Why White Nationalists Hate Communists

Repost from the old site. I’m going to use the word White Nationalist for White racist, but it’s true – 99 I gave WN’s the benefit of the doubt and studied them with an open mind for a long time, assuming the null hypothesis that they are not racists, but it’s true. Most WN’s don’t like anyone who isn’t White. A lot only like Europeans. There are some who like NE Asians, and some others who like SE Asians too. I don’t think any of them like Arabs or North Africans, Afghans, Pakistanis, or Indians. Some like Iranians, but usually only a few. All WN’s really hate Black people. If there is one thing that holds WN’s together, it’s their hatred of Black people. I finally realized, too, that a lot of WN’s are just not really very nice people, so in that sense, the whole “hater” thing is sort of true. But I always objected to calling them “haters”, because I don’t think there is anything wrong with hating per se. I’m a Leftist; we hate all kinds of stuff! But a lot of these White racists really are just mean, nasty people deep down inside. I think that whole “hater” term was thought up by the anti-racists, and I would bet most of them were Jews, just to make these guys look way more evil than they are. Truth is that whole huge swaths of societies all down through time have been very racist and therefore “haters”. One could argue that American society up until the 1960’s was a racist, and therefore a “hater” society. Does that make any sense? If you see pictures or movies of Americans from the pre-1960’s era, do they look like horrible, mean, ugly, nasty, cruel, “hater” people? Well, of course not. Probably all societies up until our modern era have been “hater” societies, since some degree of racism was probably the norm in historical human societies. Tribal societies were typically racist “haters” too, since most were locked in tribal war with, or at least despised, their neighbors. The typical Amerindian word for the tribe next door means something like, “Those no-good scumbag wife-stealing bastards over the hill”. So we ought to quit calling these people “haters”, quit calling their groups “hate groups” and quit waging insane, Hollywood and ADL (Jewish) paid-for “wars on hate”. The Jews should talk anyway. Israel isn’t exactly a hate-free zone. It’s more like the land of the KKK version of the Jews. It’s a Jewish mirror of the KKK, except instead of being White supremacists, they are Jewish supremacists. Let’s just call these groups what they are – racists. Racists can seem like very nice people, and their societies can be warm, friendly and caring, towards the people they like that is. But they’re still racists. One thing I noticed after a while is that almost all these White nationalists really, really, really hate Communists. It took me a while to figure this out. I think this is because in the US the civil rights movement was always said to be led by Communists. If you were for civil rights, you were a Commie. Period. Also, Communists really are fairly egalitarian, and White nationalists, and racists of any kind, hate any form of equality. They are very much into inequality and hierarchy. Fascists also are very much against egalitarianism, are into hierarchy and actually worship inequality, though they do their best to lie and say they don’t. After Communists, White nationalists hate socialists and liberals. So, really, White racists just hate the whole Left. I can’t see why any self-respecting leftwinger would want to defend these clowns too much. They’re basically our enemies, you know?

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8 thoughts on “Why White Nationalists Hate Communists”

  1. I do not hate anyone, and respect their views, ideas and their culture, but I do not tolerate and sometimes communism is abuse of power, authority and freedom. I am White Hispanic and do not like communism. Because it takes away our rights, privileges, and our properties or any power or our voice. I cannot condone communism but I respect them and treat them as people. Even though, I do not condone it. I may just say, hi or how are you and a short talk or long, and be friendly but I do not accept communism. I am anti-communist, I am proud of saying it, and it makes me feel good and powerful. Even though, if I do not tolerate communism does not make me racist, because communism is a party and not a race or ethnic.

  2. I was curious why white nationalists hate communist but I couldn’t find the answer in your text…Stalin was also against the jews..

  3. I now feel the hate to the communists. My patience is ended. I cannot tolerate communists. Well, I think that I have never related with communist people. Because I have had no friends and still have no friends. Because we have different ideas. If I have friends, then they are anti communists. I know who is not my friend is not anti communist. Anyone who is my friend is an anti communist, or if a guy becomes my enemy or ignores me is a communist.

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