Politricks as an Evil Means for Good Ends

BAG notes that he hates Politricks due to its sleazy nature:

BAG: Many flesh-and-blood people aren’t exactly thrilled about abortion and gay marriage either. I guess black leaders really are that out of touch, or are simply on the payroll of the party/corporate machine.
RL: It’s all part of the Great Coalition my friend. Party politics. You go along with the whole package. The Black leaders go along with the package because there is a reward in it for them if they do. Politics is sleazy, but it’s rational and very important.
BAG: This is why I hate politics.

I don’t mind Politricks. Sure, it’s sleazy as Hell, but so is America, capitalism, getting laid, the rat race, all kinds of stuff. Thing is, I am a political animal. I think Politricks effects me personally. Sure, you have to be snarky, sleazy and evil to play the game, but the other side is being just as evil, or even worse. And if you don’t play sleazy and evil, the Bad Guys on the other side win, get in power, and every single day they pass some bill that makes you want to tear your hair out or go shoot up the nearest mall.
So it’s worth it in the end to keep the Good Guys in power and keep the Bad Guys (forces of evil) out. All the sleaze and snarky evil methods are worth it in the end. Whatever it takes to keep the Enemy out of power!

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0 thoughts on “Politricks as an Evil Means for Good Ends”

  1. i like South Park’s treatment of the topic of abortion. Mr Garrison proclaiming how great abortions are, and in one episode they show Christopher Reeves sucking the juices out of aborted fetuses.
    Abortion is practically a rite-of-passage for women in America.

    1. Abortion is practically a rite-of-passage for women in America.
      It used to be really bad in the 1970’s and early 80’s. We had lots of girls getting pregnant at my school, but they all got abortions. Nice White girls just didn’t have babies in high school. That’s “acting like a Black or a Mexican.” A gf of mine had an abortion, but I’m sure it wasn’t mine. The baby was some other guy’s, her main bf.

      1. Of course not. Jews and Asians are civilized. They act like good, middle class White people, which we were.
        Keep in mind this was in a middle – upper middle – upper class White community on the beach in S. California in the 1970’s.
        Jews and Asians were de facto Whites, and no one gave two shits about them one way or the other. One of the greatest surfers of all was an Asian – Bobby Nishi. He’s still around. The Jews and Asians just acted like regular White people. They were totally assimilated to White middle-class culture and had left their cultures behind.
        This sort of shaming is a good thing!

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