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As you can see, I have a permanent “community ban” from Wikipedia. Reason? “Hatemonger.” LOL, “hatemonger” means anyone that the Wikipedia Jews don’t like. The banner was Super-Jew jpgordon, one of the biggest assholes on all of Wikipedia and one of the leaders of the Wikipedia Jews, a small cabal of super-Jews and hasbara types who run amok on Wikipedia, policing it day and night for “anti-Semites,” “hatemongers,” and “Nazis.” All you have to do to get a ban on those grounds is edit pages in a pro-Palestinian manner.
As you can see jpgordon is still slaving away, chasing down dirty anti-Semite wabbits and keeping Wikipedia safe for Jewish Demogogueracy.
One more thing. Before I got banned, I was very surprised to find myself on a “Wikipedia Neo-Nazi List.” This is some pitiful list the Wikipedia Jews keep all the time. To get on the “Neo-Nazi List” is pretty easy: all you need to do is piss off the Wikipedia Jews. Wa-la!
Here’s a list of my contributions. See any hatemongering in there? Didn’t think so. I spent a number of hours working very hard on those contribs, then those scumbag Wikipedia Jews went through and reversed all of my changes for no reason. Then they went back over my old stuff on things like rock music, languages, ethnic groups, geography, uncontroversial stuff, and reversed all of those changes too. Quite a few hours of hard work totally down the drain.
The problem with the Wikipedia Jews is that they are such assholes that many non-bigoted folks, after having been abused by these clowns, might just want to go join a Nazi party!
I wouldn’t advise anyone to go work on Dikipedia. So many better ways to waste your time. Listen to music. Read a book. Meditate. Do some yoga. Or whatever. Anything but that.

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17 thoughts on “My Wikipedia User Page”

  1. I hate it when someone on a forum posts a link to Wikipedia like it’s an authoritative source. The only useful thing about it is the references. People act like it’s Encyclopedia Brittanica, and it’s just garbage.
    What a world, what a world.

  2. I tried conservapedia, but its a fucking joke. its PC, and also very anti russia and anti putin. have you ever visited Metapedia? its the favorite of Stormfront, and unintentionally hilarious. We can only pray that the Abagonds of this world create their version. Afropedia, it would be a well of new knowledge and insights, im sure.

  3. lol no. why would I? im not a nazi. plus, i have dirty slavic blood running through my veins. Im pretty sure Im not Aryan enough. have you?

    1. @AJ
      Are you an ethnic Russian born in Russia that emigrated to the US in the 80’s or 90’s or are you the son of Russian mother or father or both?
      From what I can tell Russians that emigrated from Russia during the 80’s/early 90’s are very anti-Russian.

  4. one of my parents is 100% Ukrainian, the other is half-ashkenazi jewish and half ethnic Russian. I was born in Russia and havge always considered myself more Russian than anything else, its my main identity. I emigrated in the 90’s when I was an infant. I really disagree with you. I actually have never met any anti-russian ethnic Russians. Maybe minority groups like Caucasian Muslims or Jews, but not Russian Slavs. My family is anti-communist, but that doesnt mean I hate my own homeland. When you encountered these Russian Russophobes, what were their reasons for being anti-russian?

    1. Just on blogs and it is usual commentary you get with Rothschild’s Economist newspapers Edward Lucus plus I don’t see any Russian group support like Poles, Ukranians, Jews, etc.
      Apart from Anatoly Karlin there is no other ethnic pro-Russian blogger.
      During the 2008 Georgia war most Russian-Americans said they would vote for McCain.

      1. Does Rothschild really run The Economist?
        During the 2008 Georgia war most Russian-Americans said they would vote for McCain.
        See? They’re a bunch of rightwingers. All these immigrants to the US fleeing from Left countries are a bunch of rightwingers. That’s why they emigrate. If they like socialism, they stay home. If they hate it, they come here. And make even more shitty rightwing politics.

        1. @Robert Lindsay
          They Rothschild family has major shares in The Economists group although not the majority that own The Economist newspaper but I suspect that the other investors and the Pearson PLC that has 50% has Rothschild or Rothschild linked people who are the major investors like Khoderkovsky who owned Yukos or J P Morgan in the US.
          They also have Rothschild agents like George Soros and Warren Buffet(?).
          They are very good at hiding there financial assets and investments including off shore banks.
          The Economist Group is an associate and not a subsidiary of Pearson PLC. The Financial Times Limited, which is a Pearson subsidiary, owns 50% of the share capital of The Economist Group but does not have a controlling interest. The bulk of the remaining 50% is owned by individuals including members of the Rothschild banking family of England. The Economist Group operates as a separate and independent business.”

          This was a good website that listed Jacob Rothschild investments in companies at home and abroad that I found on Br Nathanial’s site ( but unfortunately it no longer operates.
          ‘Lord’ Jacob Rothschild: (Born 1936) Chairman of N.M. Rothschild & Sons in London which has 47 offices world wide. He is also Chairman of Rothschild Investment Trust.
          ~ Rothschild Investment Trust has predominant holdings in companies such as Royal Dutch Shell Petroleum; Vickers of England (the world’s largest munitions factory); Shinsei Bank of Japan; Vivendi Universal Media of France; Laesquadra Copper Mines of Mexico; The Economist News; Lukoil; Deutsche Borse Group of Frankfort Germany (dominates European securities trading); DeBeers Mining; and Phelps Dodge Copper Mines; all HERE.

  5. I wouldn’t touch it with a 10 foot pole and an 11 foot extension. I don’t like most White advocates. Especially those idiots. Metapedia is run by a bunch of Nazis. Basically White nationalists.

  6. Ah, yes. Good ‘ole JPGordi. He fucking banned me to. Something minor…But he is the anointed internet warrior in defense of all things Jewish.
    I am surprised they deleted your account. Sounds personal now. 😀

    1. Oh, it’s personal all right. I wrote up my banning on my site and it got a lot of hits. Some of the big hitters on Dickipedia protesting my banning, but the Wikipedia Jews, jpgordon and JEWjg, I mean jayjg, furiously dug in their heels and said, “No way! No compromise on Lindsay!”
      There’s a record of that debate in the admin logs somewhere. Some admins were pretty upset about the Jews banning me.

  7. anatoly karlin is great! i read his blog all the time. he really puts to rest all those Steynian “russian people are going extinct” memes that are floating around on the internet! Well, im the most liberal person in my family here in the US, and yes, most of them supported Mccain and the GOP. Robert, your right I guess about legal immigrants being pretty right-wing. speaking of the Georgia war, what is your stance on it?

    1. Of course I supported Russia! But Russia had a cynical position. We are Leftwingers here. We support the right to self-determination in many cases. I would love to see Abkhazia go free. No one recognizes them because they split from the West’s butt buddy, Georgia. Everyone recognized Kosovo because they split from the West’s enemy, Serbia. Screw NATO hypocrisy. NATO and US imperialism is seriously trying to screw Russia. Georgia was one of the last straws. Putin is a good man. He’s standing up for Russia and fighting back against NATO imperialism!
      But I also want self-determination for the Caucasus, so it cuts both ways you know.
      Steyn hates Russia because he’s a neocon Jew. Lot of Jews hate Russia. I knew a Ukrainian Jew once, and he hated Ukraine and Russia both. He lived in Ukraine and the guy was basically a traitor. He really pissed me off the way he dissed his country. He would not even admit to being a Ukrainian. When I met him, I asked him if he were a Ukrainian, and he said, “No! I am Jew!” What an asshole. The guy was born in the Ukraine.
      I have issues with the US, but I’m a 100% red, white and blue American! This is my country, and it’s part of my flesh and blood.

  8. well, thats definetly honorable, to be proud of your nation. I have wanted to join the military here for a long time, but ultimately Im loyal to my homeland and I dont want to be a traitor. Yeah, NATO double standards are ridiculous. Those 2 nations declared independence from Georgia, and Georgia invaded. I understand that Kosovo is 90% Albanian, but as a Russian and as a Slav, I say Kosovo is Serbia! Its the double standard that really pisses me off. the US neocons have totally lost Ukraine, btw. I am half Ukrainian and try to keep up. Ukraine will never never ever join NATO now, and the neocon supported “orange revolution” has backfired. The oranges are rotting and Ukraine is now more pro-Russian than ever. Robert, how come you consider America to be your flesh and blood when its a diverse multicultural nation? Didnt your your leader Obama say being an American is not a matter of blood or creed, but beliefs, or something to that effect?

  9. This is exactly why i say fuck the jews. FUCK THE JEWS I fucking HATE them and just want to see all of em die die DIE. I just cant fucking standz ze Joos. Heil Hitler! Jews are the WORST people on earth. Fuck em all.

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