The Insanity of Unilateral Anti-Racism

Repost from the old site. In the comments section, Lafayette Sennacherib, a very smart British White guy with no interest in White nationalism, notes, regarding WN, that the WN’s do have a point:

A White Nationalist argument that has some merit is that tribal loyalties are unfortunate but inevitable, and in the face of the organised tribal interest of at least one demographic, whites should not have their hands tied behind their backs. Could you deny that there is some merit in that? 

I respond: As much as I dislike the WN’s for their overt racism and dislike for nearly all non-Whites, they are the only folks here in the US that have the balls to discuss certain truths that no one else with touch with a 10 foot pole and an 11 foot extension. I discussed this very issue with Kevin McDonald himself a while back, and he agreed with me when I said that Whites either need to go ethnocentric just like the Jews or they are going to get screwed by the ethnocentric group. That’s a problem with the Jews. Their ethnocentrism advantages them. The only sane way to fight it, or fight any competing ethnocentric ethnic, is to go ethnocentric right back on them. I’m not saying kill em, but do to the Jews whatever they do to us (they don’t kill us). Otherwise, in capitalism, an ethnocentric group will tend to win out over a less ethnocentric group. This is what commenter James Schipper means when he says that unilateral anti-racism makes no sense. It’s makes about as much sense as unilateral disarmament. As long as the opposing ethnics are racist, your group has to at least keep its guard up. You can’t go around singing Kumbaya and hugging competing ethnics while they are using racism and ethnocentricity against you. You’ll get screwed. What’s really happened here in the US is that US Whites have gone overboard for anti-racism, while frankly, I don’t think the other ethnics have. I think other ethnics mostly just use anti-racism as a club to beat Whites with whenever they get pissed at us. We are already hearing stories about Black city governments that preferentially hire Blacks and discriminate against White applicants. The insanity of the H-1B (Hindu 1-B) scab labor scam means that whole IT shops get flooded with crappy Indian cheap labor coders. Eventually, management is replaced by Indian management. Indian Hindus being very ethnocentric folks, they quickly fire all of the remaining Americans (mostly Whites) and replace them with Hindu 1-B job-thieving invaders. Jews have long practiced preferential hiring in many industries, particularly Hollywood, and it’s actually one of the secrets of their success. Jewish directors have even bragged in interviews that they preferentially hire Jews and dared anyone to do anything about it. In fact, during the civil rights struggles of the 1960’s, I believe that the Jews who were very influential in this fight tried to write the laws specifically so that Jews would not get busted for discriminatory hiring. In California, we have Hispanic employers who will openly tell you to your face that they only hire their own kind. What’s interesting about all of this is that I am not aware of any Black, Hispanic, Hindu Indian or Jewish employer who has ever run afoul of civil rights and anti-discrimination laws, nor have they ever been sued. Who bears the brunt of these laws? Whites and only Whites. As long as anti-discrimination laws are just used as clubs to beat Whites with, I can almost understand, but not condone, White racists’ opposition to them. There is another kind of discrimination that is more subtle going on now, in that the utter insanity of mass legal and illegal Mesoamerican immigration, especially in the West, has resulted in entire fields, such as construction, that are now de facto Hispanic occupations. Hispanics, almost all both legal and illegal immigrants, have been working in them for so long that when they have an opening, they just ask the other Hispanic workers, and they go get one of their Hispanic buddies. They often won’t hire Whites because they’re going to be like the only White guy on the crew. So a de facto “Hispanic old boys network” has been created. Further, formerly good-paying, often unionized, often heavily-White jobs, fields and occupations have now gone permanently low-wage and immigrant. At the slaughterhouse in Iowa that finally got raided by ICE and where 300 illegals were then hauled away, the slaughterhouse contemplated shutting down. But they quickly hauled in 300 immigrant refugee Somalis who were perfectly happy to work a very unpleasant non-union job for a crap wage and horrific treatment. In this way, the insanity of mass immigration, legal and illegal, has destroyed high-paying, unionized, heavily-White working class jobs if not forever, then at least into the foreseeable future. What’s terrifying about this is that even deporting the 12-40 million illegals in the US might not necessarily solve it. We have a venal, traitorous, America-hating capitalist class here in the US that has become addicted to cheap, often illegal, immigrant labor that they can underpay, slide on taxes, insurance and regulation with, and treat like total shit. Like a drug addict pulled off his drugs, they don’t know how to deal with the withdrawal of the crack cocaine of cheap illegal immigrant labor. They go through withdrawals and thrash around looking for some similar substitute. Going through cold turkey altogether, going clean and hiring back mostly-White legal American workers at union jobs is not even contemplated. They’re hooked on crack. Illegal alien crack. *When I say mostly-White workforce, I am speaking from my own biases. My working class friends who got screwed by illegals are overwhelmingly White. That’s not because I’m racist; it just represents the crowd I run with. I’d like to point out that the record shows that Blacks, especially Black men, make very good factory workers. After World War 2, many Blacks moved from the South to the North to work in factories. As far as I can tell, the record shows that these Black men did a good job at their often-unionized factory jobs. Although young Black men have gotten a sense of entitlement lately, I still think that union jobs paying $20 an hour and up would appeal to many Black men nowadays, young and older. I have noticed that Blacks tend to side with the illegals, possibly due to bonding with a another group they sense as oppressed by Whites. If you have read my post above, I suggest they do this at their peril and to the harm of their self-interests. Blacks need to start thinking about what’s good for Black folks, not making common cause with fellow non-Whites.

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0 thoughts on “The Insanity of Unilateral Anti-Racism”

  1. I think there is an intellectual framework within which to fight tribalism except in kind. 250 years ago, almost every white on earth lived under monarchy, state church (with power over some things), and a hereditary vocational system. Those practices were overthrown by what I consider the hallmark of white culture — the marketplace of ideas. “Tradition” stopped being a justification for anything. Today, many Westerners (although almost no one else) are even challenging the definition of “marriage” as being between a male and female, that hasn’t changed since civilization dawned.
    I do think stupid minority ideas like normative single parenthood, not knowing your homeland’s language and expecting to perform day labor for the rest of your life after dropping out of school at 26 can be challenged successfully using bad ideas concepts.
    The marketplace of ideas, though, is such a simple concept that most people don’t even think of it as a cultural value, which makes it easy for Diversitarians to deny that we even have one. The first step, though, is to convince white opinion leaders (average whites already know this) that our emphasis on the marketplace of ideas is a form of superiority over other cultures that don’t emphasize it and is a value worth preserving.

  2. Assimilated Hindus don’t seem ethnocentric me.
    “Indian Hindus being very ethnocentric folks, they quickly fire all of the remaining Americans (mostly Whites) and replace them with Hindu 1-B job-thieving invaders.”
    They are not that different than White management in that they all are trying to cut cost so that their CEO can make millions. My last campany’s CEO made over 200 million in 5-year duration with the company. My current company’s CEO makes about 30 million per year. Both CEOs are White — one WASP, another Irish.

    1. “Assimilated Hindus don’t seem ethnocentric me.
      You are either clueless, or an Indian bullshitter yourself.
      Imported “Hindu” management here in California has made many a labor attorney very rich. In India, lower and middle management can literally get away with rape. Literally. They important these values and ethics here to the U.S.
      Fortunately, we still have some meager protection for employees here in California.

      1. The key word here is “assimilated”. I don’t live in California so I don’t know what you’re taking about. Can you elaborate a little more? Where I live, “Hindu” management differs very little from “White” management.

  3. Yes, I did say that (in the post), back then. Those were the days.
    I find that British Hindus are among the LEAST ethnocentric, on the face of it anyway – so too the Chinese. They tend to mix and party, and marry with all races and creeds pretty freely – maybe not with Muslims. Muslims don’t drink, which doesn’t make them fun party people – well, I don’t drink myself now, but you know… But you shouldn’t jump to conclusions that they’re a lot of hostile jihadis, though. I’ve worked with loads of Muslims, and they’re pretty much just your average guy, or woman, just with a social life that isn’t likely to intersect with yours much.
    I have to say though that this thing about Hindus only employing other Hindus resonates a bit. Sometime in the 60s, almost suddenly, it seemed nearly every corner shop in the UK and newsagent seemed to be taken over by S. Asians ( not long after Idi Amin threw them out of Uganda – they had British citizenship for historical reasons), and I think it was mostly Hindus, but I’m pretty sure there are some Muslim chains – they tend to be franchises, you know newsagents/grocers or minimarts. Even now, these chains of small stores are ALWAYS managed by Asians. The ‘left’ doesn’t have a problem with this ” they’re family businesses” Right, a chain of a hundred or more minimarts all staffed by relatives of the boss? “They work all hours [they do, and it was a real convenience in the 60s], and barely make ends meet. ” Well, that may be true, but it doesn’t have any bearing on why the franchises are consistently going to S. Asian origin Hindus or Muslims depending on the particular chain. I don’t know if anyone’s ever done a survey of this; I’ve a feeling sociologists would think it ‘racist’ to even ask questions. The BNP used to mutter a bit about this, but even they don’t seem to care now – ‘jihadi terrorism’ is where the action is these days.

  4. how is the BNP doing btw? are they having a positive effect in Britain? I like their friends, the EDL. Are you a member? Im in the US but I have watched youtube videos of them, and I like them. However, I think the EDL is a little too politically correct. @Robert so are you suggesting that all whites simply become ethnocentric? the problem is that we dont all speak the same language. See latinos all speak spanish and are catholic. but whites are different. I just dont see whites becoming ethnocentric anytime soon.

    1. Well, I like White ethnocentrism. Problem is that when Whites get ethnocentric, they turn into a bunch of fuckin assholes. Look at the Tea Parties. That’s White ethnocentrism is the USA. Sucks. That’s the problem. If you encourage US Whites to get ethnocentric, all their going to do is vote for the Tea Parties and Ron Paul and stupid stuff like that.
      I can see why the Left hates White ethnocentrism.
      OTOH, if we don’t get ethnocentric, we are screwed in the face of these asshole groups like Hindus who are waging ethnic war on Whites. And the Mexicans, to some extent. They’re waging ethnic warfare against us in the construction industry. What are we going to do about it?

      1. There are white Americans who are smart enough to appreciate the good things about European culture and not go all “Blood in the Face” about it. Unfortunately white guilt is pounded into their skulls from cradle to grave. It’s much easier for someone who is a dumb asshole to begin with to be unaffected by anti-white propaganda.
        I think cultural leftism must have been a corporatist plot to destroy economic leftism from within. Whether the people inspired by Foucault and Gramsci to tear down western culture (without knowing what to replace it with) were originally part of it or just useful idiots is not clear to me.
        The original anti-racist writers like CLR James were Marxists. The people who followed them, mostly affluent liberals, stripped out the class analysis and replaced it with a religious belief in the inherent evil of white folks and western culture. I wonder if people like Noel Ignatiev even care about the damage they’ve done to the economic left. My guess is they’re motivated mostly by their own psychodramas and have no idea what they’ve done.
        I have noticed that Blacks tend to side with the illegals, possibly due to bonding with a another group they sense as oppressed by Whites.
        I think some of this solidarity is for show rather than genuine bonding, but that’s just a hunch based on things I’ve read and heard.
        I do get the feeling that CRT types in general, despite their varying and sometimes questionable levels of oppression, want to impose the same sort of endless “continuum of penance and awareness” on white people that Israel has on Germany.
        Their insistence that white people be denied any positive identity whatsoever will backfire.

        1. Excellent comment, Lafleur.
          You look at Abagond, Ank Mie, Macon D, Restructure, Nezua, etc, and you’ll see virtually ZERO class analysis or any analysis of economic inequality.
          Ank Mie almost NEVER talks about poor inner city schools in black neighborhoods, black unemployment, high infant mortality among blacks, etc.
          Most of the time, she bitches about Hollywood and certain white individuals who say insensitive things.
          If there is a black anti-racist I somewhat LIKE, it’s Boyce Watkins. Sure, he’ll bring out “institutional racism” and “white privilege” every now and then. But at the same time, he frequently discusses racism in the context of black unemployment, the lack of black capital, the need for blacks to build up their own financial institutions/power, etc.
          He speaks of racism, but integrates it with more or a class/economic analysis. And he’s one of the few black anti-racists who’s willing to admit that large scale Hispanic immigration has had a negative impact on all workers, including black ones.
          But anyway, I think you can trace this cultural leftism back to the Frankfurt School.
          The left in the U.S. has the worst possible combination: They’ve moved to the right on economic, foreign policy, and educational issues (at least leftists with power, such as Democrats, have), but they’re left on cultural issues, which involves them sucking up to blacks and Hispanics.
          And the left wonders why it’s a joke.

        2. I think that Thad said it best: Most of the blacks commenting over at Abagond are well educated, middle/upper middle class Americans with plenty of times on their hand.
          They possess far more “privilege” than the overwhelming majority of the world’s inhabitants. And yet you don’t see them searching their souls of trying to “deconstruct” their “privilege.”

      2. Unfortunately white guilt is pounded into their skulls from cradle to grave.
        You’ve got that right, Lafleur.
        In fact, I think that many white people get uncomfortable if you even say the word “white people,” because they’ve been taught that white people are evil, that any positive expressions of whiteness amounts to hatred, only they can be racist, etc. At least that’s what I was taught.
        As a result, you see a lot of what Kevin MacDonald calls “implicit whiteness.” White people will identify as “Southerners,” “Conservatives,” “Christians,” “Working Class,” etc, but not white.
        Basically, if a white person goes through school, he’ll come out thinking that whites are the worst people on the face of the earth, that all they’ve ever contributed have been slavery, genocide, pollution, death, etc.
        So it’s no wonder that they avoid explicitly identifying themselves as white.
        I do think that there will be a white backlash, which will play right into white nationalist hands.

        1. It’s funny how perception becomes reality for so many. BAG feels that whites go through school and that it teaches them to vilify white people.
          As a black, I see it the opposite. All the history is centered on European history, we have to learn who Joan of Arc was, who Julius Ceasar was, who Henry IIX was. We have to learn that whites created the greatest art on earth and Italian Renaissance Art is pretty much all that was taught. We were only taught about ancient Greek and Roman gods, even though there are interesting mythologies from all over the planet. Africa, Native American, India, Chinese art was just a footnote. I feel like all of my public education was basically teaching that whites are the epitome of civilization with no rivals. It wasn’t until my last couple years of high school that I took social studies classes that discussed sociology and the -isms.
          Sure, okay, we’re a Western country of mostly whites and most of what’s taught in history, literature and Art class is going to be centered on white people’s history, I can see the logic behind that, it is what it is…but I think you’ve got to be crazy if you really think the school curriculum is anti-white.
          If that’s the case, why does every black kid graduating from high school know who Ceasar and Napoleon are, but don’t know Mansa Musa was? Or who Tupac Amaru was? And no I’m not talking about the rapper.

        2. Perhaps it had to do with me attending schools in a very liberal area.
          Funny thing is, I actually DID have to read black literature.
          “A Lesson Before Dying,” “Invisible Man,” and “A Different Mirror: A History of Multicultural America” by Ronald Takaki were a few books I read in middle and high school.
          In elementary school, I even learned about John Brown, Ank Mie’s hero (and only good white person in her mind).
          Maybe it just has to do with the region I live in. And yes, you’re right, perception often is reality for many people. It is for me.
          Funny thing is, we never learned about Joan of Arc or the Renaissance.
          Regarding things European, I did learn about ancient Greece (but we also did ancient Egypt), the industrial revolution, and certain elements of American history.
          But no, my education was hardly pro-white. In fact, during an A.P. U.S. history class, we even had a debate on whether or not Andrew Jackson represented the common man, with most people saying no because blacks and women weren’t included. Hardly the “eurocentric” curriculum that Abagond thinks exists.
          I went away from school with the feelings that all whites are good for is:
          -Brutal imperialism
          -Ignorance of other cultures
          -Lynchings (one of my classes had a whole lecture dedicated to lynchings. After the lecture, one of my Hispanic buddies told me that, “this makes me want to kill all white people”)
          We killed the Indians, enslaved blacks, set up apartheid in South Africa, colonized the world, invented racism.
          I live in a city where the mayor is a white woman, the mayor of the city next door (Oakland) is a black man, the two senators of California are Jewesses, the mayor of the city where I attend my UC is Korean, the majority of the student body at my college is non-white, I’ve had very few white gentile male professors, I’m often the only white guy around (both here and in high school), our president is a black man, our Attorney General is a black man, 9/21 of the top cabinet members are non-white (actually making them over-represented), until Rahm Emanuel left, the top two advisors to Barack Obama were Jewish, etc.
          So forgive me if I’m having trouble seeing this “white male dominance” that everyone speaks of.
          My perception as a white kid who was often a minority throughout adolescence (and still is, in many ways) and who grew up in the most liberal part of the country does indeed impact how I look at the world around me.

        3. Because of my own personal experience, I simply have ZERO sympathy for blacks or others.
          And to add on, since this is a Western country and is still majority white (and was close to 90% white back during the early 60s), then it would be a crime if the majority of the curriculum WASN’T eurocentric.
          I mean, do people complain about the school curriculum in China being “Han Chinese-centric?”

        4. Now sure, one could argue that perhaps my curriculum was “eurocentric.”
          Ie. the role of slavery in the industrial revolution wasn’t discussed, the European enlightenment was taught, but it wasn’t framed as hypocrites preaching the enlightenment while practicing slavery, we don’t learn much about Africa (besides it being colonized), etc.
          Sure, on balance, one could reasonably argue that the curriculum is more pro-European than pro-African or pro-Asian. I could buy that.
          But at the same time, I was taught to hate myself by my teachers and peers. I came away with the feeling that I am the embodiment of pure evil and that the world will be much better off when my kind dies out.

        5. I don’t know. Perhaps white kids attending schools in the South and Midwest don’t come away with that feeling.
          But in the heavily liberal and heavily non-white Bay Area, that certainly was the case for me.

      3. Their waging ethnic warfare against us in the construction industry. What are we going to do about it?
        Doesn’t this kind of contradict what you said in the other thread about Mexicans and NCLR just being good liberals? It was seeing signs at immigration rallies demanding a halt to sweatshop raids that really pissed me off. Aren’t the NCLR lawyers fighting for the rights of corporations to keep exploiting cheap illegal labor?
        I’m a little confused.

        1. NCLR is doing that. Those signs you see are real. But Hispanics in general are not out to screw Whitey. They’re more ethnocentric than we are, though. I don’t know what happened in the construction industry. White people fired all the Whites and rehired a bunch of illegal Mexicans, and now illegal Mexicans are sort of running it. The boss says he has an opening, and the Mexicans go get one of their Mexican buddies to fill it. I doubt if they are waging deliberate ethnic war on us. It’s just sort of working out that way.
          In the fields, though, it’s a different story. The paisas (illegals) aggressively defend their territory and they do not want any Whites or even Blacks for that matter out there. Some of the locals go out and work the fields sometimes. White guys, White/Hispanic mixes. They got treated like serious shit by the paisas for invading their money making territory. That’s one reason they don’t want to go back.
          I don’t really get it. Hispanics are not out to screw Whitey, but they come from a vicious culture. I think maybe they are just trying to defend their little piece of the pie. This is mostly recent immigrants, mind you. Recall back in US history – recent immigrants of all kinds used to like to hire their own and work with their own.

        2. See, this is what is maddening.
          When white people hire fellow white people, then that’s automatically racism, ipso facto, even if there was no racism involved in a white person hiring a white person over a non-white person. In fact, whites hiring whites is automatically evidence of “white privilege.”
          And yet when non-whites blatantly hire their own, then that’s just “them defending their peace of the pie and looking out for one another,” even though they’re not behaving too differently from white employers that anti-racists and leftists abhor so much.

  5. ” how is the BNP doing btw? are they having a positive effect in Britain? ”
    No, I wouldn’t say so. They talk a good fight – if you believe their manifesto, they’re way to the left of the Trotskyists much less the Labour Party – but really they’re just nasty, rabble-rousing bigots and bullies.
    Am I a member of the EDL? Does the Pope shit in the woods? Probably, but no – I’m not that kind of geezer. I’m an unaffiliated commie anti-racist who hates anti-racists, especially Trotskyists, because the height of their ambition is to have a street-fight with some football hooligans like the EDL, and accuse other leftists of being nazis. It might sound unlikely but I’m sure there are millions like me, the millions who marched against the war who loathe the Labour Party as much as we loathe the Tories, and don’t want anything to do with crypto-jewish Marxist sects, and have no enthusiasm for the Greens.
    ” I think the EDL is a little too politically correct. ”
    LOL. How about Hitler? Did he get it right, or was he a vegetarian crypto-New Age hippy? I guess you’re maybe talking about the EDL having jewish and gay sections. Google ‘Eustonites’, ‘Decents’, have a look at the appalling Harry’s Place blog, and you’ll see the sort of zionist-promoted, ‘humanitarian interventionist’, War on Terror justifying, slimy pseudo-left ziocon Moslem hating ‘constituency’ which gives the gormless football thugs of the EDL its sprinkling of gays and jews.
    Here’s some very amusing posts from Tony Greenstein’s blog, about the co-chair of the UK zionist federation being photographed with the head of the EDL’s jewish section at a march (including photograph):
    The BNP are zionists too now, and rumoured to be getting money from the you-know-whos. This is a pattern all over Europe; the far-right are discovering a taste for electoral success, and willing to swallow their aversion to jews and sing the praises of Israel, and concentrate on Paki-bashing (as it’s quaintly known), and so they’re getting a slightly ‘fairer hearing’ in the mainstream press, tv and radio, and getting more local government seats. But they do genuinely admire Israel , for the same reason some Ulster loyalists do, because it’s a shameless racist ethnocracy.

  6. you seem to be pretty angry about the current political situation in the UK. so what is your vision for your country? what is your ideal. btw, i also noticed the far-right becoming Zionist in Europe. its actually a logical alliance, if you think about it. and no, Hitler wasnt too politically correct for me. he was an evil monster who killed my family. however, i think the EDL is too politically correct because they arent explicitly about the indigenous English. they say “black and white unite”. blacks arent English. wtf

  7. A very wise history professor of mine once said that historically speaking, formerly oppressed and marginalized groups do not want actual equality, but rather special privileges of their own.
    Therefore, when non-whites claim that “they just want equality and respect” and that they want to live in harmony with white people, DO NOT BELIEVE THEM.
    They claim that they want to end all forms of “privilege,” which often involves railing against “white privilege.” But don’t be fooled. They don’t want to create an equal society. They just want to be the ones with privilege.
    As pointed out above and elsewhere, when actually GIVEN THE OPPORTUNITY to discriminate against whites and favor their own kind, they do.
    Listen to me, my fellow white people: Non-whites (mainly blacks and Hispanics) are ethnocentric, they look out for their own kind, and they certainly have no love for us.
    What does this mean? It means that we have to be equally ethnocentric, favor our own kind, and not back down.
    Unilateral racial disarmament on the part of whites is suicidal. Other groups aren’t disarming, so neither can we.

  8. why dont you go out and do something about it instead of all the other white nationalists who rail on on the internet. start an organization in your school, or set up a White scholarship fund. your not changing anything, are you?

  9. I have noticed that Blacks tend to side with the illegals, possibly due to bonding with a another group they sense as oppressed by Whites. If you have read my post above, I suggest they do this at their peril and to the harm of their self-interests. Blacks need to start thinking about what’s good for Black folks, not making common cause with fellow non-Whites. – Robert
    This may happen far less often than one may assume.
    I have met and spoke with plenty of Black Americans who are not at all keen on the fact that foreigners are competing and taking their job opportunities from them. Some, nay many of these are also self-described Liberals and ‘Obama voters’, but still resent the importation of foreign wage coolies.
    The Blacks that I have found to be the most unreasonable in this regard are what is known as the ‘Professional Blacks’ (as some call them – ‘BUP-ies). And professional I do not mean they necessarily work in a profession, just that their whole life identity is that of being ‘Black’.
    Kinda like the Congressional Black Caucus, who never saw an immigration bill that they didn’t like 🙁

    1. What you see here with these professional blacks is this whole “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” mentality.
      So even if cheap Hispanic labor is hurting black workers, they’ll support open borders because they want to weaken white people by bringing in more fellow “people of color.”
      But alas, as history shows us, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” mentality can backfire, big time.

      1. I think as well BAG that there is a deeper psychological undercurrent underlying some of these ‘professional Blacks’ motives towards Whites (and other Blacks, for that matter), and that is of status envy.
        These types of Blacks, many of whom are mulattoes, seem to have contempt for much of the common Black folk — and really don’t mind all that much if your average Black man loses a job out to an immigrant; and their feelings towards Whites seem to be animated by a resentment for not being accepted as part of White society — so sure, they do not mind if that White society, especially its prestige, gets brought down by Third World cultures.
        Anyway, just my 0.2 cents in the matter, particularly after reading much in grad school of early twentieth century Black American history, especially DuBois, Booker T., and Marcus Garvey, and their respective impacts on the destiny of Blacks in America.

        1. The psychology behind support for illegals among non-Hispanics is really so simple: If you are not losing jobs to them, you think illegals are fine and groovy! If they’re taking your job, you hate them. It’s really that sickeningly selfish. Horrible, isn’t it?

        2. Yes Robert, and I also think that leaves open the differences in viewpoint between working class and upper class Whites on the issue of illegal immigration.
          The working class Whites lose their well-paying job, while the upper class and rich Whites prosper.
          Basic human greed at it’s finest.

  10. The working class Whites lose their well-paying job, while the upper class and rich Whites prosper.
    Basic human greed at it’s finest.

    This was the point Cyrus I was trying to make with Blacks — how the working class ones lose out to immigration, while the middle-upper class ‘Black Bourgeoisie” benefits — primarily due to the fact that many of them are bribed, and sometimes cajoled, by White and Jewish Liberals to ‘go along with the program’.
    If you don’t believe me, just ask Rick Sanchez 😉

    1. While I respect Rick Sanchez for telling the truth about Jews in the media, I generally have a low opinion of him.
      I don’t like white Hispanics who play the “person of color” card.

      1. Mega-dittos, BAG.
        I don’t like the guy at all myself. Found him to be an atrocious hypocrite on race and immigration as well.
        My only point is that here is a well-off, affluent professional “Hispanic”, who could never stop beating the drums for increased immigration — and apparently, a “Hispanic” who could care less about the average (Mestizo) Hispanic American losing jobs and scarce resources out to a never-ending wave of immigrants.
        A little schaudenfreude that he lost his job – LOL.
        Seriously, though, what happened to him was a good example of when even a “protected-class” minority like himself steps off the plantation and criticizes who really runs America…
        Gee, where is “La Raza” and “LULAC” now when one of their “own” was “discriminated” against, and so quickly discarded like yesterday’s news?
        Where, oh where are those “feisty ‘Latinos”? WHy are they not coming to the defense of an hermano who lost his job?
        Answer: Cause they are paper tigers, just like virtually all minority ‘advocate’ organizations actually are… wholly dependent on Liberal Jewish money and resources.

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