Stomach of a Mangina

LOL. + for humor.
Found this on the Internet. It’s the stomach of a mangina. For those who are slow, it looks like a vagina. It’s a great big, fat, hairy, unshaven pussy. Which is what a lot of middle aged manginas are like in real life anyway, I bet. Found here, on the feminists and anti-MRA blog Man Boobz: What’s Wrong with the Men’s Rights Movement. For the record, I’m not an MRA guy, even though I made it onto this character’s enemy’s list. I’m an equity feminist, and I’m also a masculinist. The MRA movement and blogosphere disturbs me, particularly with its misogyny. I’m a guy who loves women. I can’t stand guys. Given the choice, I will associate and communicate with females over males. Not that women aren’t fucked in the head. It’s just that I like their fuckheadedness better than male fuckheadedness. So I’m down with misogyny? Fuck that. If I want to hear misogyny, I’ll go hang with the guys. Anyway. Man Boobz is an idiot. He spends most of his time quoting feminist blogs and defending feminists. Bad idea. Very bad idea. Feminists, and Western women in general, freely attack men and take pride in doing so. Normal women, as a Brazilian woman I know said, don’t like to attack men. “Brazilian women don’t like to challenge men. They don’t like to fight men.” And so it is. The less acculturated Latinas in my town, the most connected to Latin America, are the friendliest towards me and I assume towards men in general. They love men, and they love the sexual Dance of the Genders. The more Americanized they get, the more bitchy and in your face hostile they get. Isn’t gender feminism great? It strives to create World O’ Bitches. Yeehaw! The capitalists are giving us World O’ Crap with their planned obsolescence, and to go along with it, the feminists have ordered us up a side of World O’ Bitches, and of course, we’re picking up the tab, right “women are equal” ladies? Oh that’s right. Women are equal, except they don’t want to be! Like at the end of the meal. Silly me.

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8 thoughts on “Stomach of a Mangina”

  1. Hmmm… Feminism is the stance taken by women who believe that they are lesser than a man. What a silly and sad place to begin a movement of any sort, and how patently untrue a thing this notion is. We are not less in any way, nor are men any better than us. We are… fundamentally different. And in that lies such beauty and wonder and awe and the ability to mess with each other up in newer and more wondrous ways, with each passing generation.
    I for one would like all those bra-burning feminists to get a wax, get the wonder that is the difference between men and women and get laid.
    I love being female. I love being able to nurture, to look after, to be the softer side of the human equation. How does tis make me less. Okay issues like voting and fair pay… yes, I get that. Let’s fight for what is right.
    For all those beer-swilling, moustache-touting feminist women here’s my two cents. Stop expecting flowers on your birthday, pay half the bill on everything and come divorce ( should any man be unfortunate enough to legally attach himself to you), don’t use your child as a pawn to fleece him out of his life’s savings and expect him to keep you in the lifestyle you have grown accustomed to. After all… as a feminist you are equal, you can do anything he can do. So do what he did, take out only what you put in, if anything, and bugger off and go be really equal. Being female does not entitle you to HALF of something you never earned. I for one think men need to start fighting back, especially in the West.
    Feminism isn’t a favourite thong you wear when you feel like making a statement. It’s the very skin you wear. It’s believing you are equal… not superior, to men. The hand that rocks the cradle has ruled the world since the dawn of time. We don’t have to take centre stage in boardroom or the battlefield to be equal or demonstrate power. The Female is powerful, always was and always will be.
    Our roles as men and women are different, our bodies are different and those powerful things that rule us quite completely… our hormones… are differently balanced. Not unequally… but differently. So why mess with Mother Nature… let’s enjoy the door opening, the spoiling, the gentle treatment and let’s respond with some feminine courtesies of our own. It’s a wonderful equation – a few tweaks here and there to move with changing times are always good – but to change the equation entirely… what an ugly world that would be.
    More and more I see women using the feminist position to explain their shockingly bad social behaviour or deplorable parenting ability. You have the uterus and mammary glands… he does not. Deal with it! That child you insisted on having as your newest social accessory, ( or was it because your biological clock was about to run out of batteries) is going to need your presence more than his, the first few years of its life. Deal with that. You really can’t have it all ladies and guess what, neither can men. And that’s where we complement each other. By learning to, and wanting to give and take in equal, but different measures. Oh Happy Day!
    So, I don’t care what the Germaine Greers of this world say. I am very much a woman of this time. I have been the editor of magazines, managed teams of people, I have an MBA I paid for myself. I am a wife, I am a citizen of this world, an ardent believer in human rights; I am against the horror of speciesm (google it), I am not a mother by active choice, and I truly believe I AM NOT equal to man. I am different from him. And I love it! Mother Nature Rocks. Or to please the feminists should I say Father Nature… or will that also be seen as a problem….????

  2. Are you sure that Latina women become bitchy towards men due to American feminist culture or could it be that American men behave in a way that is different than Latin American men and this difference in behavior makes them bitchy?

    1. No, because we treat them much better than Latino men! And the less acculturated ones, even if born in the US, are pretty nice towards men. It’s a cultural thing. A Mexican woman is expected to be deferential to men or at least not to challenge or be hostile to him. If she doesn’t want to talk to him, she just acts shy and shakes her head shyly, looks down and walks away, like that.
      I know a Mexican woman and she told me it’s a big insult to be considered a bitch in Mexico. It’s a horrible thing for a woman to be. A woman is supposed to be nice. A bitchy woman is ugly, mean, acting like a man.
      The more Americanized they are, the uglier they act. Bottom line! American society sucks. Turns women into a bunch of bitches. What a joke.

    2. Yeah, we treat em better! Latino men are notoriously sexist pigs. The worst. White guys are probably a lot nicer and more proper to them, not always making passes at them or propositioning them.

    1. Thanks AJ.
      World O’ Cum. For some reason, the sight of rivers of that stuff provokes serious nausea in me. That said, I do agree a Latina woman wears thick, clumpy semen better than women of other races. Must be the olive skin.

    1. With black girls the contrast between skin and semen is harsh. Distracting.
      With white or Asian girls (especially Asian), there is not enough contrast and the effect is washed out and monochromatic.

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