RR and Reality Check Just Got Banned

Boy, RR sure didn’t last long, did he? Rightwingers never last long here anyway. Reality Check is the Super Jew named Angela, formerly of the East Bloc. She got banned before, but then she got a new name and came back surreptitiously, and then got banned again. Reality Check has been over at Jacob Bauthumely’s blog, asking similarly snarky questions and making a nuisance out of herself, so I guess she just gets off on being unpleasant. It was difficult of me to make these two decisions, and I worried about causing an uproar among readers, but I actually think most of you will be smiling or even jumping for joy. I get the feeling that neither of them is well-liked around here. Please don’t let it inhibit the rest of you. These decisions are undertaken only after serious deliberation and we don’t like to do it, since it inhibits and frightens everyone else.

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0 thoughts on “RR and Reality Check Just Got Banned”

      1. Angela engages in stealth snarkiness. Her pygmy remark seemed harmless upon first glance, but it turned out she was indeed making an insulting wise crack.
        What specifically was she being snarky about in this instance?

        1. You can’t tell? She accused me of being an anti-Black and anti-Hispanic racist, and then suggested that I was probably also an anti-Jewish and anti-Asian racist.
          Angela’s a super-Jew. She’s sort of a rightwing super-Jew too, which is really bad. An anti-Communist from the former USSR, she is a staunch promoter of capitalism. But then she’s “Left” on the race and gender.
          She was accusing me of being an anti-Semite, being an anti-Black and anti-Hispanic racist and being a sexist misogynist the whole time she was on here. Angela’s a typical example of the totally worthless cultural Left types who are basically rightwing on economics. Worst of both worlds.
          I’m glad she’s gone!

        2. Stealth snarkiness is right. I don’t need it.
          I have tons of enemies in real life, I get hate mail all the time, I have enemies all over the web, but the one place I can control is my website. It’s so obvious that she disliked me from the day she showed up.

        3. Upon further review, you’re right. She was subtly suggesting that you’re an anti-Semite and anti-Asian racist.
          Like I said, she’s a lot more devious in terms of her snarkiness.
          I too am glad that she’s gone.

    1. This is the post that got her banned. That was one in a huge series of snarky posts.
      RR said, “America, love it or leave it,” to me, when he had just been told that saying that gets you banned. You can’t say that to me on here. I will ban anyone who says that to me. Just like that.

  1. Let’s see, no more Angela, Mort Goldman. Olive and David also haven’t been around as of late.
    Gee, have all the Jewish commenters been scared away 🙂

    1. Mort left, but we are still friends. He just does not like to get in flame wars with anti-Semites, that’s all. David is still around, just not much.
      And AJ is 1/4 Jewish and went to a Hillel Jewish school in the USSR.

  2. Ive been trying to get JewAmongYou to hang out here. I think the interactions between him and Lindsay would be fascinating, to say the least.

    1. Even though you don’t like his ideology (for perfectly understandable reasons), JAY is an okay guy on a personal level.
      He’s not the kind of person who gets into flame wars.

  3. What is he like in person? Im familiar with Amren, and I know JAY is pretty involved with them. Now, im not saying this to be a jerk or anything, but Im going to guess that like most White Nationalists, he is a very stiff, uber-conservative, capitalism loving, very square and dry person. am I right in my hypothesis, Lindsay?

  4. So that was Angela again, Robert? Go figure, and she accuses you of being an anti-semite. A guy who would probably have been born Jewish, given the choice.
    She claimed I was an anti-semite to, simply because I spoke about a Jewish roommate I had. A guy who lived up to many of the Jewish stereotypes, and I have no doubt he now has a Ph.D in economics, and a great living to boot.
    According to her, that made me an anti-semite.

    1. I see you are glad she’s gone. La Fleur cheered when I first banned her. She said, “Yes! We have no hasbara!”
      I think most are glad to see the back of her. She’s a Professional Jew. They see anti-Semites everywhere.

        1. Absolutely!
          I don’t mind mellow Jews like David or Olive.
          Angela, on the other hand, as you’ve said, is a super Jew.
          I certainly won’t miss her, that’s for sure.

  5. Robert, has the guy from “Stuff Black People Hate” ever posted on here?
    No, not at all. I think he shut down his site. He’s funny though, I have to admit, and a damn good writer too.

  6. whats ironic is black boys absolutely white men that fuck their bitches. see obsidian files. A black boy in America just cant fathom the idea that a black woman desire a White man. Also, black boys 99% of the time get the fatties, while White men get thin, attractive, non-ghetto black girls.

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