What Do The "Psychos" Look Like?

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For about 25 years now, I’ve been hearing people tell me that so and so is a child molester, so and so is a psycho, so and so is a pervert, so and so is a predator, so and so looks like a rapist, so and so is a serial killer, or looks like a serial killer.
I’ve been checking these guys out the best I can for decades now, and not one of them has turned up dangerous yet. Every one I met was just a harmless neurotic.
I find this whole exercise bizarre. I really do want to know what the Hell a child molester looks like. People keep telling me that so and so looks like a child molester, but this makes no sense to me. Can someone tell me precisely what a child molester looks like?
Let me tell you geniuses something, all you clowns who think you can “spot the pedo.” Tell you what, idiots. You can’t. Not only that, you can’t even “spot the dangerous person.” I’d wager a lot of the folks everyone insists are such a menace are probably the most harmless people out there.
Take that notion, that you can “spot the pedo” or even “spot the dangerous people,” into the office of anyone who really knows what they are doing, say, a clinical psychologist, and they will laugh you right out of the office.
Mental health professionals will inform you that there is no way to “spot the pedo” or “spot the psycho” based on appearances. Furthermore, you’re going to get such a tidal wave of false positives that the whole exercise is absurd.
I can honestly say that I’ve never met anyone who “looked like a child molester.” I’ve seen all sorts of guys who looked “weird” in one way or another, but I if I observe them for a while, I can usually figure out somewhat what’s going on with them mentally.
There’s weird-looking people everywhere in this world. I just give em the benefit of the doubt and move on. I don’t equate weird with “psycho,” “pedo,” “serial killer,” “rapist.” The world’s full of strange-looking people, but in most cases, they’re harmless. Plus I can actually read people pretty well.
I did meet one guy who “looked like a child molester,” but that was due to behavior, not appearance . I was teaching school at an elementary school in Compton in 1989 when I saw a guy parked in a van at lunch. He had long hair and an extremely strange, haunted look in his eyes.
And I swear to God I thought he was looking at the kids. It freaked me out so much that I got his license plate and called the cops. That’s the only “pedo” I’ve ever spotted, and I don’t even know if he was a pedo.
I’m even more mystified by what a rapist looks like. Way back in 1980, at age 22, I was coming out of a porn theater in downtown Long Beach very late at night, 1 AM.
Yeah, I used to go watch the porns back in the day. So fuck me, Puritans and feminazis.
Well, this movie was sick. The basic premise of it was rape. It consisted of a main character who wore gloves and a ski mask, and he was going around raping women. I didn’t really enjoy it. I think it was called “Obsession.”
I was coming out of the theater to the parking lot, and there was this young White guy, tough-looking, working class. He looked very, very angry. He was seething and looked like he was ready to kill. The energy was radiating off him like heat in a desert. He was wearing shorts and had a knife in a sheath on his waist. And he was coming out of a sick rape flick.
I don’t know if he “looked like a rapist,” but he didn’t seem like a very psychologically healthy young man, and I worried about what he might do in the future.
Other than that, “looking like a rapist” means nothing to me. There are dangerous looking characters all over the place, especially in working class White neighborhoods, Black ghettos and Hispanic barrios. I figure 50% of the Hispanic immigrant males walking around my neighborhood look like they’re capable of rape. Big deal.
I know one guy in the mountains who did time for rape of a child under age 14. He’s an Indian and hangs out in the library drawing pictures. He’s seriously anti-social and refuses to talk to anyone. He’s lived up there for 16 years, and he hasn’t re-offended. I knew the guy for a long time before I found out about his offense. I don’t think he “looks like a rapist.” I just think he looks like an antisocial asshole, that’s all.
Even more peculiar is the notion that someone “looks like a serial killer.” Wow. What does a serial killer look like anyway?
I can honestly say that I have never met anyone who “looked like a serial killer,” nor have I ever known any serial killers, nor have I ever known any killers period, and I wouldn’t know what they look like anyway. Do they look dangerous? The world is full of dangerous looking men, mostly younger men. Do they all “look like serial killers?”
I knew one of the local guys on the Sex Offender list here. He was on there for molesting a child under the age of 14. I don’t know the details. He’s kind of a sleazy-looking Mexican immigrant guy, but that describes about 50% of the Mexican guys in my neighborhood.
He worked at the local market, and I never thought there was anything wrong with him. In fact, I thought I was weird, and he was normal. Only later did I find the guy on the list.
I knew another guy who went down on a sex offender law. He lived in Oakhurst, California, and he was in his mid-30’s. He had really long hair – hippie type – and worked in a computer store. He was absolutely normal in every sense of the word. Once again, I thought he was normal, and I was weird.
He went down for “child molesting” – what he did was he shacked up with a 15 year old girl. He went down for 4 years or so. Now, they’d give him 10 or even 20 years. Not good judgment on his part, but whatever. They also found “child pornography” on his computer. In our Modern Bullshit World, that could very well have been naked pics of his 15 year old girlfriend.
For example, this fire inspector just got 20 years in prison (!?) for getting local 15 year old girls to pose nude for him. That’s called “production of child pornography.” I don’t call that “producing child pornography;” I call it “getting a teenage girl to pose naked and snapping pics.”
Incredibly, the judge says he’s a “pedophile,” and he will have to go on the stupid Sex Offender list for the rest of his life. I don’t call this guy a “pedophile” for taking pictures of naked 15 and 16 year old girls. That’s a perfectly healthy and normal desire for a male of any age. I do think that he broke the law and was stupid and careless.
Whether this stuff should be illegal, I’m not sure, but it ain’t worth no 20 years.
Studies show that all normal males have an extremely high, though not maximal, attraction for 14-15 year old girls. They have maximal attraction for 16 year old girls.
That is, they react as strongly to 16 year old girls as to females of any age 16+. The reaction to 15 year old girls is about 90% of maximum (still very high) and to 14 year old girls, it’s about 80% of maximum (still quite high). So it’s absolutely normal for males of any age to get really turned on by 14-16 year old girls. It’s not “pedophilia” or any of that crap. It’s just…normal.
Now, in our crazy modern world, guys over 24 at least need to be real careful about girls aged 14-16. Mess around with em, and you are likely to get pounded for 10 years, or even 20. So though your desires are normal, healthy, and certainly non-pedophiliac, it’s best to control yourself and not give in to temptation.
The whole crazy idea that we can “spot the sickos” is complete nonsense, but people believe it anyway. But it’s comforting. The notion that we can’t spot the psychos makes the world a pretty terrifying place.

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0 thoughts on “What Do The "Psychos" Look Like?”

  1. Man during the school year the morning bus&train ride to work is a steaming cornucopia of the 14-16 year old chicks.
    14 is a bit young…seems a lot of them are not quite fully developed, 15 is hit and miss with 1/2 of them having amost reached adult development and the other 1/2 not quite, and most 16 years olds look primed.
    To admit that you think a 16-year-old is hot in many circles instantly casts you into pedo-land but I think to be aware and in control of your physical urges is important. The inability to contain these urges within the framework of law is where the line of pathology is drawn, I guess. Although, if the situation presented itself (which it won’t, sadly) where I had the chance to get with a hot 16 year old I think I’d find it very hard to turn down the risk.

  2. You actually admit to using ‘porn cinemas’ Bob?
    Of course this was back in the day before the VCR, but still, ‘porn cinemas’ have that certain patina of nastiness that you just cannot strip off.
    I bet you were into Hustler magazine too, and a bad case of Portnoy’s complaint.
    Bob, do you think the waning of virility and ‘copulatory urgency’ in your 50s is more of a blessing in disguise than a curse?
    Do you agree with the ancient Greek philosopher who likened the libido of the young man as being ‘chained to a madman’ for 20 years?

  3. I think paedophilia has taken the form of insanity .And the reason for that is that people in some countries have a very warped view of sexuality.My only hope is that the young new people who are growing up in the internet age will grow up to be slightly more unbiased and slightly less sexually warped.

  4. Yes this is getting ridiculous, its like if you look in the least bit unusual or wierd you get labled a pedophile. because im insecure about the way I look im constantly worried about being labled a pedo, even though im not one. I was harassed at work being called a pedo because I told someone i kissed a 15 year old girl when i was younger, then it was like any excuse to make the joke and people would make it, even about babies, just because i found a 15 year old hot and kissed her doesnt mean im a pedo and fancy babies.
    my niece made a comment last night that the character ‘L’ from the anime deathnote, http://deathnote.wikia.com/wiki/File:L_fancel_from_death_note_by_escaf.jpg had a ‘pedo smile’ last night.
    He is just an eccentric Gothic looking guy! in future anyone who looks different is going to be labled as a pedo.

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