Multiculturalism and Socialism: The Odd Couple

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In the comments section, Scott, who is a White nationalist, discusses the disconnect between multiculturalism and socialism or social democracy.
Yes, we do allow White nationalists, even anti-Black ones, on the board, but every time a cute Black woman shows up on the board, we force them to kiss her. On the lips. On penalty of banning. None have left yet. Brown sugar, how come you taste so good?
Scott says:

Look at the countries that have the highest index of egalitarianism in the West: Iceland, Norway, Sweden (used to have more). The inhabitants are all pretty closely related to one another. I’ll spot my sibling $100 cash. 
It’s basically the same thing but in a less dramatic way in such countries, but when other nationalities come in because of the aforementioned ethnostates’ welfare system, as seek to take advantage of it, the whole system gets messed up. Find me an ethnically diverse country with a social democracy.

I respond:
Scott is right. Does the UK count as a multicultural country? If it does, it’s growing a nasty White racist – fascist party of reaction to the diversity in the BNP.
Does Venezuela count? If Venezuela counts, I would say that Venezuela is a country riven with violence, tension and class war. There seems to be a racial angle, but in the upper class and upper middle class, it’s really more about class than race. Nevertheless, it’s clear that the oligarchy is much more light-skinned than the Underclass that supports Chavez.
Is multicultural Russia a social democracy? Maybe so, but it’s riven from one end to the other with horrible racism.
Do Communist states like China and Cuba count? Maybe so, but those countries, probably due to the class warfare (in the case of both) and combined class/race warfare (in the case of Cuba) inherent in their societies, needed full, bloody Communist revolutions to institute any kind of socialist system.
Vietnam and Laos are multiethnic countries, but the Lao and the Vietnamese are the overwhelming majority. They also needed Communist revolutions to put in socialism.
I would say Sri Lanka. They have a pretty good social democracy there, and the ruling party is a member of the Socialist International. There’s also a horribly vicious civil war going on, because that “socialist” party in power has never done much to help the Tamils.
Socialist parties in Chile, Argentina and Brazil haven’t been able to get much done. In Chile and Argentina the problem is probably much more class than race. In Brazil, surely it’s both race and class together. The socialists in Ecuador and Bolivia are trying to get something done, but Bolivia is riven with a horrific class/race division and it’s almost civil war there.
I don’t think that the socialist parties in Nicaragua and Guatemala will be able to get much done. Both nations had Leftist revolutions for decades, in the case of Nicaragua followed by a revolutionary government and more civil war, this time counterrevolutionary. Nicaragua was always more about class than race, but the oligarchy is light-skinned. In Guatemala, the situation is very much about both class and race riven together.
One thing becomes clear in this analysis.
The only way to peacefully vote in a socialist or social democratic government is to have a relatively homogeneous society. Typically a White society. As diversity and multiculturalism increases, even in White European countries, White racist/fascist groups rise up for various reasons and racial violence against minorities becomes common.
In multiethnic or deeply class-riven nations (Note how often the two are conflated!), socialism, social democracy or movements towards them is typically accompanied by either outright civil war, de facto civil war, tremendous open class war in terms of coups, attempted coups, lockout strikes, riots, imperialist interventions, class-based separatist movements, and much violence.
In other places, socialist governments are not able to get much done due to deep class and race-based conflicts and the threat of violence from dominant ethnics and/or classes.
In other places, long civil wars eventually installed Communist regimes in multiethnic countries and ethnic conflict subsided or stopped. Short of installing a Communist regime, multiethnic countries moving towards socialism are likely to experience a lot of internal violence and chaos.
If diversity is so bad for socialism, why do socialists in the West keep pushing it?
Good question.

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17 thoughts on “Multiculturalism and Socialism: The Odd Couple”

  1. i dont get which side your one, Robert. your the one who thinks that whites becoming the minority will usher in a new era of socialist utopia. your the pushing diversity. in my opinion, America is simply going to get their own version of the BNP in the future.

    1. What choices do we have on the Left. Declining Whites in the US is the only way to get some kind of socialism and decent society. OTOH, it’s going to cause a lot of other problems. Will it make socialism harder to do? Hard to say, but US Whites don’t do socialism anyway, with a majority or a minority, so they’re out of the picture. US Whites are not Swedes or Dutch and they never will be. So they’re gone, out of the picture. US Whites wouldn’t do socialism at 90% White, they won’t do it at 65% White and they won’t do it as they decline. So the only hope is White decline and then we get some kind of socialism via the non-Whites and a White minority that supports it.
      Sure we will get a US BNP. That’s clear. We already have the Tea Parties, and that’s very similar.
      It’s going to look something like Latin America, say Ecuador, Honduras, Venezuela, Argentina, Bolivia. Venezuela in particular. Total extreme polarization. Those idiots down there are to military coups, but we don’t do that in the US, not yet. They do death squads down there too. US rightwingers are insane and reactionary enough to run death squads here. Do you think it will happen?
      There’s no alternative. These reactionary White dogs have to go one way or the other. There’s no progress with them around.

      1. The problem for me, increasingly, is that I don’t think reactionary dogs of color would be any better. Do you think the “Unapologetic Mexicans” like Nezua and NCLR are going to want to share any socialist goodies with poor white folks?

        1. They’re good, liberal people. They aren’t going to ethnically cleanse Whites or do any crazy racial politics. I don’t agree with your assessment at all.
          I live with Hispanics. Hardly any of them are like this Neuza idiot. They don’t even understand what he’s talking about. They’re just good Democratic voters. You almost never meet a rightwing or even Republican Hispanic around here. I wonder if they even exist.
          NCLR is a good liberal, anti-racist organization. They’re ok.
          Most Hispanics don’t hate Whites or any of that. Hell, a lot of them *are* Whites.

        2. I agree with Robert.
          Most Hispanics, at least the many I’ve known, are not like Nezua at all. Sure, some of them are critical of whites and certain white Hispanics reject a white identity, but I don’t get an anti-white vibe from them.
          I think your average flesh-and-blood Hispanic person is too busy with everyday life to worry about Nezua related crap.
          To me, most of this anti-racism nonsense is a pursuit for privileged bourgeois blacks and Hispanics.
          Granted, I’m pretty economically comfortable and privileged as well, and have plenty of free time. But then again, I’m not the one claiming to be a “revolutionary social justice” activist.

        3. Perhaps my perceptions are distorted by my basura del acoplado neighbors and too much web surfing.
          I’ll be glad to be wrong.

  2. robert, if socialism is so important to you, wouldnt you be happier if you just pack your bags and go to Cuba, or Venezuela, or Sweden? yeah, go back to Europe, whitey! why stay here if you hate capitalism?

    1. Most Leftwing Americans just stay here. So do most liberals. Hardly anyone does as the rightwingers demand, “If you hate the country, why don’t you leave?”
      Anyway, I know people all over the world. Tons of them don’t really like their countries all that much.
      BTW, AJ, that’s a bannable thing to say: America, love it or leave it.
      So don’t say it any more, AJ.

    2. Even Canadian or UK socialism would be awesome and fantastic! I would be beside myself. Hell, I’d even take Trinidad and Tobago socialism. Or anything anywhere in Europe, honestly. Or the former USSR.

    3. Come to think about it, I’ve always hated this place, but it’s such an ugly way to feel that I usually try to get outside of it. It really hits me bad around election time. The main thing I hate about it is the horrible reactionary public and their politics. Liberals don’t like living in a ridiculously rightwing country, you know? Why should they? Politically, it sucks.
      There’s other stuff that sucks too, but that’s all connected to the politics. Lack of health care, no safety net, worship of idiot capitalism resulting in the financial sector blowing up the US economy, paranoia about debt, hatred of social spending, fundamentalist Protestantism of US Whites…
      If you get outside the political crap, America is quite a nice place to live. Face it, you can live pretty well here, it’s a rich country. There’s a lot of beautiful scenery and there are plenty of progressive people, so not every American has their mind full of shit.
      If you ignore their crazy politics, most White Americans are perfectly nice people. So are most Hispanics, especially recent immigrants. So the Arabs, the Punjabis. Most Americans are pretty friendly people. The Hispanics and recent immigrants are friendlier than the Whites.
      I really don’t like to talk about this too much because one insane thing about Americans is their idiot patriotism, which is not found in most other countries. You have to love America! LOL. Why? In other places, it’s not like this, especially with poor people, trust me.
      I think I love the country more than the multicultis and the Right, because they deliberately ruin the country by cheering on the financial blow up, the lack of health care, the homeless, the mass invasion of 3rd World immigrants. I happen to think all of that sucks. I want to get rid of this 3rd World invasion and expand the safety net. I want to make my country a better place. They want to destroy it.

      1. Robert, you have a good combination.
        Economically left yet culturally and racially realist.
        The organized left is the complete opposite: Increasingly right on economics and education, but left on racial/cultural issues.
        If the left were more like you, I’d be much more willing to be a leftist.

    4. I also don’t dig that American culture, mostly White American culture, is *all about money*! It’s all about how much do you have? Period. I know because I have lived though this. Especially the case with White women, who are more or less just a bunch of glorified whores. You don’t see it so much with the other ethnics – Hispanics and Blacks are not into money too much, nor are Arabs, Filipinos or Punjabis. I don’t know too much about Asians, but they don’t strike me as fanatically materialistic. There are a lot of poor people in the countries they come from. And if you’re brilliant, they more or less automatically respect you as some “impoverished scholar of the village” type guy. I used to hang out with some Japanese and Chinese, and they didn’t talk about money too much.
      The fundamentalist Christians are actually pretty cool about materialism, because around here, a lot of them don’t have much money and don’t care about money too much.
      White Americans obsession with money is truly sickening. It drives everything they do and think, and it even effects liberals and Leftists. In fact, it effects them a lot. Bottom line is they judge you as a human being based on how much money you have.
      I don’t deal with this too much because I’ve more or less dropped out of US White society, and I don’t deal with these whores (White women) all that much either. A few every now and then.
      I went through my friends a while back and cleaned house. I got rid of all the materialistic shits. I also got rid of a bunch of other idiots who were not treating me very well. I figured they could always come back into my life by just giving me a call or dropping by. Almost none of them ever did. I was a lot more alone but damn I felt so much better!

      1. I don’t know about that. I really think that it’s a matter of class.
        Asians, at least many Asians I’ve known, can also be very materialistic. Many always have the coolest clothes, newest video games and game consoles, nice cars, etc.
        And many young upper middle class black males (I’ve seen this up close) always have to have 25 different pairs of shoes and a different outfit for each day of the month.
        This one upper middle class black kid that I somewhat knew in high school even said that after he wears an outfit, he never wears that outfit again.
        Of all the groups, I think that Hispanics are the least materialistic. But even then, you have certain Hispanics (usually emulating blacks) who always have to have a million different pairs of shoes and outfits.

  3. I agree with Robert.
    Most Hispanics, at least the many I’ve known, are not like Nezua at all. Sure, some of them are critical of whites and certain white Hispanics reject a white identity, but I don’t get an anti-white vibe from them.

    Oh Hell, they don’t hate Whites at all. I buy burritos and tacos at the best joint in town. All workers and most customers are recent Mexican immigrants. Everyone speaks Spanish in the place all the time. There are free papers, all in Spanish. I hang out at joints like this a lot. I start speaking Spanish, and it’s not uncommon if they ask me if I’m from Mexico too! Because, you know, it’s totally normal for a Mexican to look just as White as I do. In that one place, every time I’m in there, there’s say 1-3 people who are about as White as I am.
    Hispanic around here isn’t a race! There are lots of White Hispanics, so Hispanics don’t hate “Whites” at all. Do they hate gringos? I dunno, some do, a little bit.
    Just speak some Spanish, lie and tell them you’re from Mexico too, and you too can be one of the glorious “Hispanics”!

    1. Good approach and attitude. That is exactly what I do, and that is exactly the attitude I take. I view Mexicans in California a lot like Italians must have been in the North East, circa 1900 or so.
      I even heard that argument made by an Italian-American from the East Coast the other day.
      The only people with the race fixation on being racially “Latino” are douche-bags like former CNN anchor Ric Sanchez and the like.

    2. “Latinos” such as Rick Sanchez just piss me off.
      On the one hand, they don’t have to worry about DWB (driving while brown, in this case) or any other headaches that brown-skinned, struggling/working class Hispanics have to put up with.
      And yet at the same time, he also gets to avoid the demonization of white people and absolve himself of whiteness whenever issues of race/racism/racial oppression come up.
      “Blacks” who “pass” for white, like Adrian Piper, are similar.
      Same thing with Jews like Tim Wise.
      I don’t subscribe to a sociological definition of whiteness. If you look white, you’re white, end of story.
      I just really dislike these people who want to have it both ways. On the one hand, they get to avoid the headaches that come with being black or brown, and yet at the same time, they also get to avoid the demonization and guilt trips that come with being white by pulling the “I’m not really white” card.

  4. the only time i heard anti-white hate from hispanics was Illinois DOC, ironically from a white hispanic, who was here illegally, and he literally said that he hated white people. wtf? why come here if you hate us? out in the free world i regurarly associate with low-class NAMs and dont gat any white anger, but maybe theyre just a self-selecting group since we smoke weed and drink together, i dunno. jail does that to people i noticed, it fills them with hate. all the major skinhead/neo nazi gangs in the US started behind bars, as did the Black Guerilla Family. @robert- I hold a Canadian passport and lived there for a decade, and its really not socialist. its basically a more liberal, and whiter, version of america. the only major “socialist” thing about them is the healthcare. but of course with obamacare, you should be alot happier now, i assume.i

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