Peeping Toms

Repost from the old site. I was doing some research on paraphilias for the Joseph Duncan stories when I came across voyeurism. I don’t think I’ve ever engaged in any voyeurism, certainly not the criminal kind. But one thing always bugged me about this law. What exactly does it mean? It bothered me because the law seems to imply that there’s something perverted about watching a woman take her clothes off, take a shower or walk around naked. That doesn’t sound so perverted to me. That sounds like my idea of a good time! In reading some stories about some voyeurs that got arrested, it turns out that almost all of these guys are engaged in obviously criminal behavior. They typically are on private property, and they are up against someone’s bedroom or bathroom window, looking at a woman undress. Ok, that’s clearly a violation and a crime. Another case involved a guy who poked holes in the ceiling of a woman’s bathroom so he could spy on the. Ok, that’s a crime too. A woman has a reasonable expectation of privacy in her own home or in windows accessible only from her own property, and in a ladies’ bathroom. But one thing has always bugged me. I’ve lived in plenty of apartments. Now, what if I’m sitting in my apartment one night and I look across at the apartments across the way, and there’s a woman in there, undressing, or walking around naked, or whatever. Ok, so do I get to look at her? Or am I a voyeur? I don’t think such a thing has ever happened to me, but I would think that would be legal. If you don’t want people to look at you, draw the fucking curtains or blinds. If you’re walking around in your apartment naked in front of an open window, you’re an exhibitionist or a future stripper! This article in particular bothered me. This woman thinks that all people with “paraphilias” should go on sex offender lists forever. WTH? She particularly singled out voyeurs for abuse. Here’s a couple of interesting cases. These stupid women were walking around in their apartments that had broken blinds. I don’t know if they were walking around naked or what. Well, anyway, this guy was watching them walk around their apartments. They called the cops on him and said he was a peeper. He said if you don’t want people watching, fix your damn blinds! The cops told the women to fix their blinds, and they let the guy off. Good job cops! Here’s another one. These two retarded female college students, Rosanne Strott and Emily Niland were in their dorm room at Wentworth College having lesbian sex at night. With the fucking light on. With the fucking blinds up. So, of course, some guys across the way settle in for the show. Why not? I might have settled in for the show too! Grab me a beer! Then the guys make a video out of it and put it on the damn Internet. Now, the Internet stuff may have gone too far, but these bitches are just stupid. If you want to have lez sex without an audience, either turn out the lights or draw the blinds or both. “You can’t violate people’s privacy like that and expect to get away with it,” said one silly bitch. Jesus Christ woman! You decide to have sex with the lights on and the blinds up for the whole damn world to see and guess what? You have no privacy. I decided to ask Sexmaniacman about this because he’s an expert on all sex stuff:

Bob, this has been bugging me for a while too. I’m not sure if I’ve ever been a voyeur either! I’ve watched plenty of porn, and I’ve been to a ton of strip shows. Hell, I used to practically live in porno theaters and strip joints! I’m a pervert! Haha! Fuck you, puritans!It was the summer of 1977, and I was working and living at Yosemite National Park. I was living on park food, marijuana, and young women! Good diet! Haha! Well, one day I was off work and I saw these two women sunbathing by the beach of the Merced River. I thought they had black bikinis, but then I figured out they were naked. You do the math! This was before the shaving era! Haha! So I strolled down there, looking at them all the time. Ok, so am I a fucking voyeur? Yeah, I was looking at em. They’re naked women, you think I won’t look at em? I get down to the beach, and there’s these two naked hippie chicks, both 19. I introduce myself, and say hello. Now, according to the psycho feminist cunts from Hell, I’m sexually harassing these chicks! Women have a right to lay around fucking naked anytime they want, and if any man looks at em or God forbid walks up to them to chat or join them, he’s harasser and a misogynist. Well, fuck me, feminists! I take off my sandals and shirt but not my shorts. So I go into the river with my shorts on cuz I’m too shy to take them off. In the water, I take my shorts off and I’m naked. Now, according to feminazis, I’m a fucking rapist! You see, I need to ask permission to do this shit! I look back at the women and the feminazis would predict they’d be throwing their clothes on and screaming rape and calling the cops on the sex offender! Well, instead, they’re nudging each other and going, “Hey look, he’s naked, whoo-hoo,yeah, check him out, he’s hot!” What do you know, feminist cunts! Amazing! Some women actually like naked men and don’t scream pervert and call the cops every time they see one! What’s bugging me is, what if they didn’t want me to take my shorts off? Am I a rapist? A paraphiliac? A sex offender? An exhibitionist? A sexual harasser? WTF? One part of me says screw these damn laws. Give em to the lunatic feminists, and they’ll just use them as a sledgehammer to destroy innocent men. Nothing happened afterward, no sex. I got out of the river, and we all put out clothes on and walked away. We met some hippie dude they knew from their travels around the country. I think they went off to smoke some dope. They promised to stop by my place at night, but they never did, of course. Let me tell you another story. I was living in a rural area in the early 1990’s. I used to walk down the roads all the time and take hikes. I always had my binoculars with me, and I was always looking at stuff with em. After a while, I learned that some shitty rumor had gone around the neighborhood about me, and about 10 Yeah, I was looking at stuff. I was looking at birds! I’m a birdwatcher! I even had a Petersen’s Guide in my pocket the whole time. Did I ever look at any people? Dunno, maybe I saw some walking around. In their homes? Doubt it. Did I ever look at anyone’s home with my binoculars? Doubt it, unless maybe there was a bird in the yard! Did I ever look inside anyone’s home with my binocs? Don’t recall, don’t think so, why the Hell would I do that? Was there a bird in the house? If no, I’m probably not gonna look. I’m one of those weirdo birdwatchers, remember? We’re into birds, not humans. You can see humans anytime, but when do you ever get to see a really hot bird? This is what I hate about these shitty laws. I bet a lot of innocent people go down on this stuff and then on sex offender databases for life. I could have easily gone down on them myself. I had a whole neighborhood full of retarded White middle-class American fuckheads ready to swear to the cops that I was peeping on them. WTF?

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