US Adult Black-White IQ Gap Now 13.2 Points, Not 15 Points

Repost from the old site. I’ve already gone over this before, but it’s worth another post, because most folks haven’t heard of it. It appears, looking at the chart below, that IQ’s have been renormed in the US. That’s the only way to explain the anomalous IQ scores for both Blacks and Whites. With the renorming, on the WAIS: US White adult IQ = 102.6 (103)* US Black adult IQ = 89.1 (89)* B-W gap for age 25+ = 13.5 points. With (my) renorming, on the AFQT: US White IQ = 103 (103)* US Black adult IQ = 88.6 (89)* B-W gap for 18-23 yrs old = 14.4 points With the renorming, on the Stanford-Binet (ages 3-23): US White IQ 3-23 yrs = 102.9 (103)* US Black IQ 3-23 yrs = 92.1 (92)* B-W gap for 3-23 yrs old = 10.8 points With the renorming, on the WAIS (ages 18-24): US White IQ 18-24 yrs = 102.6 (103)* US Black IQ 18-24 yrs = 90.9 (91)* B-W gap for 18-24 yrs old = 11.7 points With the renorming, on the WISC (ages 6-16): US White IQ 6-16 yrs = 103.2 (103)* US Black IQ 6-16 yrs = 91.7 (92)* B-W gap for 6-16 yrs old = 11.5 points Averaging the three tests for adults together, we get a B-W gap of 13.2 points, not 15 points. Averaging two tests together for young Blacks from 3-23, we get a B-W gap of 11.2 points, not 15 points. The change was that previously IQ was normed at US White IQ = 100. It’s now US population IQ = 100. So both Blacks and Whites went up.

These scores are taken from this paper, and indicate varying scores for IQ tests and semi-IQ tests taken over about 30 years. As you move down in each individual row, you move into revised versions of the tests in more recent years. As you can see, White adult IQ (age 25+) in the US is now 102.6, or 103 rounded off. Black adult IQ (age 25+) has increased in recent years to 89.1 or 89 rounded off. There remains a 13.5 point gap between Blacks and Whites. It is no longer appropriate to say that Blacks have an IQ of 85. The B-W child gap is about 11 points. On the Stanford-Binet test, which can be given to both children and adults, there is a 10.8 point gap, but it would be nice to see who the S-B was given to, kids or adults. I suspect kids. If you notice, even the White score on the AFQT (Armed Forces Qualifying Test) is low – it’s 100, when it ought to be 103. If you read the text, the AFQT was not renormed. White IQ was set at 100 by Flynn and Dickens “by convention”. They’re just setting 100 as average White IQ on that test. That’s equivalent to the pre-renorming IQ tests that also set 100 at US White IQ. Post renorming, we find the Black score at 88.6 and the White score at 103. This is quite close to the 89.1 Black score for the WAIS. The gap between the US White and Black scores on the AFQT is 14.4. If we average the three together, we get a 12.9 point B-W gap

The B-W adult IQ gap is now 13 points in the US for adults on the WAIS and the AFQT. The 15 point B-W IQ gap is gone; it’s been closing a bit lately, so we ought to quit saying “15 point IQ gap”. And in kids, the B-W IQ gap on the WISC is down to 11.5 points. On the Stanford-Binet, the B-W IQ gap is down to 10.8 points. It was given to persons aged 3-23 – kids and young adults. The new figures are being criticized because they left off some tests. But those tests are not even used very much. The WISC, the WAIS and the Stanford-Binet are the gold standards for intelligence testing. The other tests are Johnson-Woodcock, Wonderlic, Differential Ability, K-ABC. Some of these tests are “quick and dirty” IQ tests. The Wonderlic, for example, is widely used in the NFL. I never realized they tested these apes for brains. It takes only 12 minutes. In contrast, the WAIS and the Standford-Binet can take up to 1-2 hours.


Dickens, William T. & Flynn, James R. October 2006. Black Americans Reduce the Racial IQ Gap: Evidence from Standardization Samples. Psychological Science.
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0 thoughts on “US Adult Black-White IQ Gap Now 13.2 Points, Not 15 Points”

  1. “The Wonderlic, for example, is widely used in the NFL. I never realized they tested these apes for brains.”
    That was one of the funniest things I’ve never heard you say! LOL!

  2. I think I want to get another IQ test. I’m seriously afraid mine may have dropped in the last 5 years. My attention span has gotten really bad. I’m not even sure I can make it through an IQ test anymore without getting bored and my mind wandering off.

    1. I keep the number personal, but it’s well above average, though I’m not in genius territory. Some teachers thought I was gifted, but I don’t know what they define as gifted. I think I’m bright, but I’m not sure I’d call myself “gifted”. That word makes me think of those crazy kids writing symphonies at age 8 or studying calculus in 7th grade. I was actually a pretty shitty student all the way through college, not because I was dumb, but because I just didn’t care and procrastinated on my homework and studying all the time.

      1. Gifted = 132+
        Genius = 140+
        But the genius definition is controversial. Gifted are the top 2% of the population. Geniuses are the top 1% of the population. So geniuses are no big deal really.

  3. tulio, ifeel pretty much the same as you do. Im technically “gifted” but havent done anything well, smart. the top 2% of the population!? so what? having a high IQ doesnt get me laid, does it? thats my main issue with HBD worshippers, they think IQ is everything.

    1. My IQ isn’t getting me much putang either. Or maybe I just spend too much time on internet forums and I need to get out the house more.
      IQ matters at the margins I think. If you want to launch people into space or engineer nuclear power plants, you need a high IQ. No way around it. But most jobs out there don’t need a whole lot of brain power. Most jobs are in the service industry. Isn’t Walmart America’s number one employer? How much brain power does that take? You really only need a small number of really intelligent people to design things. A larger but still small amount of people to manage things, and then everyone else is just a talking monkey.

      1. Likely. Did you read this paper?
        Rindermann, 2009. The impact of smart fractions, cognitive ability of politicians and average competence of peoples on social development

  4. So Rushton and all other white supremacists were wrong all along? Who would have thought?!! Freeman in the 1930’s already proved how Education affects IQ, and not genetics. As a matter of fact, there is no gene that is the intelligence gene, it hasnt been discovered!!!!!

  5. Your calculations are off. Here are the scores in Standard Deviations:
    You have to divide the difference of the scores by the averaged SD of the samples. The formula is: (|Xa| -| Xb|)/ Sqrt of (NaSDa^2+NbSDb^2)/(Na+Nb), where Xa and Xb are the respective scores, Na and Na are the sample sizes, and SDa and SDb are the respective standard deviations). Either way you cut it, the average SD come out to around .9SD. If you factoring in the accumulated difference across age based on all scores projected out to 2008, you get .95SD.

  6. In 2002 the U.S. Congress commissioned the Brookings Institute to compile a report on the black-white iq gap. The report was free to download from the Brookings Institure website until 2008. Since, Brookings has put together several reports to the effect that the gap is narrowing. These conclusions are based on a few obscure studies with sample sizes of about 200. No mainstream journal will publish these reports as the sample sizes for the key studies are so small as to be statistically insignificant. (cherry picked data points)
    In the 2002 report, the preliminary review sited 1.7 million AFQT”s taken from the 30’s until 2000 showed black iq’s to average 75. A sample size of 1.7 million is statistically significant. The avg of 75 was ‘consistent from year to year’. AFQT, by the way, correlates well with iq and is regarded as a reliable measure of iq (see the other Brookings Institute papers).

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