Someone Explain This to Me?

Young women are always either giving me vibes of or directly accusing me of trying to pick up on them.
Which is totally bizarre, because I almost never am! In fact, the vast majority of the time, I’m not even flirting with them. I generally assume they’re not interested in me, and then I just proceed from there. But it’s as if they are paranoid. They are always twisting stuff that I say and do in a sexual direction. Comments are mistaken as attempted pickups or flirtations, looks are interpreted as come-on’s. To be honest, I’m not thinking this way at all! I usually assume, “This chick wants nothing to do with me romantically, so I’ll just have a conversation.” But the conversation keeps getting derailed because they think I’m coming onto them.
I know how to flirt, believe me. I’ve dated hundreds of females, I know what’s going on. And in general, I’m not flirting with these chicks at all. But sometimes I remark on an outfit, makeup or hair style. Is that automatically seen as flirting?
One thing that’s funny about this is with a lot of these chicks, I’m not even attracted to them! They’re flattering themselves! Believe me. And the conversation is generally not about anything that could be construed as sexual. Yet they keep interpreting it that way, even if it’s about the weather.
If I’m going to flirt, you’re going to know it!
And I’m going to try to pick up on you, you’ll know that too! For one thing, I’ll try not to walk away without a phone number.
Weird this is it’s always native-born Americans, especially White chicks, who think like this. The more assimilated Hispanics do too. The less assimilated Hispanic chicks, you can more or less talk to them about anything. They just assume that all men are pigs, plus they love men and enjoy talking to men of all ages. With the real Mexicans, the male-female dance is a lovely thing at any age.
Can someone tell me what’s going on? Is it age. I’m 53. I’m basically not allowed to converse with young chicks at all, right? I’m talking age 18-23 here.

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0 thoughts on “Someone Explain This to Me?”

    1. To Tulio:
      If a woman is being hit on.. I can see.. “the shield” effect but Rob is talking about much younger women that he is not (consciously..) hitting on… I suspect much of it is they just don’t want to talk to the old guy or be seen talking to the old guy.

      1. Yeah, this is exactly what’s going on here. It’s so weird it’s surreal.
        I’m like, “So, it was raining earlier, eh?”
        Young chick’s vibes: “Um, no!? Actually, I do NOT want to fuck you, old man!”
        Turns to her girlfriends while they run around, giggle and act weird.
        Me thinking: “WTF? I thought we were talking about rain. Who said I wanted to fuck you? To be honest, you’re fugly anyway. Get your mind out of the gutter, you silly young cunt.”

        1. It’s just the way it is. If a man approaches a woman for ANY reason that he doesn’t know, the woman just assumes it’s to get in her panties. Especially an older guy talking to a younger woman. And let’s be honest here, most older guys opening conversation with a younger woman ARE looking to fuck them!
          There have been times I didn’t have my watch of phone on me and needed to ask the time. Sometimes as soon as I say “excuse me….” I can already see a bit of that bitchiness pop up. That sort of “what do you want??” attitude.
          One time, this old buddy of mine, he had a girlfriend. I’d met his girlfriend a few times before and we were all cool. Then one day, I went to where this buddy was working because I needed to drop something off. I saw her walking toward the building as I was driving up in the driveway. I rolled down the window and said, “hey!” in a friendly way. She turned around and for a second didn’t recognize me. She had almost this disgusted, “what the fuck does this asshole want” look on her face. Then when she recognized I was a friend of her boyfriend, her whole demeanor instantly changed and she was friendly.
          Women just have their guard up high all the time. It’s like every man is a threat to them. Even the ones that seem friendly.

  1. Rob, you can always say “Say hello to your mother and that Rob gives his kindest regards…” and behave like you and her mom had a torrid affair.

  2. Girls tend to think of men as creepy in general. Men as in, men not immediately in their social circle. This applies to all men of all ages. I understand your frustration especially given that I am only 27 and there are some cultural stigmas you need to surpass to date a 18 year old. I’ve slept with 21 year old girls and it is fine but teenagers are from a different world these days. I suspect that this will get harder as I get older. Nonetheless, as men we become more attractive whereas women really lose out as they age. This is basic evo psych if you are interested read any pickup related material or “evolution of desire” by David Buss.
    I think guys of any age make huge mistakes on commenting on her makeup and hair, because those are SEXUAL ornaments. Regardless of your comments and their nature, it has a high tendency of being regarded as sexual. Why is this older guy commenting on my hair. Unless she likes you or she’s attracted to you otherwise, those comments can backfire. I bet it is also the way you say it too, although this is pure speculation.
    Also, women feel insecure about those comments, if they are negative in nature. “I think you look better in makeup”, for example.
    Style wise old guys, not stereotyping but they tend to be out of date. Hugh Hefner gets away with it because 1. he has style and 2. he’s got immense social value but most older men. Unfortunately there are stereotypes here and the only way to get around it is by having immense game, and a plan to create your own social circle, whereby you are well know and can dictate your own social rules.
    P.S. While traveling in Brazil I saw old men with HOT young Brazilian girls all the time. It was based on the sex ratio and the high income imbalance in the country.

    1. I think that I can’t make comments about their hair or clothes at all. I’ve been told that I can’t say that at all.
      Frankly, I think these young bitches simply don’t want me talking to them in any way whatsoever, about anything on Earth whatsoever. Which is a bit weird since they are in a serve the public type job where they work at a cash register for tips all day and are expected to serve the customers.
      The less acculturalted Latinas are orders of magnitude better. You can talk to them all you want and they won’t get very upset. Latinas are very, very polite and well-mannered. If she doesn’t want to talk to you, she will just walk away shyly with her head down shaking her head. This goes for guys too. In general, the less acculturated Hispanic males are very polite and friendly. Being rude is a terrible thing in Old Mexico. You’re acting like a scumbag or a criminal. As young Latinos and Latinas get more acculturated and Americanized, they turn into your typical, everyday young American assholes and bitches.
      There is something to be said for the time-honored ways of the 3rd world nations.

    2. I understand your frustration especially given that I am only 27 and there are some cultural stigmas you need to surpass to date a 18 year old. I’ve slept with 21 year old girls and it is fine but teenagers are from a different world these days. I suspect that this will get harder as I get older.
      It gets a LOT worse as you get older. Since about age 47 or so, it’s been a nightmare as far as young chicks, like 18-23 or so. They’ve more or less been accusing me over and over of sexual harassment.
      Thing is, I don’t act any different than I ever did! I’m acting the same way I did my whole life, and I never got accused of that before. All of a sudden, I’m too old, and I have to change everything I do. I have to watch how I look at women. I have to figure out their age, and then adjust whether or not/how long I look at them. I have to figure out age to judge whether or not I can approach them or talk to them or not. I have to monitor all kinds of weird psychological geopolitics dealing with different young chicks and different groups of young chicks like do they hate me or what? What did that comment/reaction mean anyway? Stuff like that. You get a little paranoid after a bit, and it’s a good way to be, since a little paranoid, and you fuck up less.
      It’s *all* about age. 100%! Ok? You got it, man.

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