Part Cat, Part Frog

Anyway, it was raining cats and dogs outside when I went into my living room. There was this weird cat stuck on my wall with its suction paws. I pulled it off the wall and put it back outside by the pond where the rest of the frogcats were croaking.
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2 thoughts on “Part Cat, Part Frog”

  1. There is something about this wall that is akin to twine. You can tell how the cat especially at the end isn’t scrambling to stay put but rather has some kind of fiber it can latch on to. These are not claws of steel, this cat is gripping onto some kind of synthetic material.

    1. Good observation.
      There should be some kind of countering gravity force visible if this was a “blank” wall. There is none. The cat just stays still. He doesn’t struggle to maintain altitude or slide downwards.

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