On the Non-persistance of Any Jewish Agenda

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In the comments section, Z, a very smart commenter, deals with the “Jews are bad for Whites” thing and takes on the anti-Black nastiness that pervades the whole White nationalist movement. Z’s an anti-Semite, but we allow anti-Semites on the board. The only rule is that they have to eat the Matzos and drink the Manischewitz grape wine when we serve it.
He’s a soft White nationalist, but he’s for Blacks. I think this is healthy.
If you love yourself, surely you can love others? So, if you’re ethnocentric, surely you can love other ethnics, right? I’m for me and my people. I look in the mirror and like what I see. I proud of the good things my people have done in our history, and I’m proud of my ancestors. That’s normal, healthy, human thinking. Why should I hate anyone else?
Why does self-love equate to hatred of others? It doesn’t necessarily work that way on the individual level, so why should it on the ethnic or tribal level?
Z writes:

Though I read it often, I’m not a huge fan of American Renaissance because of the blatant and over-the-top anti-Black/African stance of the commenters there, and also because they totally ignore/censor articles, posts, and discussion regarding the Jewish Question.
Obviously though, AmRen is fully correct when it comes to the current mass-immigration issue.
Anyhow, being anti-Black is bottom of the barrel racism in my opinion, too easy, too simple-minded…too desperate, too low.
I am from the South so perhaps I am more sympathetic to the plight of African Americans than most White Americans because I grew up amongst them, went to school with them, played sports with them, and have seen the poverty/degradation/ignorance in which many of them unfortunately live.
And just to say: a system of local agrarian socialism would be an excellent system in helping many African Americans become more communally sufficient, because many Blacks in America are still very rural and they actually own a lot of good agricultural land too in America nowadays.
In my opinion though, if one wants to understand the real cancer eating away at White/Euro cultures, one must confront the Jews. Jews have done more damage and will continue to do more damage to White/European majority societies than Blacks ever did or will do.
In fact, Jews were in many ways central to the slave trade which brought hordes of African slaves on to American shores over the centuries (I intend to eventually post about this on my blog when I become more active on there).
Damn, Jews have been promoting ‘multiculturalism’ for a long damn time, haven’t they?

I respond: I don’t think it makes sense to blame the whole slave trade on the Jews. That’s not rational.
My problem with the whole “Jews are the enemy of our race” thing is that a Hell of a lot of the folks singing this multiculti tune are not Jews. They’re just White Gentiles. All these people writing pro-immigrant articles on our papers – White Gentiles. The Open Borders Lobby – the Whites in it are Gentiles.
I have another problem with this – if it’s so obvious that the Jews are bad for White Gentiles, why don’t ethnocentric White Gentiles just ignore them every time they come on TV, or start mouthing off in the press?
Turn on your Jew Filter, and set it to High Cynicism. To be completely honest, I do something like this myself. I have no illusions about the Jews. They’re for the Jews, but they hardly ever come out and say so. So you have to subject their communications to a little “deconstruction”.
I know a White Gentile who does this right now – he points out every time a Jew is on TV. It so happens that it seems like it’s about 50% of the time! To say that he takes what they say with a huge grain of salt would be underestimating him. The guy I’m thinking of is a Communist, albeit an ethnocentric White Gentile one.
Are White Gentiles really so stupid that they let themselves be led around by the nose by some petty little self-interested tribe? I’m not sure if I have that much respect for them then. Maybe they deserve what they get. You should be attuned enough to your self-interests not to let some frankly inconsequential little pissant tribe lead you around like a mule.
It’s true that the Jews pushed the 1965 Act and opposed the earlier Act in the 1920’s.
The Jews hate monolithic cultures, especially White Christian cultures. Historically, these cultures have been bad for the Jews, to put it mildly. So they want to make them into multiethnic cultures that will be safer for the Jews.
Jews just promote what’s good for the Jews, that’s all. If monoethnic White Christian cultures were good for the Jews and multiethnic cultures were bad for them, they would be promoting White Christian monoethnic cultures and opposing multiethnic ones. You would find no greater foes of multiculturalism than the Jews, trust me on that.
No one out here in California cares about Black people. There are not enough of them around. I agree with Z that picking on Blacks is just the lowest of the low. You call that creative thinking? Come on. Talk about beating a guy when he’s down. Talk about an easy target.
The Jews are relatively amoral on their project – there is no set agenda behind it. When Communism was good for the Jews, they promoted Communism. When capitalism was good for the Jews, they promoted capitalism. In general, there’s no overriding Jewish agenda other than the classic, “Is it good for the Jews?”.

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  1. I attended Hillel for several years, which is a jewish school, and I never heard any of this wacky stuff. jews are just like anybody else. not once did they teach us that we superior, or to hate white people. wtf! I disagree with this jewish paranoia, its just silly.

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