thoughts on “Boys Beware! Homosexuals Are on the Prowl!”

  1. Warning kids away from kiddy fiddlers is one thing, but companies like the Highway Safety Foundation used to ruin people’s lives:,_Ohio#Film_industry
    In addition, the Highway Safety Foundation produced other controversial education films including The Child Molester and Camera Surveillance (both 1964). In 1962, The Highway Safety Foundation loaned camera equipment to the Mansfield Police Department to film the escapades of some of the city’s homosexual men, who met for sexual relations in an underground public restroom deep in the bowels of Central Park. An ugly chapter in the city’s history, the men filmed were charged under Ohio’s sodomy law, and all served a minimum of one year in the state penitentiary. The resulting footage, combined with overdubbed audio commentary by officials of the Mansfield Police Department, was eventually compiled by HSF as the film Camera Surveillance.
    As if a year in the hoosegow wasn’t bad enough. Imagine watching one of these films in school and seeing your dad!

  2. LOL!
    Homo alert, homo alert!
    That is pretty amusing. I just find it interesting that they use Inglewood. I think that young boys in Inglewood have far more to worry about these days than gay predators.

  3. What do psychos look like??
    Well, besides the first molester who looked like a bad Frankie Goes To Hollywood castoff, none of them.
    This shit riled me up into a frenzied state of homophobia or horniness. I’m not quite sure.

  4. Gay guys probably do try to seduce young boys, like some straight guys try to seduce jailbait. And as for “recruiting,” you can call it that if you like. When I was a teen in the 80s, gay guys would proposition us. Most of us said “NO, thanks.” and walked away. Some of us got pissed off and yelled and called names. Others probably beat the crap out of the offender. And still others probably said “Thank you sir. Can I have another?” But we didn’t call them pedos. We called them f*gg*ts. And most of us knew our own minds enough not to jump into bed with them, unless that was our thing. Imagine, we survived without today’s moral watchdogs or the prison/therapeutic industrial complex.

    1. Oh I know gay guys try to seduce teenage boys. That is so obvious. I think it happened to me a couple of times when I was hitchhiking. Of course, I said no. One guy I got pissed and said let me out right now. He started crying. He kept saying over and over, “I’m not a bad person…” He demanded to drive me all the way to my house. He was crying the whole way. It was actually kind of sad.

      1. Actually, I’ll tell you what they are. Guys looking for sex. If there’s anything worse than that, I don’t know what it is lol.

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