The War Between The Sexes

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Ok, look. If you’re heterosexual and involved with women, especially sexually involved, you’re going to get into fights. That’s pretty much just all there is to it. The more women you date and sleep with, the more fights you will get into. If you act bad, like Sexmaniacman does, or are probably incapable of monogamy, as Sexmaniacman is also, you’re going to really attract a lot of fury.
But you’re also going to get it if you’re just a mild and soft-spoken, non-macho type guy. This will bring out the shrieking, cackling dominatrix in most any woman, and these guys often end up with real bitch types.
Why? In part because no other man would put up with these bitches. Any normal, macho type guy, paired with an evil bitch like this, well, he would just leave. Sexmaniacman says he would either leave, or if not, he would just have to kill the bitch.
So the only guys who won’t murder them or run out the door are wimpy guys. Also, normal, feminine, submissive type women don’t really like wimpy guys, so they go for macho guys. Wimpy guys and bitches are stuck with each other. They both hate their roles, but there’s no alternative but singleness and masturbation.
I asked Sexmaniacman what he felt about this and this is what he said:

Thanks Bob, for letting me post on another sex-related topic. I’ve dated, or slept with, or whatever, something like 10 Black or mulatto women. I don’t really mind em. They are kind of aggressive though. But the ones from the Caribbean, North Africa and even Black Africa are much less so. They are often quite submissive and feminine. I’m not really into aggressive women. I’ve dated enough bitches for 20 lifetimes, and one of my mottoes is no more bitches! I don’t have to worry about the former girlfriend bitches, because I already killed all of them! LOL! Just kidding! That’s funny, huh?

Interview pauses for about five minutes while he falls off his chair laughing, rolling on the floor.

No, really man, I’m going to be single for the rest of my life before dating another emasculating, ball-breaking, cruel, mean, sadistic bitch. 
I’m having a hard time figuring just what is a bitch though. I mean, women have a right to get mad at us, right? I really think they they do. Women have a right to get furious at me, throw non-lethal objects at me, threaten me, push me, shove me, threaten to kill me, threaten to cut my balls off, call me every evil name in the book as long as it doesn’t imply I’m not a man.
I guess what I’m saying is I don’t mind women getting mad at me as long as they are getting mad at me as a man, and acknowledging that I am a man in that process. It would be helpful if I did something to piss her off, but it’s not necessary. All women are bitches sometimes, whether we provoke them or not.
I don’t mind if it feels like she is retaliating, getting back at me, fighting back against me, calling me cruel, mean, evil, bastard, asshole, etc. It’s not ideal, but it’s probably inevitable. She’s attacking me from the point of a view of an outraged women defending herself against a masculine, objectionable, caddish, rougish, man.
She’s a victim of a cruel, mean, evil, assholeish, aggressive man who has hurt her terrible. She’s fighting back, as a victim retaliating against an aggressor, and that feels ok. I’m sitting there laughing in her face the whole time and she’s getting even more pissed.
Plus, this is the way relationships are supposed to be – I’m the masculine, dominant male and she’s the feminine, submissive female, albeit a highly combative one at this point.
Ok, so why does some of it feel so objectionable? I guess I don’t like blatant sadism, attacking me in public just to publicly humiliate me, laughing in my face, condescending towards me, mocking me, belittling me, ridiculing me, or certainly attacking my masculinity in any way or implying that I’m not much of a man.
It’s like she’s the aggressor and I’m the victim. She’s beating up on me. I’m a wimp and I’m just sitting there taking it and I haven’t even done anything to fucking provoke her, except maybe not make enough money for her money-grubbing hands to grab and shove into her purse!
I feel like a pussy, or a fag, or a wimp, or not much of a man. If they do it in public, Mexican men and women look at me like, “You fucking pussy! You wimp! You wuss! You LET your woman talk to you like this public! Faggot!” And she’s doing this to me in public of course just to provoke precisely that sort of reaction.

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