Scientology, Inc.

[youtube=] Wow, I don’t know what to say. The more you learn about these people, the worse it looks. Should organizations like this be declared illegal? This reminds me of the Bagwan Cult up in Oregon. I knew a guy who joined that cult. I went to a rock concert, and there were all of these Bagwan idiots there. Every one of them had a button with the Bagwan’s picture on it. And they all had the weirdest, creepiest smiles. Scientology is clearly a cult, but I’m not even sure what that means. Was Werner Erhardt’s EST a cult? Is White nationalism a cult? What about Sendero Luminoso? How about the modern US conservative movement?

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12 thoughts on “Scientology, Inc.”

  1. white nationialism isnt a cult. I would admit that US conservatives are a bit cult-like. the evolution is just a “myth” thing is laughable. however, liberals are cultlike to, because they dont deny evolution, but they deny the logical outcome of evolution, HBD. Jim Jones was a socialist and racial integrationist. most of his followers were black. have you listened to the “death tape”? its the last 30 minutes of the cult. you can hear children crying and dying and the kool-aid drinking. its the saddest thing i ever heard. creepy, too. I think black nationalism is much more cult-like than white nationalists, as is Afro-centrism. Beethoven was black, the ancient Egyptians were black, melanin theory, LOL!

  2. These people are scary robots skittering through the streets of Hollywood like cockroaches on the run, man. They walk around in their weird jackets and weird hypnotized stares. They lack affect, are rude, unfriendly and are all skeletally malnourished and with bleached complexions. It’s worse than a cult. It’s a syndicate.

  3. Apparently Jesus and the Antichrist have incarnated in the person of a Puerto Rican dude in Florida:
    I don’t think Jesus or the Antichrist would be such a dull speaker.
    Guatemala has barred him from entering the country:
    I have Shiva Naipaul’s book on Jonestown, Road to Nowhere, on order at the library. A little light fall reading.

    1. Apparently Jesus and the Antichrist have incarnated in the person of a Puerto Rican dude in Florida:
      I hope so. I could use some excitement.
      Wait. You mean both in the same guy? How is that even possible?
      Guatemala has barred him from entering the country:
      So it’s not true then? He’s not really Jesus and the Antichrist both in one man?
      Whew. Good thing. Dodged a bullet there.
      I have Shiva Naipaul’s book on Jonestown, Road to Nowhere, on order at the library.
      Jamestown, Land of the Weird.

    1. Great video.
      It sums up everything.
      Mind crime syndicate.
      Look at their empty eyes. These are some creepy Mofo’s.
      Hollywood is their home.
      Scientology is essentially the worship of the self.
      Germany has the right idea.

  4. I don’t think they formally outlawed it (though they should), but they are seriously shunned like the vermin they are.

    The U.S.-based Church of Scientology claims “human rights abuses against Scientologists in Germany”. The Church alleges that its German members
    are being systematically discriminated
    have been dismissed from jobs
    have been dismissed from schools
    have been dismissed from political parties
    have been dismissed from social, business and political organizations
    have been denied the right to professional licences
    have been denied the right to perform their art
    have been denied the right to open/maintain bank accounts and open loans
    have been denied the right to use public facilities and concert halls
    are regularly blacklisted, boycotted, vilified, ostracized and threatened simply due to their association with the religion of Scientology.
    To sum it up, Scientology paints itself as a persecuted religion.

  5. I dont like them becuase they perpetuate the stereotype of creepy whites. Blacks and Mexicans might say, yeah were poor and uneducated and have crime problems, but whenever some weird creepy shit is goin’ on, its white people. This is a stereotype that is promoted by many mexicans and blacks that all/most pedophiles, serial killers, mental patients, and just generally all-around weirdos are white, while NAMs are at least socially adjusted.

  6. I do like the whole Lord Zenu intergalactic angle though.
    David Icke here in Britain claims that the elite are really shape shifting alien reptiles who interbreed with certain humans like the Bush and British Royal family, Rockefellers, Rothschild’s etc all have this hybrid human/reptile genetic makeup.
    Wonder what you think about him Robert?

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