The Conspiratorial View of Human Motivation is False

Bay Area Guy continues to push his conspiratorial view of human cognition and motivation:

Yeah, well of course they’re not going to come out and say, “Oh yeah, we support this because we want to weaken whites and increase our own standing as a result.”  But alas, that’s what happens, and that mentality plays a big role in them supporting open borders.

Problem with you guys is you believe in the conspiratorial view of human thought. You think most humans think conspiratorially like Karl Rove or some snarky political operatives. But they don’t. Most people don’t base their views on some big picture conspiratorial politics. Blacks don’t support stuff in order to weaken the Whites and empower their group. Hispanics don’t promote illegals so they can supplant Whites in the US and become the dominant group. That’s thinking big picture, conspiracy, snarky political operative thinking. Most people just don’t think like that. Your average Joe doesn’t do “big picture” type thinking. This is fallacy. Hispanics support illegal immigration due to ethnic politics. Illegals are Hispanics, and they want to support their own people. Plus they probably know a lot of illegals. Also, a lot of anti-immigration Whites are racist assholes who hate Hispanics. Hispanics think, “I should line up with my enemy why now?” They’re not rubbing their hands together cooking up plots for taking over the US and relegating Whites to second class status. This is insane White nationalist fantasy. I think what’s going on here is that White nationalists, like most ethnic nationalists, are paranoid and conspiracy minded. They do not have healthy personalities in general. Hence, they tend to use projection, a shitty immature defense mechanism that, though widely used, is properly battled by healthier personalities as regression and immoral to boot. Let’s see if projection is healthy thinking. I’m a slob, ok? Because I’m an immature and non-adult weenie, I’m going to deny that I’m a slob because I’m too childish to face facts. Fine, lot of “adults” do that. But to take things immorally further, I will not only deny that I’m a slob but I will project my guilt at being a slob off on you, an innocent person who is neat as can be. Sucks or what? So White nationalists project. They’re paranoid and conspiracy minded. They deny these things because they are ashamed of them, then project their guilt at feeling this way off onto their enemies, the other races, accusing them of being paranoid and conspiratorial.

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0 thoughts on “The Conspiratorial View of Human Motivation is False”

  1. Robert, it goes without saying that there is a paranoid element that rears its head.
    At the same time, a lot of what white nationalists say is indeed correct, and you cannot just dismiss what they’re saying by calling them “paranoid conspiracy theorists.”
    And yes, I have certain personal issues and hang-ups. I have no problem with denying that. I’m hardly perfect.
    I just happen to have a very Machiavellian view of the world. Take that as you will.

    1. *Some* of what they say is correct. They are best on anecdotes. Did you see their comments on the Amren piece of mine recently. Some excellent anecdotes about Black behavior. Superb. Where they fuck up is seeing your ordinary Joe Shmoe schmuck as some kind of scheming conspirator rubbing his hands together.
      These WN’s think people are smarter than they really are. Would it be smart for Blacks to push fuck Whitey up the Blacks politics? Sure! Would it be smart for Hispanics to promote illegals to supplant Whites to second class status and dominate them? Sure!
      But do people really think like this? No way. Your average person just isn’t that smart, plus they don’t do big picture conspiracy stuff. Maybe a few do. Most people hardly even think off much into the future. *Seriously*!

      1. These WN’s think people are smarter than they really are.
        Yeah, in spite of the fact that they talk about black IQ, they see black people as conniving conspirators.
        I guess they regard blacks as not being book smart, but being racially smart. In fact, Jared Taylor has said that he admires black racial consciousness.
        I guess the problem is that online, you’re not talking to your average person. Your average person most likely does not spend time commenting on blogs.
        Maybe I just need to take a break from blogs and focus more on everyday people.
        Don’t get me wrong, I have plenty of friends in the real world, of various backgrounds.
        I just turn into a completely different person online.

  2. So ultimately, they’re right for the wrong reasons. I’d have to say that’s better than being wrong for the right, or for that matter, wrong reasons.

      1. Well, what I mean is that the white supremacists are right that Hispanics support laxer immigration, if not because they want to weaken America, but because of racial solidarity.

      2. When Hispanics help illegals, whether because of loyalty to the wrong side of the border or because they want to weaken America, the end result is the same: They are helping the enemy and weakening America!

  3. Ironically, Hispanics who help illegals ARE lining up with the enemy: They’re cutting their own wages, helping to usher in their own replacements!
    They see themselves as somehow “indispensable”, perhaps?

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