The War on Men

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Couple of nice articles here and here.
I used to think this stuff was stupid, but now I’m starting to think there’s something to it. I’m sitting here, barely above poverty level, in the barrio. I don’t feel like I’m oppressing anyone. How am I a member of some male ruling class that is lording it over the women? How has society advantaged me my whole life to detriment of the poor females? I just can’t see it.
I feel oppressed myself. I don’t feel like I’m automatically a member of some privileged elite by nature of my gender. That’s where all this patriarchy crap leaves me cold. Patriarchy says we men rule this society, if not this whole planet. Well, I don’t feel like I rule anything. I feel like a peon. So I can’t sympathize with all this “male privilege” BS. What privilege?
I don’t necessarily agree with the bit about casual sex being so disastrous either.

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  1. They’ll never forgive you for having a penis, Bob.
    Freud was onto something – the ‘castration tendency’ of women is overwhelming.

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